Demi Lovato Interview -- Send in Your Questions!

Demi Lovato Interview -- Send in Your Questions!

Demi Lovato is making her rounds around New York City, promoting her new series, Sonny With A Chance, and now it’s JJJ‘s turn!

The 16-year-old actress is meeting up with tomorrow and we need your questions! From her series to what she likes to eat for breakfast – ask away and we’ll try to squeeze them into ours!

TELL JJJ: What would you ask Demi?

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  • p

    when are her tour dates going to be realeased?

  • p

    what are some of her favorite clothing stores?

  • Dani

    What have you felt is the greatest difference between being and acting in a movie versus a television show?

  • p

    how often does her and miley and her and selena hang out?

  • Kasey

    if you weren’t an actor or singer what would you be? And what is your fav food? they are stupid random questions but oh well.

  • Fla

    Who is going to open her tour? Why did she decid to do more JohnMayerish songs?What will be the next hit song of her album? xD

  • lala :)

    What is your favorite song on your album? -Abby. P.S i LOVE you. :)

  • Gabriela (brazil)

    When she realized she could do comedy? and when she will come to Brazil!!!

  • kayla

    When was her first kiss?

  • j

    who are some new artists you’ve been listening to?

    where do you like to shop/what do you do when you’re in new york?

    who is one person you’d like to record/act with?

  • casey

    What actor/actress would you want to work with if you could choose anyone?

  • KAt

    So you just found out you have to marry one of the jonas brothers as part of an arranged marriage, which one do you pick and why?

  • Emma

    I herd that she wants to change her sound to more john mayer esq sound, why is she trying to distance herself from the more rock sound that she had in her previous album?

    love demiii! :))

  • Susan

    Does she watch her sister on Desperate Housewives? Visited the set?

  • michelle

    whats your band members names?
    where is your favorite place to visit when you come to MA?
    i know your hispanic but what are all your nationalitys and are you mexican or portorican?

  • kimia

    Who’s team are you on in the Twilight series and why?

  • steff

    what song from another artist does she feel she can relate to so much that it feels like she wrote it herself? Cause i know thats how I feel about some of her songs! :)

  • brittany

    What’s her favorite candy? :D

    brittany from florida !

  • Lily

    Demi! I love your style! What are your favorite brands?! Where do you like to shop?! What is your favorite trend?

  • Steph

    What was your relationship with cody linely like? i’d really like to know the details! :D

  • Karina

    What do you like to do in your free time?

  • blair

    what are some of her favorite tv shows?? LOVE YOU DEMI!!!

  • l

    in what ways did you have to change for the celebrity life and in what ways did the celebrity life change you??

  • emily

    What do you fear most when you walk up on stage?

  • belinda

    why were you bullied at school?

  • Jenna

    Demi, if you could have anyone guest star on your show who would it be and why ?

    Also, who are you dating right now and how are things with Selena?

    Jenna from Canada

  • Lauren

    Hey Demi! What is your favorite song on the Jonas Brothers latest cd?
    P.S. Your amazing! Your such an inspiration to me!

  • mariel

    does she plan on visiting mexico soon?
    what advice would you give to newcomers?
    what does she do in her free time??

  • ara

    I love you Demi!

    Do you have any hidden and/or weird talents that we don’t know about?



    are you (demi) jealous of miley, sometimes ? if i were HER, if i have an INTERVIEW with a blog i woud read the comments about me, to be ready for the intervie so i guess she’s eading it right now !

  • naureen

    hey demi
    who was your best friend when you were a kid and why??

  • Katie

    What is your favorite disney movie?

  • kelly

    hey demi!
    did you like playing in chicago?
    and what’s the best/worst thing about being on tour?


  • Listen to mayday parade

    Are you embarassed by the fact that the only reason you are famous is because of the Jonas Brothers?

    How do you feel about feeding off the fame of the Jonas Brothers.

    Without the Jonas Brothers, where would you be right now?

    Why do you scream when you sing. You have a lovely voice, but screaming is only appropriate for certain things… sports, arguments and sex.

  • kelly

    hey demi!
    did you like playing in chicago?
    & what’s the best/worst part about being on tour?

  • Chlorissa

    Can she please come to Canada???
    how can u audition for Camp Rock 2??
    what does she suggest to get into acting??
    are they going to film Camp Rock 2 in Canada??

  • Savannah Walker

    Does she get nervous on stage, in front of people and in front of the camera? If so, how does she stay calm and collected? I would like to know because I am also pursuing acting/singing and tend to get some nerves that affect my actions and especially affect my singing voice.
    Thank you! :)


    a question… are you still in high school ? –> i guess no

    then what were you on your last school ? –> a looser ? a popular girl ? …

  • raychel

    Ask her if she feel like she has or is missing out on being a ‘normal’ teenager

  • kimia

    Who’s team would you be on in the Twilight series and why?

  • Rachel

    If you could create the ultimate tour with any number of bands dead or alive who would be in it?


    oh and what audience whloud you like to have ? a 4-10yo audience ? a 8-14 audience ? or a 12-17 audience ?

  • Lilo

    whats your favourite TV show?


    Questions for Demi Lovato:

    What was it like going on tour with the Jonas Brothers?

    How close are you and you BFF Selena Gomez?

    What was it like performing at the Kids’ Inaugural in Washington DC in front of the first family and thousands of military families?

    What is you character like, on you new show, Sonny with a Chance?

    Do you get nervous when you performing in front of big audience?

    Are you and Miley Cyrus good friends?

    What is your new movie about(Princess Protection Program)?

    What do you prefer West Coast or East Coast?

    What is it like having you sisters also really out there in singing and acting?

    Are you going to have a new album come out soon?

    What is it like having paparazzi take pictures of you when you go out to eat or hang out with friends?

    What is your favorite thing to get at Starbucks?

    Questions By Leila R. from Virginia


    No. 21 i COMPLITLY agree –> Are you embarassed by the fact that the only reason you are famous is because of the Jonas Brothers?

  • Claire

    do you have a vocal coach?

  • ana sofia

    my questions are:
    1) does she plan on coming to south america soon (uruguay maybe?)
    2) if she was on a desert island, what are three things she would take with her

    say hi from anna, from uruguay!

    thanks JJJ, you rock :)

  • Necy

    Does she check out some of the fansites that are made for her? There are some great ones out there.

  • Casey

    Was the making of Camp Rock trying to beat out High School Musical?

  • Listen to mayday parade

    #28, excellent question!!

    Seriously ask her if she is Team Edward or Team Jacob!

    She better have read the series!!


>>>>>>> staging1