Demi Lovato is Jekyll and Hyde Happy

Demi Lovato is Jekyll and Hyde Happy

Demi Lovato is dressed in head-to-toe black as she visits the Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York City on Thursday night (January 29).

The 16-year-old Sonny starlet made her way around the Big Apple today, promoting new Disney Channel series, Sonny With A Chance.

The Jekyll and Hyde Club is a haunted mansion restaurant with live interactive entertainment and spooky special effects that come to life at unexpected times.

10+ pics inside Demi Lovato at the Jekyll and Hyde Club…

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Photos: JDH/WENN, INFdaily
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  • Tiff

    love her… she looks so cute and her style is awsome

  • Littlewasserman

    i want to go

  • Beth

    she is always black, is not a brand new news xD
    LOL thnks Jared


  • jessica

    whoa! sounds cool! i wanna go there!

  • Mikayla

    I’d love to meet her someday

  • swe3t23

    she is so emo!!!! once a cutter always a cutter

  • lala.

    she has a lot of make up on :S

  • Daniyah

    she looks pretty!! :)

  • jacqueline

    i agree lots of makeup…..but it doesnt look bad because she went for more natural tones

    did she go there by herself? cause i’d be freaked to go by myself

  • riana

    i went to a haunted mansion sort of like that but it was freezer an it had real people playing dead people in this big cold place and it was fricking scary dey followed u owt aswell an dey were hanging and i gt lost- i was so scared!

  • Lorraine

    Ewww disney…

  • Bella

    That sounds so cool, but isn’t she young to go clubbing.

  • Bella

    Oh lol nevermind. It’s a resturant too. Whoops. My mistake.

  • Danielle

    Why is she always wearing so much make-up? It’s disturbing.

  • amanda

    you go Demi.
    your amazing.
    keep doing what you are donig<3
    and i’ve been to that place its okay.

  • Ashley

    It looks like nick’s scarf…


    She looks nothing like her mum.

    Demi is so pretty, natural beauty. :-)

  • jess

    she looks so freaking gorgeous! i seriously love her and cant wait to see more of her! <3 and doesnt lookd emo btw cough#6cough learn more about emos before making uself sound like an ignorant thnka u and bye!

  • vanessa

    love herrrr.. she so gorgeous!

  • alyssa

    i think demi has a lot of talent. evr sinceive seen her in as the bell rings ive been supporting evrything tht she does. shes beyond beautiful and is a gifted actress/singer.
    u go grl!

  • kristan

    she looks terrible with black hair & so much makeup.
    tone it down demiiii tone it downnn.

  • Andrea


  • Krissy

    Look at demi go!
    this girl is beyond cute- she’s naturally beautiful and gorgeous just the way she is <3 :)
    make up or more makeup- she’s still pretty :D
    And the tone she used right now, really brings our her face to be so elegant and surreal! she looks like a goddess :P
    It’s amazing how she makes her look so easy and normal :)
    Honestly, i love her black hair , more better than brown hair!
    it totoally suits her, since she’s more rocker and edgy with her music
    GO DEMI! xoxox

    Oh btw
    who ever said she’s a emo
    there’s a difference between rocker people who like black and emo’s.
    EMO’s = cut them selves and are totally depressing , and hate life
    ROCKER’s= are edgy. mostly happy all the time. never sad. and don’t cut themselves….

    so you tell me, if demi is a emo
    CUZ she didn’t cut herself! she has nothing to fear or worry about her life, to hate it even more when she was in school.
    That was her bracelets that went through her skin and left a mark!
    if you’ve worn one, you would know!!!
    Look it up if you don’t know!

    Right now, all i see is an amazing girl, having fun in a haunted house:)

  • melissamassacre

    i love how everytime demi gets photographed in public she’s flawless….. while miley always looks like poop. ahaha <3

  • Mandyluv

    Shes gorgeous Love her!!! Shes my idol

  • Ami

    Demi Lovato is so awesome
    I love her and she looks so gorgeous!
    And no she wasn’t alone her mom was with her she’s in a couple of the pictures

  • Mel

    as always

  • .Skylar.


    you are absolutely wrong.
    you think you know everything but you dont.
    i absolutely adore demi & shes my biggest role model…
    but you have no clue whether she actually cuts or not
    shes been in sooo many tough situations
    ive been through pretty much all the same stuff
    i used to cut also
    & it pisses me off when people act like thy know EVERYTHING about it
    there are reasons people cut

    Demi-i support you in every decision you make no matter what. i love yer music & yer style & pretty much everything about you. youve made a HUGE impact on my life. keep up the amazing work.(:

  • karen

    my dad is the manager of tht place XD. im friends w/ one of the waiters and she took a pic. w/ the celebs

  • jameelia

    I’m sorry that I’m late, but I don’t care…

    She isn’t even wearing that much make-up.
    She doesn’t squeal when she sings.
    Her smile isn’t obnoxious, its the way she smiles, and its BEAUTIFUL!
    And just because someone cuts, doesn’t mean they are an emo!!
    She is a beautiful and kind person and deserves everything good in her life.
    I love her and her music. Good Luck Demi, I Love You xx