Demi Lovato: Liiiiiive with Regis & Kelly!

Demi Lovato: Liiiiiive with Regis & Kelly!

Demi Lovato gives a great big smile on NYC’s Live with Regis and Kelly as she promotes Sonny With A Chance on Thursday morning (January 29).

The 16-year-old starlet shared with the two morning talk show hosts, “I’m a lot like my character [Sonny Munroe]. She’s a little more quirkier than I am. I don’t walk around in a fat suit all the time (laughs).”

Demi started off her day really early, popping in on Good Morning America earlier to promote her new Disney series.

Demi Lovato – “Live with Regis and Kelly”, 01/29
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  • katelyn lovato,

    dude, i watches this!
    she’s so amazing, it makes me sick :D
    i love her so much.

  • zashley4ever

    She looks so beautiful :)

  • Kimberly

    I love demi! Haha :) her laugh is so cut.e

  • Kate


    lol she’s so ADORABLE! LOL =]

  • Ashlee

    she seem so down to earth, and real.
    i love her hair!

    i just wish they got better people the play the roles with her in the show

  • elle

    She’s cute… But that outfit? Not so flattering on her

  • Someone

    She seems soo down to earth!
    I totally love her and her laugh!

    I want to see her show, everyone says it seems bad, the truth is that for me it seems funny and good. People are asking for too much!! What do yuo want? A Harry-Poterkinda show??

  • Alyssa

    i love her,,,,so much
    she’s gorgeous

  • cc27

    that guy isnt that cute :) lol but oh well xD demi is pretty and i can’t wait for this show it looks funny! xd

  • Margaret

    she’s sooo cute! i LOVE her laugh and her smile :D well, i love her too (x

    peace, love and happiness!**

  • Cheyenne

    She’s such a delight. What a beautiful girl. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future!

  • Anonymous

    she doesnt look like she used to

  • dave

    its not ‘duh me’ lovato
    its ‘dem ee’ lovato

    c’mon man say it right

  • romina

    she is so funny,, the laugh is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Nicky Jonas

    Shes cool I love her music esp Lala land, Get back & Leave it on the line. Amazing songs!.


  • tia

    i really really like this new batch of disney stars. they really do seem so genuine and down to earth. I mean, just watching how sweet and giggly she is. So unnafected by everything. Then i think of the HSM stars who sit in interviews and come across as almost feeling as if they are too good for disney and ‘oh look at me im just so beautiful and i know it and im gunna sit here do a sexy little pout and not smile’. SO I just think its super refreshing to see people like Demi Lovato or selena Gomez who dont seem to take themselves to seriously.

  • gess

    uh what does she mean by a fat suit??? what is she truing to imply ?

  • piinkyprinxcess

    adorable laught ^^
    haha she seems so happy =D

    But tia i disagree with you HSMcast seems a really nice guys and I don´t think they feel too good for disney knowing how down to earth they are the only thing they could feel for disney is appreciation & gratefulness

  • Jordan

    I love Demi so much. She’s so adorable, and she’s a Disney Channel star who actually is talented! Regis and Kelly keep cutting her off and trying to crack jokes that aren’t even funny. It’s annoying.

  • vanessa

    shes so adorable..

    love her outfit

  • jgjg

    She changed her style of make up.She looks more pretty now.

  • ella

    i one hundred percent agree with ‘TIA’

  • marissa


    i saw her concert with the jonas brothers and she was amaizngg. her voice is so powerfeul. shes truly an inspiraton.

    cant wait for her show and tour! :)

  • jess

    demiiii! she looks so purdy! i love her!

  • Ami

    I looove Demi!!!
    She’s so adorable and seems like a really sweet person
    I love her laugh omg she giggles so much lol
    Can’t wait till Sonny With A Chance!

  • Nina

    @Cheyenne: i agree i think she’s amazing and she’s one of my idols. :) demi rocks! x & because i live in
    england it hasnt came out yet but i watch the sneak preview and i was
    crying with laughter. i can’t wait! :)

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