Raven Symone Interview — JJJ Exclusive

Raven Symone Interview — JJJ Exclusive

Raven Symone is best known for her roles on The Cosby Show and The Cheetah Girls, but the 23-year-old actress is more excited to promote her new project, PopCardz.

PopCardz are a brand of new trading cards that unite both celebrities and fans alike. The cards not only provide an opportunity for fans to express their support for their favorite celebrities, they also directly benefit the philanthropic efforts associated with each celebrity, with a percentage of proceeds being donated to their charity of choice.

Raven dished to JustJaredJr.com exclusively about what she loves about PopCardz the most. Check it:

JJJ: Have you seen the video of the fans thanking the celebs for PopCardz?
RS: I have. I really enjoyed that. I think those young people were so cute, first of all, holding up their cards and giving shout-outs to all the people that are in the industry. I love the people that PopCardz have chosen to be a part of it. Not just because I’m in it, just because looking at the cards and being in company with all those people — the same people who not only are in the industry and love to work but they believe in something. They have a heart. When you go onto PopCardz.com, they list all the charities that all of these people on PopCardz are supporting. You get to learn about it and you get to learn about your favorite celebrity. You also get to be a part of a cause.

JJJ: There are a lot of celebrities involved in it.
RS: There are. I think it’s fabulous because most of the time people are trying to find what the last bad thing they [the celebs] did or what’s the coolest outfit they just wore and PopCardz is not only showing you how the look, but also showing that there is a wonderful thing about supporting a charity. All of these people like Hayden Panettiere and Giovanni Ribisi and Jessica Biel and so many others. You can definitely check out PopCardz.com to find all of them. You get to really be a part of that person’s life and understand what they stand for and I think that’s really cool that all these people signed up to do it.

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JJJ: How many cards do you have?
RS: I have one card. It’s the picture of me at the premiere of College Road Trip. Just one, but hopefully it’ll make a difference and that’s all that matters.

JJJ: Have you started collecting PopCardz?
RS: I have started collecting. I have about four or five packages and thanks to PopCardz they sent me a whole bunch of my cards. I’m online and I have a code name. It’s going to be fun. I like to kind of trace what’s going on with things that I’m a part of. The website is so cool. There are games that you can play at the very beginning and they really let you be a part of the project which is fun. It’s not just buying the cards. You have a whole entire world on the internet and there’s a code on the card that you enter, you get coins and you can put these coins into what charities you want to support. So, it’s really letting you be a part of the whole thing. It also keeps track of the cards as well. I think it’s cool. It’s not just paper, it’s online as well. We’re all going green.

JJJ: Do you have a favorite card?
RS: I really like Emma Roberts, Nick Cannon and Giovanni Ribisi. I was really excited when I got my pack and Giovanni Ribisi was in it. I really love him as an actor. I think he’s my favorite.

JJJ: You’re very involved with the American Red Cross. What is your ultimate goal?
RS: I love what they do. They help people all around the world and I’m involved in a lot of different things. When I have to do things like PopCardz and inform people that have watched the shows or follow my career on what I believe in. The American Red Cross embodies everything. With PopCardz and giving the proceeds of what my card will make, will hopefully open the eyes of the people buying them, to volunteering and helping people all around the world like the American Red Cross does.

JJJ: How long have you been a part of American Red Cross?
RS: I’ve been a supporter for years now and I’ve done a lot of things for them. Not just PopCardz, but I gave my money to the ARC when we came second runner up in Celebrity Family Feud, and many other occasions that I’ve been a part of. I’ve also been a part of the Diabetes Association and also with the Disaster Fund, that helps with disasters in California and preparing people for them. I’m working with those [three charities] all at the same time so I think it’s important that you find people that believe in the same things.

JJJ: You were just in Washington, D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration. How was that?
RS: That was absolutely amazing. I was there for almost a week and I was able to speak at the Colin Powell Dinner along with one of the Balls that I went to afterward. I was also there for the inauguration as well. I am so happy that I was able to be a part of history and I was so happy to be able to see this in person. I have video on my phone. I’m such a fan of his. This actually helped me get into politics a lot more and want to understand more. You have to start somewhere and my mom always told me to start with charities and volunteering and now President Barack Obama, he’s inspired me to go and learn more about politics and hopefully, with the people that buy PopCardz, they’ll be on the same route.

JJJ: Have you seen the High-Five Inauguration Video that you’re featured in?
RS: I have! That was a lot of fun. I really love Will Ferrell and FunnyOrDie.com. I enjoyed that, it was one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever done. I twas one of the most fun too.


PopCardz are available for $3 at Walmart, Toys-R-Us, Blockbuster and Target stores nationwide and feature 40 different celebrities including: Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Ashley Tisdale, Hayden Panettiere, Selma Blair, and Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

PopCardz – The Generation of Hope
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