Camilla Belle is Push Pretty

Camilla Belle is Push Pretty

Camilla Belle (in Alexander McQueen) rocks the premiere of her new movie, Push, at the Mann Village Theater on Thursday evening (January 29) in Westwood, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress was accompanied at the premiere by her rumored boyfriend Joe Jonas. He arrived to the theater extremely late kept low and quickly walked into the theater. The pair were the first ones out after the movie–the quickly got into the same limousine.

Camilla recently sat down with MoviesOnline and talked about the martial arts training she had to endure for the flick.

Camilla shared, “What I loved about that fight scene is that it wasn’t like martial arts, it wasn’t anything that had to do with formal training. And our stunt coordinator, Nick Powell, he had done films like Braveheart and Last Samurai and Gladiator and all these films where you really remember the fight sequences, and I felt like I was in very good hands with him. We had about a week and a half of training. And it was more about choreography, because the fight scene is all about choreography. When you get to [filming], it’s all about muscle memory just in your body, and you know what to do, and hopefully you don’t hit the other person in the head too many times and it just works out smoothly. (laughs)”

Push opens in theaters on February 6th.

45+ pics inside of Camilla Belle at the Push premiere…

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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN; Photos: Kevin Winter/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, Juan Rico/Fame Pictures
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  • ella

    i dont understand why ppl think shes so pretty? i mean, really now! shes not. shes super boring looking and he hair is fugticious. Taylor Swift tops this chick anyday

  • Michelle

    She’s gorgeous! She’s an amazing actress and I can’t wait to see Push!!

  • Rosa

    ewww ..
    what’s wrong with her hair??
    and the dress??!!!
    she doesn’t have that special beuty thing ..
    normal ..

  • Smilee

    nothing special about that girl.

  • Meepzy

    I think she’s pretty in person, but in pictures she doesn’t photograph very well.

    I wish someone had gotten pictures of Joe- he was walking way too fast.

  • jorendafan4ever



  • sarah


    Is she serious with that dress and hair frizz action?

  • michele

    trying to keep things on the down low is not their strong point.

  • lola

    i used to like her, but not now.

  • emilie

    #6 has some serious problems!:|.
    Anywayyyys, I think she looks great. She’s very pretty… Not liking the hair though. And I like her eyebrows!! lol
    Can’t wait to see Push:)

  • whatevers

    is she goin 4 the look of president JKF’s wife or sumthing?
    she sure looks like it 2 me
    joe, u dont wanna b seen with taylor
    but with camilla its completely different?
    thats …. just wrong

  • mitchie

    What does Joe see in her? I don’t find her beautiful. She looks like a wax figure.

  • lexi

    its not that she’s ugly, but a really think Taylor Swift is not a lot prettier than her. I also think Taylor has a better career in front of her too. Camilla is kind of pretty, but I really don’t get why a 22 year old would want to date 19 year old guy. I really don’t think there good for each other, they;d be better just friends. Anyways, if there happy w/e.

  • asia`

    Pretty old lady. She has wrinckles :P

  • motormouth

    yeah, it’s definately RUMORED that camilla and joe are dating. it’s a RUMOR, is NOT true. they’re best friends. seriously…learn how the media works, PLEASE!

  • motormouth

    you guys are morons if you think that rumor is true, haha.

  • Marsha

    People keep saying that she’s with Joe Jonas oh please show me the pictures that’s just rumors

  • Gracie

    She’s pretty, but she’s not astoundingly beautiful in my opinion. She’s quite…boringly pretty. The only thing striking is her eyebrows!

  • Lilly

    I don’t think people understand how the media works at all…
    If you guys remember, this is exactly what happened with Taylor…Joe and Camilla are ALWAYS together and he shows up to the premiere of her movie (like he showed up to one of Taylor’s shows)
    It’s obviously not a rumor because they ARE dating…
    I just don’t know i love her dress in these pictures but the girl is not that pretty
    yeah she was pretty in 10 000 BC with the blue eyes and everything but has anyone seen when a stranger calls? *barf*

  • Soraya

    I think she looks really pretty!
    Love her Eyebrows!

  • Barb

    It’s obvious they’re dating or Joe wouldn’t have gone to the Premiere. They also left together. Joe doesn’t neetd girlfriend press, not good for the Jonas Brothers career. If he risked being linked with her again then he did so because he really loves her and they are together. IT is obvious he has the major hots for her and has had for a long time.

  • gabby ianelli

    who’s brenda

  • jo

    pretty face, pretty dress, but ugly teeth!!

  • Jerseygirl

    And stop comparing Taylor and Camilla in the looks department. Who cares who’s prettier? Going out with someone is not ALL about looks.

    But, still I’m not going to believe Joe and Camila are dating until I see pix of just the two of them somewhere. Right now the only pix we’ve seen has been on a family/friends vacation; and a group date to the movies.

  • jorendafanforeverandalways

    who is camilla????

  • helas

    she is gorgeous, unlike taylor swift, obnoxious little .itch

  • vanessa

    i hope its just a rumor!

    doesnt he understand that he should be with demi lovato..
    lovato is way prettier :]

  • romina

    she is cute! BUT is really bad actrees!!!!!!!!! is like fake!!!

  • jen

    I don’t like Camilla Belle but she’s better than Demi Lovato (Camilla is more mature) But I gotta say if her and Joe Jonas had a child they would have some seriously insane eyebrows like floppin around everywhere.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^SO CUTE!

  • Necy

    I’m sorry but this Camilla chick is not pretty at all lol sorry but she looks like she can be Joe’s sister instead of girlfriend. Why would she want to date a 19 year old anyways? Joe moves on pretty fast doesn’t he lol.

  • Yvonne

    Wy does EVERYTHING JB have to be about Joe? Its NEVER about Kevin and that sucks

  • cc27

    Joe and vanessa would look good BUT ITS ZANESSA!! :) and camille belle doesnt look good in those pics :( she could be joe’s sister but not gf :(

  • ANonoymous

    HOW can joe be with camille if he was with his brothers at a event that benefits the Diabetes Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

  • kate

    i think she is a pretty girl

    but she doesnt look so good in these pictures

    does look a lot like a jonas tho

  • Jerseygirl

    Well, Yvonne – this post is about Camilla Belle. And Joe is rumored to be dating her. So where would mentioning Kevin fit into all of this?

  • Michelle

    Her hair is SO messy looking!!!

  • Kasey

    i agree with #9

  • Barb

    Joe went after the Diabetes event, it was earlier. If you look at the pictures of the Diabetes event Joe is the only one dressed formally in a suit and Kevin and Nick are dressed very casually. Joe dressed for the premiere. Their are people that saw him go in and Camilla and Joe leave together earlier.

  • Rebeca


  • Brookelynn =)

    I really don’t like the dress or hair. I do wanna see the movie tho!! It looks really cool!! Why is she dating Joe tho?? I thought he and Taylor made a cuter couple.. oh well!! Camilla is probably a nice person!! OMG!! I know someone named Nick Powell!!! I’d say that the dude she mentioned was him, but the Nick I know is like 5. lolz. REMEMBER- this is all my opinion, so please don’t bash me if u disagree!!!!!! Thnx!!

  • lala :)

    i think camilla is pretty, but i…like taylor siwft moree…sorry. she’s gorgeous though!!

  • Ash

    wait why would joe be dressed up if he didnt want to be noticed? maybe to blend in but still even JBs casual is kinda dressy

  • Katrina

    What’s so wrong with Joe and Camilla? Denial is just stupid, people. And they HAVE been seen together alone. After their Hollywood Palladium show, they were seen leaving together alone, and then seen later at La Buca having dinner. He’s never going to admit it because he’s not really allowed, but please, it’s obvious. And the person who said that he must really care about her to have gone last night is right….he wouldn’t risk it for a just a friend, and if they were just friends, then Kevin and Nick would have gone, too. So he obviously arrived late after the Diabetes benefit and left with her. Tons of people saw it.

    And she isn’t ugly or too old for him. He had to mature very quickly anyway. So maybe…just MAYBE…they are very happy together! Is that really so hard to accept? No need to compare her to Taylor. It isn’t all about appearance anyway. And also, please, give up on Demi…it isn’t going to happen. If Camilla is too old for Joe then isn’t Joe too old for Demi too? At least him and Camilla are both legal adults. I think Joe and Camilla are a beautiful couple and wish them the best.

  • Barb

    At there are people who were there and saw Joe go in. Apparently he didn’t walk the red carpet, he came late and avoided the press but fans standing there saw him quickly walk in.

  • Krissy

    I don’t get what you haters see in camilla, besides looks and talent.
    ever heard” never judge a book by there cover”
    and to me, joe sees more than just that!
    if she so happens to be a wonderful girl – then that would explain why, not only the jonas brothers liked her, but also rob p!
    TO me, personally, camilla can look w/e she wants to be
    - pretty, beautiful, gorgeous ( etc)

    Right now, she’s not looking her full best ( short hair is a little messy, and the dress doesn’t flatter her- but then again, no one’s perfect to be perfect!)

    It’s no fashion contest people!
    Taylor, miley, camilla- who cares!
    everyone is different in there own ways, to look extremely beautiful and unique :)
    THIS time and i mean this time ONLY-
    i hope joe did find” that special girl” ….cuz aj, taylor…was too much to handle for his career. BUT since it’s still a rumor , i think going to movies with demi , and only seen at the beach with the family- there just friends or just starting off as friends, then working there way up.
    IF they were really together- we would have seen them as a couple and act all lovey dovey ( like kaniella) yet, the jbros aren’t good at keeping it low key – the pap’s follow them everywhere – so NO!

    # 42
    Joe was there to support her, which means, he was dressed ” formally” not to just blend in but be there for camilla. What a sweet guy! ^_^

    If camilla makes joe happy
    and joe makes camilla happy
    that’s all that matters right now.
    I just hope they know
    what there doing.
    I would support them together…if only, they didn’t look like there related :O
    now that’s scary!
    but i still say, demi and joe…it’s the same thing as camilla being with a younger guy:)
    + more chemistry is added when there together ^^
    so much like zanessa! ^_____^


  • annavanessa

    #29 want jonessa too =)
    i hate camilla

  • Daniela

    i hate her ¬¬

  • Barb has now put up the video of Joe Jonas arriving at the Push premiere. He pulls right infront of the door and quickly walks inside. I Think he was trying not to be seen but he got caught.

  • Barb

    They may be a beautiful couple but it is not beautiful for Joe’s career. I know a couple of girls that are obsessed with him and are now losing interest because of this whole Camilla thing. How do they crush on a guy who is in a serious relationship with a 22 year old woman. They’re also not buying the virginity thing anymore.

  • Barb

    I know a couple of girls that really like Joe and are losing interest now due to the whole Camilla thing. How do you crush over a guy who is seriously involved with a 22 year old woman. Joe will start losing fans. They are also not buying his virginity act anymore.