Demi Lovato is Ray-Ban Beautiful

Demi Lovato is Ray-Ban Beautiful

Demi Lovato hides behind her Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses as she leaves her New York City hotel on Friday (January 30).

The 16-year-old Sonny star had just wrapped up her interview with JJJ before she headed off to do more press with other magazines and media outlets.

All day, Demi has been wearing a cute pleated dress from Juicy Couture dress.

When asked by Popstar! what she would study in college, Demi replied, “I would actually study in directing in film school. That would be kind of cool because one day I would like to be a director.”

Demi Lovato – College Dreams

20+ pics inside…

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Credit: JDH/WENN; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, RAM/Fame Pictures
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  • Chelsea

    She has been really getting on my nerves. she is a really big wannabe.

  • Lizzy

    Her Outfit Is Horrible && So Is Her Hair.

  • apple juice: )

    cool she looks sooo pretty

  • Simona

    ewww… the glasses dont suit her,
    she looks like a man,
    …. Sylvester Stallone or something like that

  • sarah

    you guys are mean, she looks beautiful!

  • nessa

    comments 1-4 you little annoying girls need to shut the hell up.. you have no idea what you’re talking about!!

    quit being such pathetic haters..

    you guys only wish you were as talented or as pretty as demi lovato.

  • jennyjonas

    she kinda does like a man with those sunglasses but the outfit is nice!

  • wow, are you people so bored with your lives that you have to put people you dont even know down?

  • monica

    wtf, she doesnt look like a man.
    and i like her outfit.

  • lala :)

    i lovveeeee her! and juicy couture? i LOVE her EVEN more!! :) she looks beautiful!!

  • Simona

    @6 whatever…
    Yes , I’m bored, and No i#M not jealous,
    it’s just how i feel when i see her in the pics

    and well I’m as pretty- well prettier -than her

  • Kavena

    isn’t this the girl from camp rock? wow, she looks a lot different than she used to…

  • Si

    She tries too hard.

  • Alleykat♥

    I think she is so beutiful
    1-4 are jst haters because you wish you were just as pretty and as talented as her
    comment #1 your a wannabe please who is she trying to be like you??
    please yuor not even a star so stop player hating on her and go and on Miley Cyrus the Sult!!!!!

  • Alleykat♥

    No ones prettyer than Demi Lovato please Simona you coudln’t even beet her at hair wise or a sining contest

  • Mkaaa

    I think she looks great!
    Wish I could have her hair! hahaha

  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/k8lynisepic katelyn LOVATO.

    demi lovato is perfect! :D ilavaher.

  • demi fan


  • Alyssa

    i love her :)
    and it’s true people wasting their time
    hating on someone they don’t actually know

    you can’t judge a book by it’s cover..

    so Demi haters.. back off!

  • demi fan

    and i saw you [just jared] there too

  • kristan

    ugh demi is a great singer no denying that but i dont understand why she dresses the way she does. its so unflattering for her figure, which she should be embracing because she the disney girl with the most normal body! she needs to back off the black and the endless high heeled boots, stop wearing so much makeup, and start acting her age, not like she’s 31.

  • apple juice: )

    #6 nessa i never hated on demi lovato i said she was pretty so i dont no why u said 1-4

  • Amerie

    Is she really sixteen? She looks like she’s in her twenties… I like it when girls dress with class, but being age-appropriate is also important–you’re only young once!

  • Cindy

    Juicy is a girl’s best friend. ;) Demi looks beautiful.

  • romina

    she look really cute!!!!! she is awesome

  • zashley4ever

    Ugh.. I’m getting sick of her. Shes been too much lately. I mean.. look at how she is dressing. She is acting older then she is.

  • somebody

    the sunglasses look to weird on her,
    but the outfit is nice and she is really AWESOME
    so you people that criticize is because you dont have anything more to do in your life so go ahead look for another one thats not demi.!

  • Cheyenne

    Why does it matter how she dresses? She’s covered up. I personally love what she wears and I’m glad she pushes the envelope by wearing what she wants instead of what other people think she should.
    She’s been everywhere because she’s been doing a lot of press lately for her new show coming out on the 8th and she’s releasing her album again with a new song and bonus features.

    She is beautiful. She is talented. She’s going to accomplish great things as her career furthers.

  • mrsefron.

    DEMI is my FAVE dis girl EVER !


    and sheee seems suppper nice. n down to earth.

  • PaulinhoO

    Demi loves black! :P

    And I loves Demi! <3


    Demi, is absolutely gorgeous here. Love her hair, clothes and sunnies! <3

  • Mkaaa

    Hey, Jared, we want the interview!! I wanna know what you asked her!

    hahaha just kidding, take your time…

  • sfs040


  • gloriaaaa[:

    it’s freezing here in NYC
    and that’s all she’s wearing??
    she must have been freezingg.



  • jess

    i love her and she looks so cute but i agree those pic werent taken that good but shes gorgeous! and haters get a life yall are so immature…pathetic losers!

  • Ami

    Demi’s gorgeous and awesome

  • idiot me

    she so cute..

  • nyna

    woah in that one picture she looks like katy perry

  • gggggggggg

    Ummm… anyone else think she looks kinda like a guy here?

  • eva_jonas_fan

    What really annoys me is that I live in NYC about 35-40 minutes away from there and I never know ahead of time before my favorite star like Demi Loavato are staying or exiting a hotel so I could go outside, see them, and get a picture/autograph with them. LUCKY GIRLS!!!!

  • melisa

    those glasses look awful.
    if the lenses were a little bit closer together then they would be fine.

    thats not demis fault, its ray-bans.

    therefore, ray-ban, you fail.

  • lauren

    demi’s outfit is super cute! I really want her jacket. Does anyone know where it’s from or where to get it?

  • Sarah


  • sdog

    She looks like Micheal Jackson =D

  • steph

    demi is soooooooo pretty

  • ben


    peace and love people..

    seriously shes the sex and you know it..

  • pipi y popa

    hola lo pibe ella diosa siempre copado!
    eu demi sos lo+ bueno, te digo que no te juntes con miley ni con selena porque son re babosas las tias y re feas encima, de todo.
    bueno bye diosina jajaxD