Demi Lovato Hits Up 'The Early Show'

Demi Lovato Hits Up 'The Early Show'

Demi Lovato scores another sit-down interview, getting up early once again to appear on The Early Show in New York City on Friday morning (January 30).

Yes, yes, the 16-year-old starlet is promoting her new series, Sonny With A Chance. When asked if she was ever star stuck by anyone, Demi replied, “I nearly died when I met Motley Crue. I got into them over the last few years. I’ve met all of them, they were really cool. I even said hi to Nikki Sixx.”

Check out the full interview below!

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  • Danielle

    I really don’t like her. Her face looks like a BIG joke!

  • lindsay

    i love her.

  • Annie..!

    I love her!!!!

  • jess

    aww.. man she is so damn cute! i loveee her!

  • Sara

    What a Beautiful Girl! She is a natural beauty!

    I like her hair and that red dress too.

    She loooks amazing!

  • Tiffany

    I LOVE HER!!! Demi is AMAZING!! She is so normal

  • mitchie

    i love her

  • jen

    She’s soooo ugly and a byotch!!!! shes only famous because of JB and selena…like star Fer much? annnd she looks like a clown and wears a lot of makeup….not truly pretty

  • jen

    shes sooo ugly and a byotch….shes only famous because of JB and selena…shes a star Fer like ew much? She wears tooo much make up and is not truly pretty

  • lola

    ur definately wrong…she doesn’t wear that much make-up, unlike miley. she’s beautiful!!!!!

  • Jackie

    Obsessed. Love her.

  • Jason

    She is Really ugly. Man I would be so scared of her face if I was the Obama girls.

  • jess

    #9? can u do me a favor? GET A LIFE! and do something good with it please! thank u!

  • Mandy

    taht was kinda annoying..
    all she said was “awesome” like 24584090 times

  • vanessa

    looky here JEN comment 8 and 9.. you dont know what the hell you’re talking about… you must one really pissed off little girl.. i suggest you shut your mouth because you dont anything about her!

    and very talented.. and she didnt need JB or selena to get where she is today

    and comments 14 and 12 you guys can shut the heck up too!

    and comment 1 demi is probably 10 times prettier than you!

  • Krissy

    # 15
    you tell it how it is girl!
    i totally agree with you 100%!!!

    DEMI is one totally gorgeous,talented, beautiful, over powering girl there is to disney!
    YOU don’t see much people like her that often =)
    Haters get a life and stop picking out the littlest things about demi.
    She’s more better and talented than you,combined, so shut the heck up, if you don’t know what your talking about!

    # 14
    what do you expect her to say?
    words that don’t make sense:S
    awesome is well an awesome word to say, by the way :P
    tons of people use it!
    and if demi wanted to use it.. she’s free to do w/e :D

    GO DEMI<3

  • hoodie

    What does she even do?

  • 9990


    demi is famous bcause shes superb talented and georgeous .
    unlike selena .
    tell me why selena is popular ?
    bcause of nick and demi . and i hv to say miley too .
    C’on , her wizard showw is not that famous . feww ratings .

  • Ami

    I love Demi, she’s sooo adorable and sweet!!!
    I can’t wait till Sonny With A Chance!

  • hanna

    OH FOR GOD SAKE give the girl a break she was bullied when she was younger dont u think shes bin through enough just leave her alone!!

    shes worked hard to get to where she is
    you should be happy for her not say nasty comments


    Hanna xxxx

>>>>>>> staging1