Win A Chance To Meet Ryan Sheckler!

Win A Chance To Meet Ryan Sheckler!

X-Gamer Ryan Sheckler is hosting the “Down for Life — Fight for a Cause” charity event at The Grove on Friday, February 6th @ 7PM in Anaheim, Calif. is giving FOUR lucky readers a chance to win a pair of tickets each to this star-studded event, where they’ll get to meet Ryan. Australian skateboard champion Jason Ellis, Kit Cope, Andy Wang, Craig Wilkerson and Danny Abbadi will be appearing as well as a performance by hip-hop sensation Lil Jon.

The “Down for Life — Fight for a Cause” event will be raising money for Road 2 Recovery and Talk About Curing Autism (T.A.C.A.). You can also purchase tickets at

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and FOUR winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. This contest ends on Monday, February 2 @ 11:59PM EST. USA Only. Enter as many times as you want!!! Good luck!

UPDATE: Contest winners have been chosen. Check your email!

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  • sabrina


  • ashleyxlyn

    Pick me. =P

    ….Ohh fyi…… I’m gonna be blowin up these comments! Haha

    Ryan= fantastilistic skater.

  • LuCia

    I’d love to have te chance of meeting him! But i’m from latin america :( haha

  • roger

    nice contest!

  • Lauren:)


  • Lauren:)


  • ashleyxlyn

    Wait wait….. I have a questionnn!

    Does the winner only get one ticket? Or like, one for you and a friend?

    ……Oh. I just read a PAIR of tickets. That means two. Durrrr! Sorry, I had a dumb moment!

  • roger


  • sam

    i love ryan

  • kelsey

    this site is awesome. Fantastic site for all the teens in today’s world. keep it up!

  • sam

    i want to meet ryan

  • sam

    i really love ryan

  • kelsey

    Ryan Sheckler is such a cutie. . . too bad its a young’n.

  • Gretchen

    pick me!

  • Gretchen

    i love ryan schekler


    you should pick “sam” it seems like he likes that guy… don’t pick me… i think that someone else would be MORE happy whe he’ll meet him, so i prefer give a chance to the others !!

  • Ilene



    PICK ME!!! :D

  • ashleyxlyn

    Ryan seems really chill. I’d love to meet him… and learn more about this cause(:

  • ashleyxlyn

    Sheckler rules(:

  • Maria


  • ashleyxlyn

    Psh, I wanna winnn! I could drive to Anaheim to meet Ryan…. THEEENNN go to Lego Land! Hahaha! I love legos.

    Sheckler’s definitely a cutie(:

    Pick mee.


  • lauren

    whooo ryan!!!

  • daniella

    holy! please pick me!

  • Kim

    this sounds fun!

  • Nisha

    Ryan is an talented person who has accomplished many of this dreams. It would be awesome to meet him.

  • mac

    please pick me!

  • mac

    pretty please!

  • gia

    he’s hott (;

  • LC

    I LOVEEE Ryan Sheckler!!!

  • mac

    p.s. I love just jared jr!

  • Natalie

    I live 10 minutes away from the groveee and I love ryan sheckler ahah

  • Katie Milligen

    HEY HEY! <3



  • Katie Milligen

    yeeah yeeah id love to go!

  • LC

    Ryan Sheckler=PERFECT!

  • ashleyxlyn

    Just Jared Jr….. I love you.

  • erickkaaaaahhhh!
    pick meeeeeeeee

    weellllll byeeeeeee.


  • alysaa


  • elo27

    oooh,please pick me !
    im a huge fan of him ..
    :(:( pleaaaaaaaaaaase .
    i ever wanted to meet him

  • mary wang

    i wanna meet ryan!!!

  • ashleyxlyn

    Ugh! My lamekid cousin said that Ryan’s a douche and a jerk. ):
    ….Whatever! If he was such a jerk, he wouldn’t be trying to help cure autism!

  • elo27

    im gonna work for just jared if u pick me haha

  • h

    awesome, do we have to pay for transport to CA is we win?

  • Gretchen

    *** PICK ME ***

  • elo27

    ryan sheckler is the hottest guy on earth ..
    i really love him ..
    pleaaaaaase,pick me
    plaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :):):)

  • lyna

    sheckler please

  • Gretchen

    i read just jared every day multiple times its my favorite website its my homepage!

  • brittneY(:


  • Cindy

    Ryan Sheckler is a cutie! Whatever happened to his MTV show?

  • Ashley

    Woah I love this..Just jared is love because of this :]
    I’m like obsessed with Ryan okay not realyl but I lovers him.