Spectacular Cast: Just Dance!!!

Spectacular Cast: Just Dance!!!

Spectacular! stars Simon Curtis, Victoria Justice, Avan Jogia and Andrea Lewis have fun together, dancing to Lady Gaga‘s “Just Dance” on late Tuesday night.

The foursome previewed the soundtrack to their upcoming movie-musical earlier in the evening. You can preview the whole Spectacular! soundtrack on The Leak at MTV.

Spectacular! premieres on Monday, February 16th @ 8PM on Nickelodeon. Be sure to watch!

Spectacular! Cast ‘Just Dance’s, 01/27
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  • Tuvshee


  • apple juice: )

    hahahahaha this is soooo funny i love her!!!!!!!!!:]

  • Annelisee loverss milezz

    I hope the movie is as successful as the high school musical series… because i feel like disney always is more popular with the teens and hopefully nick can be too

  • http://justjared shamilah

    KEWLZZZZ!!!! that was sooo fun haha & funny![=
    “just dance”

  • Failure

    I hope this movie fails! and does it’s worst! High School Musical will be the only movie with success! Disney is the best!

  • vanessa

    hahaha this is so cute.
    i love this song and Lady Gaga, shes so beast!

  • w/e.

    this is sad.
    they had to live under disney’s fame.
    few people know them. :/

    & if they’d stop copying disney’s actress
    making videos on yt.

    it just make them looks sadder.

    its such a waste though. all of them
    are talented <3

  • jasmine

    avan jogia is so gorgeous :D
    & i really hope spectacular does well .
    nickelodeon deserves some love too <3

  • me.

    ugh. i agree with #7.
    they just HAD to copy disney stars and make crap like this, just so people would know them. :/
    sad, sad, sad.


    Andrea has lost some major weight since her role(if you can even call it that. Her only good storyline was when she was dating sexi Jimmy and Ellie wanted him too.) on Degrassi! Good job girl =]

  • go go go madi

    Yeah, seriously there is NO way this will ever be as popular as the HSM series. Maybe if they came up with an original idea they could make their way to fame.

  • andy

    im trying so hard to say that HSM is still better. the this cast in nice and they actually do stuff for the fans because ive never seen zac and vanessa making these video’s only ashley but it still not good enough
    i hope they become sucessful and simon and victoria can actually sing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ….

    who is Victoria Justice? a superwoman?COOL!

  • Danielle

    ugh… to all of you “HSM is waaaay better and this is crap for copying them” people, do your research. “HSM” is a ripoff of “Grease”, just dumbed down and excluding the sex and drug use. “HSM” is not an original, so stop trying to make it sound like it was the first. It’s not, so get over it. And BTW, where are all of your “HSM” stars’ efforts to connect with fans? Seems to me like they don’t care enough to actually connect with the very people who made them so successful. (and yes, I am aware Ashley Tisdale has posted YouTube videos, props to her for doing so. I’m just speaking in a general sense of the “HSM” stars)


    That’s was so great… I always see about HSM series. But I hope this film has a series too

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