Taylor Swift Announces 'Fearless' Tour Dates!!!

Taylor Swift Announces 'Fearless' Tour Dates!!!

That’s right everyone — Taylor Swift is taking her show on the road!

The 19-year-old songstress just announced her nationwide FEARLESS tour, which will be complete with multiple costume changes and a stage with a fairy-tale castle. Check below to see if she’s coming to a city near you!


February 10: San Antonio, TX
March 1: Plant City, FL
March 20: Houston, TX
April 23: Evansville, IN
April 24: Jonesboro, AR
April 25: St Louis, MO
April 30: Charleston, SC
May 1: Jacksonville, FL
May 2: Biloxi, MS
May 14: Spokane, WA
May 15: Seattle, WA
May 16: Portland ,OR
May 17: Yakima, WA
May 21: Phoenix, AZ
May 22: Los Angeles, CA
May 23: Las Vegas, NV
May 24: San Diego, CA
May 26: Salt Lake City, UT
June 4: Enterprise, AL
June 11: Baltimore, MD
June 12: Greensboro, NC
June 24: Oshkosh, WI
June 25: Caddott, WI
July 8: Calgary, Alberta
July 10: Craven, Saskatchewan
July 11: Winnipeg, Manitoba
July 16: Twin Lakes, WI
July 17: Columbus, OH
July 18: Charleston, WV
July 23: Cheyenne, WY
July 24: Rapid City, SD
July 25: Minot, ND
August 7: Detroit Lakes, MN
August 9: Omaha, NE
August 27: New York, NY
August 28: Uncasville, CT
August 29: University Park, PA
August 30: Louisville, KY
September 4: Greenville, SC
September 5: Charlotte, NC
September 10: Lafayette, LA
September 11: Bossier City, LA
September 12: Birmingham, AL
September 25: Dallas, TX
September 26: Little Rock, AR
September 27: Tulsa, OK
October 1: Cleveland, OH
October 2: Grand Rapids, MI
October 3: Pittsburgh, PA
October 8: Indianapolis, IN
October 9: Chicago, IL
October 10: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

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  • Allison

    Awesome she’s coming to Calgary!!

  • mcftd8

    it would be really cool if she comes to argentina someday :)

  • UIU

    NOBODY CARES…SHE has an extremely weak singing voice. saw her on snl, it was laughable.


    omg!!!!! i have been waiting for these for along time!~!!
    i’m going to the minneapolis show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayay!~

  • juanis

    why is she going to plant city? and jacksonville?!!!
    COME TO MIAMI!!!!!!


    omg yes :D
    shes coming to nc! :DDD
    near me.
    i just hope i can get tickets :D

  • Julia

    no toronto?? :( boo.

  • http://www.youtube.com/dcsfs Theressa

    She needs to come down to south florida! Like Miami! :D

  • lacey

    I know they have nothing to do with Taylor Swift, but are the Jonas Brothers releasing their 3D movie in the UK the same time as in America?
    I’d appreciate it if someone could let me know :) x

  • daniellejonasx3

    WOOO !!! AUGUST 27! NYC!


  • Annette

    ughhh taylor come to ORLANDO!!!!!

  • CHAR

    Not BC!!!!!! :(:(:(:(……who knows maybe my aunt can get me a good flight out to Calgary…haha

  • ashley

    OMG!!!!!!!! I am so exited!!!!! Wow!!!!!!

  • yayyy!!

    omg!!! i am so excited shes comin to LA!! when do tickets go on salee?!

  • Reagan hutchinson

    She’s coming to Arkansas- twice!!!! I’m so going b/c last time I couldn’t go and that was at my friend’s b-day party!!!

  • swe3t23

    what the heck… she isn’t coming to the bay area??

  • NIca

    I thought she will have a world tour :( Too Bad that will be only in USA

  • Chlorissa

    taylor if u are reading this!!
    please come to Toronto!!
    or someplace in Ontario, Canada

  • monika

    no Toronto?
    what is this?!!?!?

  • nice

    I really wish she would come to Vancouver or at least somewhere in B.C.
    I am a huge fan of hers!!!

  • Annabel

    Plant City is in the bay area. It’s almost exactly halfway between Tampa and Orlando. Plant City and Jacksonville are the more “Southern” parts of Florida. She probably isn’t going to places like Miami because I’d imagine there aren’t a lot of country music fans in those parts of the state.

    I like her music, but I don’t think I would pay to go to one of her shows. From what I’ve seen, she doesn’t sing very well live. =/

  • tia

    im SOOOOOOOO upset she isint coming to sacramento. people ALWAYS come here so yeah i assumed she would that really sucks. i dont get it

  • Mariah

    I really wish she would come to Brazil….ahhh maybe someday…

  • kelsey

    i can’t wait to see her!

  • katiee. (:

    how long is her tour?
    thats like, 9 months.
    she should come to the UK in the middle (:

  • Laura

    JUst Jared, can you tell us if she’s gonna be touring in Europe??? Please tell us, cause i heard she planned to tour here in Europe. Tell us PLEEEEEASE! Thank u JustJared, u totally ROCKKK! =D

  • kate

    Hmmm…i wonder why shes going to jonesboro AR…i lived there and there is nothing i repeat NOTHING there

  • alice

    is she coming to england? :O

  • anna

    I really wish she would come to Brazil….ahhh maybe someday… [2]

  • Jerseygirl

    She is TERRIBLE live. Don’t waste your money on seeing her concert; just continue to listen to her cd.

  • taylorswiftfann


    shes not coming to toronto.


  • julissa

    omg i thought she would come to Vancouver if she came to canada but she’s not , not fair :(

  • listen to mayday parade

    Thanks for not coming to Ontario CANADA again Taylor

  • Mandy

    wtf. no toronto?
    lol she skippss usss

  • jobro lover

    omg i cant wait i love your new cd!! :]

  • annie

    may 22 los angeles, ca

  • lauren



  • joanne

    wtf :[ why couldnt she come to ma??? :[

  • http://www.crookedbrook.com/custom-embroidered-hooded-sweatshirts-hoodies.htm hoodie

    I love love love Taylor and the whole “Fearless” CD!! Come to Upstate New York PLEASEEE!

  • Live_In_Love Zanessa


  • emzjonas

    shes not comming to CANADA ,Montreal :(XD.

  • ara

    UHHH WTF who goes to Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba when they tour? She should have at least stopped by Vancouver and Toronto. Places actually worth going to. Guess I’ll never see Taylor.

  • TaylorSWiftFan

    OMG! OMG!OMG! OMG! Taylor is comin to Chicago~ I will be there!!! Luv Ya

  • Katie

    Taylor come to TORONTO! or anywhere in Ontario!

  • twilightdisneyfutbollover

    she needs to come to KC!!~!!

  • Sarah

    OMG! yay . . but she should have a concert in toronto . .
    im so mad that she doesnt, did u see how many people were at MOD yesterday . . . gr

    And people who don’t like her . . . if u guys have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all . . it’s just so mean.

    Taylor if ur reading this I love u like crazy and I live near Toronto and I think it’s messed up that ur not going to Toronto. PLEASE DO!

  • http://www.fotolog.com/edwardd_bella valee


  • amber

    omg charleston wv i was praying for her to yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • samm

    aw, why can’t she come to Toronto?! I want to see her soooooooooo badly!


    Why can’t she come to Britain? I love Taylor!