Zac & Vanessa: Tokyo's Aladdin & Jasmine

Zac & Vanessa: Tokyo's Aladdin & Jasmine

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens continue their promo tour as they take over Tower Records in Tokyo, Japan on Friday afternoon (January 30).

The High School Musical sweethearts were asked about their favorite Disney characters. While Zac chose Goofy as his favorite, Vanessa opted for a princess: Jasmine. Does that make Zac her Aladdin?

Check out the full vid below!

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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens – Fan Meeting at Tower Records, Tokyo, 01/30
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  • oh zanessa lover

    waaw am first they looks gd

  • AZZAefron

    Jasmine and Aladdin the perfect pick

  • S.D!!!

    jasmine is my fav to!
    its cause i kind of resemble her maybe lol
    big eyes dark hair
    love Zac and Vanessa!

  • henita

    they are too cute! and vanessa has such a great sense of fashion!

  • henita

    they are too cute!! and vanessa has such a great sense of fashion!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Vanessa looks really good with long straight hair. Love it =D
    And Zachary is looking hot, but I think he either needs to cut his hair a bit or just gel his hair back which will make it look sexy.. =D favorite Disney character..Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez counts right ? lol..either than them..Tinkerbell is my all time favorite.

  • vannie

    troy and gabriella is my most favorite.

  • mhay

    sorry after troy and gabriella i dont watch disney anymore.
    Go Zanessa.

  • Daniyah

    i love them and Jasmines my FAVE too!!!! :)

  • overated.

    aha, i love the video. Thanks JJJ !! That table of autographs looks really cool.

    Zac: I’m signing next to Tom Cruise
    Vanessa: I’m scared..
    Zac: Don’t mess up.

    that’s cute. love seeing them together. Oh, Zac’s favorite is Goofy? Vanessa’s is Jasmine. Of course it makes Zac her Aladdin!!

    my favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse of course!! and then troy & gabriella. :D

  • zanessalover

    They are so cute and adorable <3<3<3 Love them BOTH

    My fave disney character is minney mouse

  • http://fully Mary

    it’s so cute how shy he gets and when he looks at her after saying Aladdin! Gahh so adorable!!

  • Karen

    they are so sweet! Zanessa!!

  • ella

    zac and megan fox would have brangelina worthy babies. they would be such hot little kids

  • kara

    vanessa looks terrible she needs to do something with that hair asap

  • Rosa

    wow ..
    jasmine is my favorite too ^_^
    V looks like her ..
    she is the cutest princess =)
    zac is alaadin with brown hair and blue eyes .. version 2 lol !!
    omg that tour to japan is really amazing ..
    they seem to have so much fun out there ..
    they ROCK ..

  • Rosa

    #12 kara ..
    no she does not ..
    her hair is so pretty this way ..
    she can look super lovely in whatever way her hair is done ..

  • vanessafan

    vanessa is looking good!!!

    that makes zac her Aladdin!!!!

    go zanessa!!!!!

  • lili

    they are wayyyy too cute!!!

    my all time fave disney character is Princess Jasmine!!!…

    OHHH and Ariel…I absolutely love the little mermaid!!!

  • lovezanessa

    They looks so great.
    and it’s so sweet when Vanessa saying Zac is her Aladdin!!!
    I think Zac will change his favorite character

  • Kevin

    I just love these japanese shows
    mainly because I have no clue what they’re saying and they’re just so energetic (or it sounds like it because I can’t understand japanese ;) haha)

  • Your Majesty

    #11 ella

    I’m sure your mom and dad were thinking the same thing when you were born.

    I can just hear them now…”Oh man, hun, what the he!l have we done! *cries* Sh!t. I guess your genes and mine genes cancel each other out. We’ve created a monster. Promise me we’ll never try to have another child or better yet, lets never have sex again to avoid such a disaster”.

    Ella, sweety, and that’s the story to why your an only child.

    The End.

  • Siiinaaaaa

    Auroraaaa <333

    Theyre soooo cute

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    haha my fav is troy and gabriella 2!!

    that was soo cute with the table!!
    also vanessa’s hair looks really good!

  • j

    they are so cute

  • abigail

    they look soooo cute!!!!

  • winoma
  • oh zanessa lover

    ella @ 01/30/2009 at 3:21 am zac and megan fox would have brangelina worthy babies. they would be such hot little kids

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    plz goooooo tooooooooooo hell if zanessa have children they gonna

    sooooooo hot and megan fox she like man

  • Karen

    I read somewhere that after Vanessa had said Jasmine that Zac said he was going to change his answer to Aladdin but I can’t really tell in this video if he actually said that. I know he says the name Aladdin but that all.

    My favorite Disney characters hav always been Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

  • sweetbutterflies

    I love Ariel! She’s so cute. But my fav movie is Cinderella.

    Oh my Gosh, Zac and Vanessa are so cute together. Haha, the whole Jasmine/Aladdin thing is really cute.

  • suzy


  • Curious

    They are both cute and adorable!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks JJjr

  • cuirosity

    by the way I heard that there’s a Cherry Blossom festival this week end in Japan…Hope they at least go and see it…I’ve heard that it’s beautiful!!!!!

    Love Zanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • meeee

    ok this is getting FREAKY. first there was something that compared miley to snow white, now vanessa with jasmine!! i compared both of those girls to those disney princesses in my youtube video months ago!! Its called “new disney princesses” and my username is alluneedislove18. check it out!!

  • Chocolate amber

    They are so cute.

    My favorite character is Mulan. She kicked-ass, saved her country, restored honor to her family, and got the hot guy. Every girls’ dream.

  • lslsharon

    vanessa looks adorable!!haha
    love vanessa!!
    love zanessa!!

  • elegance

    favourite disney character: Mickey Mouse. as always. and then comes the rest of the disney gang. (:

    awww. ZANESSA=LOVE

  • Ann

    Thank goodness, This is almost over. She still has not washed her hair. Zac is definately Goofy. She cant be Jasmine She looks like a stick.

  • Rosa

    wow Ann ..
    so jealous??
    her hair is perfect ..
    maybe someone “else” has some serious hair problems ..
    so that’s why this someone is just saying some stupid things ..
    btw .. Nessa is more beutiful than jasmine ..
    a REAL princess ..
    sorry .. can’t help u get over that fact ..
    but u can GO AWAY ..

  • kgg

    Ann, don’t be bitter because you don’t have what they obviously do…..I’m sure if you pray really hard, be a good girl, and do unto others as you would like done to you, and, btw, get rid of that snarky attitude….maybe, just maybe Tinkerbell will grant your wish of being a wonderful, beautiful person with the hottest bf in the world. Amen…..can I get an amen fellow posters? LOL

  • vancrazed

    #37 your hilarious. Amen to everything…Ann needs to get a life, and a new set of glasses.

  • Naomi


  • Lottie

    Grumpy was always my favourite character.

    Wait a minute so if Vanessa looks like Jasmine does that mean I look like Grumpy? Great I’m a vertically challenged bald guy with a beard.

    Ah well love Zac and Vanessa.


  • maria

    My favorite are Troy and Gabriella!!!!!!!!!

  • zanessafen4e

    so cutee !!!!

  • http://fully Mary

    amen kgg!!

  • zanessa4everr

    awww they are so cute!
    jasmine and aladdin!

  • sweetbutterflies

    kgg: Totally true! Amen!

  • marie

    Hahaha… I just love the jananese talk shows… It’s so funny how lost I get… It’s fun even hearing they speak english.. lol but gotta love them, at least they’re making good questions.. I was tired already of ‘So, how your life changed after HSM1?’.. boring!

    The whole Jasmine/Aladdin was cute hahaha
    They’re looking good!

  • nancy

    someone make these two go away already! so sick of HSM nonsense. neither one will make at the next level so kiss them good-bye.

    looking forward to the new Disney hottie with Demi on her show in Feb. Efron needs to do something with that hair and she lools like Elvira with those bangs. Yuk!

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