Bird to Miley Cyrus: You're Stupid!

Bird to Miley Cyrus: You're Stupid!

After being trailed by paparazzi, Miley Cyrus took over Radio Disney on Friday afternoon (January 30).

On the broadcast, the 16-year-old singer/actress talked about everything – from parents to her pets. Miley also performed acoustic versions of her hit songs, “7 Things” and “Four Walls,” as well as “The Climb,” from the Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack. Interview snippets:

On messy Miley: “You should come to our house sometime. It’s just me and my dad are messy. I don’t see the big deal if there is wax on the carpet. Put a rug on it…But parents like vacuuming it and cleaning it. You could be having so much fun if you didn’t care what the house looked like. My house will have crayons everywhere. And people can just draw on the walls. Everything’s going to be styrofoam so it can’t be broken. It’s just like a house of craziness. And I want a ball pit right in the center. So then I can jump off my bed into it like at McDonalds!”

On Miley’s many pets, including a pet bird that disses her: “I have like 7 dogs. Fluke, Tex, Loco, Shooter, Rody and Sophie. 6. Then I have like a patrillion birds. When you come to my house that squawk 24/7. One of my birds is a boy and his name is Tinkerbell. My sister named it. Over the Christmas break, my brother taught it to say ‘Miley is dumb’. Every time I walk in the room, my bird insults me. It’ll be like ‘Miley is stupid!’ I’ll be like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this.’ When people come to my house and I’m like I love our house because were so positive and uplifting then its like ‘Miley’s stupid.’ My bird is mean to me. Besides that, we have some really cool animals, like chickens and cows.”

Click inside to listen to the whole interview…

Miley Cyrus – Radio Disney Take Over, Part 1, 01/30

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Miley Cyrus – Radio Disney Take Over, Part 4, 01/30
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Credit: AlysonDemiSamSelena; Photos: Adam Larkey/Disney Channel
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  • Kata159

    where was “the climb” acoustic? i could not hear it. which part in? help…?

  • Margaret

    LOOL . Miley don’t believe what your bird says ! I wish that each family in this worls was like yours ! Funny, unity, lovely and things like that ! :DD

    Keep rockin’ girl, I am sure that you have an amazing future waiting for you ! :DD

    Peace, Love and Happiness for everyone * :D

  • kathy

    Smart bird

  • Chelsea


  • mcftd8

    haha she is so funny!! :D
    in what part she said the bird thingy?? i didnt heart it :P

  • mcftd8

    she didnt sing “the climb” JJJ :S

  • cc27

    haha funny bird :) don’t listen to the bird its a lie :)heeh i love miley xD

  • dundies

    Smart bird


    YO i was just gonna say the same thing LOL

  • Billythekid

    Chickens and cows? Must be talking about the farm because there are no chickens and cows in LA. Well, maybe some chickens, but no cows.

  • AR

    shes rocks!!!!

  • hello

    i agree


    smart bird indeed

  • hello

    good job Billy the kid!
    nothing gets past you, now does it?

  • Your Highness

    I love our house because were so positive and uplifting then its like ‘Miley’s stupid.’

    LOL! I laughed at that sentence!xDDD
    Team Miley

  • lola

    i would love to have that bird, and hear him say, ‘miley is dumb’ evryday!!!

  • Princesspet

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    (SOPHIECYRUS) = Fan Site

  • kathy

    asuhsauhsauhsaushas Lola, brilliant!

  • kara

    at least her bird knows what its talking about

  • Nicky Jonas

    Aw Miley is so cute love her 4 life.

  • annavanessa

    nice bird!

  • joecool

    The bird has a small brain,just the same size as all you haters,so know wonder you would agree with it.


  • arantxa

    seriously i think the Cyrus family is on of the best families :)

  • milesrulez

    miley was really hillarious!!she has such an awesome charisma to entertain people..she should really start her own talk show it will b a huge hit..

  • team miley

    hey miley u wer amazng
    wen r u goin on tour

  • sabrinaa

    lmaoo, i usually dont listen to her stories, but that was funny. pretty much. lmaoo. “miley IS stupid” lmao jkjk

  • http://. Vic2763

    I really enjoyed the acoustic songs. I luv Miley’s voice. Did she say her tour would be starting in the Fall? Cant wait. Gonna be so cool. I’m def going =]

  • Izabella

    LOL, that’s a rude birdie, haha :D
    Miley’s awesome and funny ♥

  • lilix

    Miley’s bird is smart n insightful! lol… see even the bird can’t stand her! ok her brother taught the bird this phrase! however the bird must be grateful to finally express its feelings towards Miley the dumb*ss


    was this on radio disney??? *GASP* u can say DUMB & STUPID??! OMG i thought those words didnt exist on DISNEY . . . lol

  • joanne

    lol. thats funny x)
    {the birds}

  • jess

    This girl is so immature and dumb. She acts like she’s 12! Are we seriously meant to believe a 20/21 yr old guy is dating her because he genuinely likes her?

  • Margaret


  • :)


  • chau

    The bird is smarter than Miley for sure.

  • alex

    the bird is so smart were on the same page!!
    miley sucks

  • Nicky Jonas

    UGH that bird is mean poor Milerz . So agree w/#17.

  • Kelly

    you have such a nice personaility
    rock on :)

  • Anm

    Thanx for posting this. This interview just strengthens my support for Miley. What other star would put themselves out there like that talking about her feet (hahaha…too funny) and other personal family things. Miley is obviously VERY comfortable in her own skin and shows others that it is okay to be that way too. Miley you ROCK!!!! Haters fall back….. the H.B.I.C. at Disney is walking by. Respect it!!!!

  • Annelisee loverss milezz

    SHE WAS AWESOME!! i am soo proud! yay! :D
    i loveee miiley sooo much i cannot wait to go to one of her concerts i am saving my money now it is one of my dreams to see her live. i would cry :D
    ahhh i love her soomuch
    support her always and forever!

  • Kendall

    Hey # 6… yes she did, at the kids inaugural.
    youtube it!

  • Elly

    Great bird. Love him. Very very smart bird.

  • HeatherLynn

    Wow, she look’s amazing here.

  • laury

    haha,i love miley shes so funny,she so cool,its really cool that she can rant on herself,she very entairtening.

  • whatsmyname

    Really funny interview. And I thought she did amazing in her performances.

  • asiamileyfan

    Nice southern vocal..
    No matter how she sing, it all sounds perfect..

  • Emily

    love love LOVE her. but the performances weren’t that good =( she has been doing amazing lately so, this isn’t a big downfall =)

    go Miley, can’t WAIT until the tourrrrrrrr<3

  • sfs040

    yeah.the bird is totally rite !!
    mileys stupid !

  • Hollie

    I love miley!
    but why on 7 things she was doing a weird accent:S
    she was lik going soiiideee too buiiyyyy
    proper weird :/

    but she still rocks!

  • sara

    when does she talk about the bird?????

  • vanessa

    wait, so she says she has 7 dogs, yet she only names 6. either she cant count, or she doesnt actually take care of her dogs so she doesnt even remember them. probbly both of those options. i think her bird is right when he says miley is stupid

  • http://bestfriend lila

    hey cute miley don’t be sexy girl if u will b then u cannot b more popular than this so please don’t b super sexy

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