Demi Lovato: Preview 'Sonny With A Chance'!

Demi Lovato: Preview 'Sonny With A Chance'!

Check it out, check it out!

Demi Lovato stars as the title character in her new series, Sonny With A Chance, premiering on Sunday, February 8th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

The 16-year-old actress is pleased to introduce you to all of the characters on the series! You’ll get to know Tawni (Tiffany Thornton), Nico (Brandon Smith), Grady (Doug Brochu), Zora (Allisyn Arm), and Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight) before they even premiere the first episode.

In the words of Demi: “Check out Sonny With A Chance. Check out the sketches, check out the costumes. Check out the cool prop room, check out the check-out girls!”

‘Sonny With A Chance’ Preview

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  • tous

    this show is gonna be awesome!!!

  • .

    It looks really cute, but I hate how there is laughter after every line they say. There should be laughter about every five lines. (Laughter as in canned/audience laughter)

  • secret

    i love the part when chad and sonnys scene turns into a romantic scene.

    i love how it just changes environment in less than 30 seconds

  • Katie Milligen

    yay! im excited :)

  • caitlin

    haha this looks gooooooooooooooooooooood
    imma check it out :P

  • Maddie


  • Carli

    “…Oh Chad Dylan…”

    Haha. I’m hoping that Sonny with a Chance won’t be as brutal for me to watch as some other Disney Channel shows have become.

  • jennyjonas

    her hair is cute!

  • Stupid Disney people

    Zora looks like Rico from Hannah Montana with a wig! LMAO!!Demi is not anywhere near Selena’s level of acting. )X But the rest of the cast is even worst. Isn’t it stupid how Disney is premiering this show at the same time as the Grammy’s. Do they have so much confidence in this show that they think it’s gonna beat out the biggest award show in music?! Disney is trppin’ BIG TIME!

  • Ami

    LOL I love Demi sooo much and omg I couldn’t stop laughing after watching this whole thing I especially love the end haha
    I can’t wait to see this show!
    Now I’m even more excited it looks so funny

  • Demit

    OMG why the h*ll does she always have to smile like she’s the Joker?! She looks like she’s taking a huge sh*t in her diaper.

  • jess

    i’ll be watching. love demi! can’t wait! =D


    boring, lame show. i love demi but this show sux.

  • laura

    hmm.. her butt chin is so disturbing,and her smile just repulsive,plus the show looks so preppy

  • hanna

    haha shes so funny when she goes what just happened lmao
    Amazingg Idol

    <3 LOVE YOU DEMI x

  • Zanessa Supporter

    UGH! I Hate Living In The UK We Get Normally Everything Second The only Thing We Don;t Get Second Is Something UK and we got High School Musical 3: Senior Year 2 days earlier and we get the DVD relese 1 day earlier

  • kara

    this video was torture to watch and she seems so fake

  • Cara

    This show hasnt even been shown yet and already im sick of it. Im a demi fan but this is lame.

  • Princess

    zora looked like Alyson Stoner. especially the eyes.

  • cc27

    from watching this it makes me want to watch the show more ! lol xD
    Can’t Wait !

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    wow ths is such an “original” show, not!

    i love that disney has NOTHING original, yet they insist on putting the world original after everything they make.

    that fake laughter is annoying, especially since half og those lines ARENT funny!

  • lola

    i don’t think laughter should really BE there

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    The acting on this show looks bad. The fake laughter is sooooo annoying. Not everything they say is funny!!!

  • ashlee

    poor chick can’t stop smiling long enough to act. can’t someone tell her she looks stupid with that smile stretched form ear to ear all the time?

  • jenn

    demi has a smile problem. i really like her, yeah, but her smile must hurt… i think the show’s great, but it’s part of the so random cast that will most likey bring it down.

  • mrsefron.

    Ahh i wish i can hear! my computer volume isnt working :(

    i cant wait til the show premires, love Demi!

  • sarah

    Demi is annoying and always will be.
    she cant act
    and she
    she should stick to singing

  • Bella

    Love Demi, but the show preview didn’t make me laugh once (looks lame). I didn’t even crack a smile. And the laugh track is so annoying. What they were saying wasn’t even hilarious. I’ll check it out though, but not when it premieres. I’ll be watching the Grammys Sunday. =]

  • riyana

    i think it will be good!
    i’ll record it, because i’ll be watching the grammys :).

  • Krissy

    Sonny with a chance is gonna be amazing!
    she’s was awesome in every sketch!
    some parts were funny, and others were just.. ehh.. ok..then it went back to funny again :P
    I’m glad demi, was herself the entire time, to do something she really loves, and kept a smile on her face the entire time , just to show how much FUN she’s having, in both ways (:

    you people think, you know how the show is gonna be, with all it’s ” short previews” and saying ” oh the show isn’t gonna be funny enough” the characters are horrible. demi can’t act or sing. well you know what- who asked for your opinion anyways!
    IF you don’t like the show, after just seeing the previews- don’t bother watching it!
    SWAC has it’s moments to be different and realistic, and if you can’t except that- go somewhere else! or in other words- keep your comments to yourself!
    so who cares if the show isn’t EXTREME funny enough- most shows, that started off this way, wasn’t perfect to be hilarious –>247!
    ( yea, it’s a comedy show about a comedy show, but like most people said, having the laughter there, all the time, is annoying!)

    I BET you anything, that most haters ( who are mostly fans of demi’s) are gonna change your minds, once ppl start seeing this show, more than you think, they will ;)
    AND that the show will get better, with more episodes ( just cuz the first episode was shown, doesn’t mean, ppl just judge so harshly.)

    it’s happened to HM
    Wizards Of Waverly Place
    …it can 100% happen again, with SWAC <3

    GO DEMI!
    Can’t wait for the FULL out show!

  • Wildcat37

    haha “check it out”! ;D

  • jasmine

    #30 is rightt !

    i loved the show :)

  • Dustin

    @laura: She’s beautiful, and she has my vote for most beautiful smile of 2009! I guess everyone is entitled to their own butth… I mean opinion.

  • http://12345678900 Rawoona

    I think it will be “goood” !?

  • tasha

    i love it?

  • http://googleimage BAD AZZ DIRL

    it”s cutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?

  • jonathan

    hola bueno saludosss aqui paso a bueno que jenial son selena gomes demi lovato y miley cyrus bueno son jeniales y me encantan sus series y espero algun dia conoserlas bueno bey

  • http://google SARAH LIN


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