Leighton Meester: No Romance Rules!

Leighton Meester: No Romance Rules!

Leighton Meester covers the March 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine.

The 22-year-old Gossip Girl actress is taking the unconventional road to romance. She dishes to the mag, “I don’t want any rules whatsoever. If you want to call, just call. But it’s really about the specific person and the chemistry that he has with you. It’s easy to have chemistry with a bad boy, but it’s also easy to have chemistry with somebody who’s really chill and intelligent. He just has to be the right balance of everything.”

Leighton is dating actor Sebastian Stan, who has had a small role on Gossip Girl.

Check out Leighton‘s Seventeen photo shoot below!

Leighton Meester – “Seventeen” Photo Shoot

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  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Haha I just got this magazine yesterday (:

  • annavanessa

    i love her
    i want chace and leighton to date

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    urgh, nobody likes her… see, only 3 comments… i want pics of ashley tisdale please!

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    and conversely, based on some of the comments, some people on jjjr dislike having to see gg here when it’s not what they come here to look for. everyone wins!

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    Leighton is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why on earth is this post on just jared jr?????????????????
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    she is so unbelievably cute

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    Jared why are you doing this?

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    anyways love LEIGHTON!!!!

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    I don’t see a problem. There are people who visit here that do watch Gossip Girl and are interested in Leighton and the cast.

  • Russian girl

    She is Absolutely Stunning!!!

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    Does JJ read these posts at all? Put her and all GG posts on the regular site.

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  • I LOVE YOU ♥

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    anyway ..enough with this…leighton meester looks fabulous!!! she has an unique style and cannot wiat for her album!!!! i bet it is going to be something special!

  • queen bee

    Leighton should totally be on the main site. Jasmine, everybody likes her, SHE’S STUNNING AND SHE’S ABSOLUTELY SWEET AND FUNNY! :D
    AnnaVanessa, she actually is dating Sebastian Stan, the guy who played Carter Bazien in the first season.

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