Miley Cyrus: Grandma Bonding Time!

Miley Cyrus: Grandma Bonding Time!

Miley Cyrus gets in some grandma bonding time with Ruth at Smashbox Studios in Hollywood on Saturday (January 31).

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet carried around her pet pooch maltipoo, Sophie. Miley proudly wore a Mickey Mouse hooded sweatshirt.

Sophie is just one of Miley six dogs — the other five are Fluke, Tex, Loco, Shooter and Rody. But her six dogs are just some of Miley‘s patrillion pets.

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Photos: RIV/Fame Pictures
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  • cc27

    ;O she looks tired ;O miley get some rest :)

  • http://justjared shamilah

    ok she looks soo tired in most pikk ive seen of her?
    get some rest miley!!! :)
    lvin the dog awh!

  • nINA


  • Nina


  • Kristenfan

    Love you Miley! <3

  • carrie

    i love her hair!

  • Izabella

    I just love her dog!! ♥
    And Miley’s awesome too :D
    but she looks tired..
    poor Miles, she should get some sleep!!

  • C

    she looks gorgeous but a little sad or sleepy…maybe both. poor thing. and sophie’s such a cutie!

  • Anm

    Miley works very hard. I remember reading somewhere a while back that while she was on the BOBW tour, the schedule was so grueling on some days that she would just literally fall asleep on the floor. Poor kid. Take care of yourself Miley. Don’t let Disney drive you too hard.

  • shaky

    miley is so AWESOME !! =] haters should hop off !!

  • emily

    omj! miley and justin both got those matching sweat shirts at her sweet 16 at disneyland!

  • sabrina

    I LOVE MILEY, SHES SO AWESOME. but i have to agree with the people above me, she looks tired, i think she works really hard..
    but keep on rockin miley!

  • Alejandra Jonas … [niley]

    is beautiful


    ** ……. the best ……. **

    Ale =)

  • d

    She looks tired, but cute and casual.

  • Emma

    I love miley :D she looks so pretty even if she’s (Tierd?) And her dog is so cute :)

  • Kata159

    she looks waaay too tired. Go sleep Miley please!

  • gloriaaaa[:

    shes so pretty.
    shes awesome ! LOL
    love yah mileyy !
    she must be so busy latelyy.

  • joeil4u

    omg poor miley, she looks really very very tired…i agree with all of you, she should have a rest, for her health!
    she’s cute anyway, and sophie is so sweet!!
    love u miley

    #8…i agree, she looks a little sad too…but we don’t know, i hope everything’s right!

  • joecool

    She does look really tired. Get some sleep cutie!


  • reginna

    get some rest miley ;) ajksj.
    sweet with grandma

  • sarah

    Wear longer shorts damn it.

  • 021548


  • kaylee

    mi nana’s name is ruth too- we hav 1 thing in common lol

  • annavanessa

    ew miley

  • Hooooo-chieee. get some longer shorts miley. she looks like a hooker trying to show off her dog. pluss, she looks like she’s been crying. haha

  • I_love_Miley

    Miley is the most awsome celebrity in the world. She is so real.

    Love her<3333

  • Mandy

    i love this girl.
    thanks god.

  • soda


  • Farrah

    That dog is so cute! Miley looks very tired, but I love her sweatshirt. And to all of you saying that her shorts are too short… she’s sixteen, she’s allowed to show off her legs. Let’s not be unreasonable here.

  • monica

    cute boots.

  • milla

    watch this out about miley!!
    i did’nt believe she was able to do this.

  • Margaret

    where is this lady looking at??
    miley looks really tired :s well, i still love her :D love her sweatshirt and her cutie dog^^

  • 021548

    selena is ugly

  • Nicky Jonas

    OMG Miley is so cute she has awsome legs. I absolutely love her boots and her jacket. And to #21 & #25 you 2 clearly have no lives you 2 need to shut the f*ck up and get a life dumba**es.

  • Nicky Jonas

    selena is ugly


    So agree 1000,000,000%
    thank you
    finally someone who understands.

  • cha

    she probably came out of the shower and she need to have her face without make up because they are going to do that on set! and her shorts are fine what you people talking about she has amazing legs the boots dont match she should had wore black one to match the alfit but she looks good. i wish i look this good when i woked up without make up! her dog is so cute!

  • http://. Vic2763

    Most High Schooler’s dont get enough sleep, or occasionally just dont feel well. Please Miley, dont hide those beautiful legs. The shorts are fine =D


  • dINA

    I told you guys her grandma’s name is Lortta! Please fix that! That is her mom Tish’s mom! Check the Cyrus Family tree site!

  • cyrus fan

    Seems after all this time someone would get Miley’s grandmother’s name right.. That is her grandmother Loretta her grandmother Ruth Ann lives in TN…


    DAMN THAT IS A HOT GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!! ;)
    (she kind of looks like the dog but in a good way cuz i like that grandma and dog!)

  • HeatherLynn

    I love Miley.
    Her dog is the cutest.
    She look’s so tired though.


    she is soo coooooool I love her !!!!


    sooo pretty and sophie is soooo cute

  • Teresa

    That dog is adorable! She looks sad though…I hope she and Justin broke up! I know thats horrible to say and I love Miley…But,I HATE Justin…

  • dream

    Ewww she looks terrible without makeup!!!

    Cant believe all these kids are crazy about her & wanna be like her…shes got a weird accent & shes not pretty at all!

  • tia

    her sweatshirt is from H&M

  • Rosa

    OMG ..
    she seems that she will fall asleep while walking !!
    that makes her look innocent though ;p
    i guess she’s cool ..
    with all that craziness around her .. still normal ..

  • asiamileyfan

    She’s Hot…

  • Billythekid

    No doubt she is probably tired but she also isn’t wearing any makeup, which gives her a more settled look. Maybe it’s very early in the morning, and she is already out and about. Sometimes, we (as people) keep that “tired” look about us for awhile. Either way she works too hard. She basically works 7 days a week. Over the long run, that’s too much for anyone.

  • Billythekid

    Oh ok, Ruth is the mother of Billy Ray then, and this Loretta is Tish’s mom? I thought I saw Billy Ray’s mom once before and then I been seeing this other “mama”, who didn’t look the same. Either way, she is very active and healthy for her age.