Vanessa Hudgens Hides Behind Her Hat

Vanessa Hudgens Hides Behind Her Hat

Vanessa Hudgens tries to hide behind her fedora as she leaves a clothes showroom in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (January 31).

The 20-year-old “Hook It Up” hottie also stopped by a grocery store to pick up some munchies before heading home. She looked comfy in cropped Abercrombie & Fitch sweats.

Vanessa and boyfriend Zac Efron just returned from promoting their flick, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, in Tokyo, Japan.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Limelightpics
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  • Sabreen

    sophia bush is hot

  • vanessa ♥

    she looks pretty even without make-up [:




    SO CUUUTE *—-*

  • zaaaac


  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Those who think she dresses up for the paparazzi..uh..look again.

    She looks cute and comfy. And I ADORE her hat. Hm, I think I see the ‘ring’ on her hand. :D

    ..Ashnessa sighting. Still waiting !!


    vanessa hudgens rocks, love her style (L)

  • zaaaac

    she is the best (L)

  • daniii

    i loooooooooooooove her hat, she is so cute *—————*

  • gabriela

    she is so adorable *-*

  • efronlover

    i holp she promove her album in europa *——*
    i love her hat, she is so pretty, love vanessa hudgens!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She looks fine (:

    LOL Jared, the “Hook It Up hottie”. Shows that you listen to her music, too! :D

    And may I say that these photos are a contradiciton to what she said a while ago: that she dresses up for the paparazzi.

    I still love her, though.

  • brooke91

    First !!

  • Jen

    she is flawless. Love her.

  • efronlover

    vanessa is so cuuute, her hat is so pretty. i love everything in her <333

  • juliia

    baaaaaaaaaaby v (LLLLLLL)

  • efronlover

    lover her !!

  • jo

    who’s the dude

  • daniella

    love love love love her !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty

    She looks tired, probably because of the Japan trip. Go to bed girl!
    We haven’t seen Ashnessa in a while, but Ashley is busy in the studio.
    She looks comfy though, love her and Zac.

  • Rosa

    she is a REAL cutie ..
    <3 u nessa ..
    love the hat btw ^_^

  • baby v


  • kgg

    Sabreen, you’re in the wrong thread if you want comment on Sophia, but if you put her name in the search bar at the top I’m sure you’ll find several threads about her.

    Now getting back to Vanessa, she looks well rested for just returning from Japan. I’m loving the fedora and the color purple always looks good on her.

  • melissa

    whos the guy with her?

  • efronlover

    love her

  • jo

    hey those pants are baggy, wonder if it’s zac’s?

  • danii

    love her hat O____________O
    vanessa you are so cuuute, love you (LLL)

  • nicole

    i bet those are zachary’s

  • Jess!

    Owwwwww! ♥
    Beautiful without make-up

  • ju

    vanessa hudgens rocks, love her style (L) [2]


  • xara

    she’s beautiful as ever.. :)

  • danii



    love her she is really cute with this hat, she issss the best !!!!!!
    love you baby v (L)

  • meendi

    vanessa style is the best i love everything she use, she is rocks
    love heeeer <333

  • hudgens. [:

    she looks adorablee. <3

  • gabby

    she look great! :)

  • danii

    i am a brazilian girl baby (H)

    love vanessa hudgens more then everything (L)

  • ayen

    She rocks even the baggy look. ^^

  • joanne

    those sweats are zac’s! they’re way too big on her

  • danii

    hudgens brazilians lovers (L)

  • danii

    hudgens hudgens hudgens hudgens (L)

  • danii

    love her (L)

  • ariana

    those are zacs they are mens for sure!

  • = ]

    always hiding like she is the mostt famous person in the world..

    iiii dont like herrrr. less of her. she is becoming overrated.

  • Your Majesty

    She looks gorgeous. Vanessa is one of those hotties that look awesome when they’re dressed down.
    Who the heck is that guy?

  • LMAO u poeple crack me up those pants zac’s are you series just because it baggy doesnt mean is his and y would he wear girl pants

    moving on i cant wait for ashnessa sighting to me it looks like they got in a fight or something

  • mrsefron.

    OOOOOHHH! that’s why she usually wears 10 pounds of makeup.

  • camilla

    she looks soo cute and soo pretty without make-up to. (:
    loooove her :D (L)

  • annavanessa

    she always looks great/ even without makeup!
    this is real beauty,

  • kyliee.

    ENOUGH OF HER ! she is soo ANNOYINGG!

    ugh. she is only famous because she is with Zac!

    Don’t worry when they break up she will be posting more naked pics so people can remember her..

>>>>>>> staging1