Demi Lovato is a Rapping Bee

Demi Lovato is a Rapping Bee

Demi Lovato suits up in a bee costume for a sketch for her new series, Sonny With A Chance.

The 16-year-old actress raps it out with co-stars Allisyn Arm, Doug Brochu and Brandon Smith on the show within the show — So Random!

Sonny With A Chance premieres NEXT Sunday, February 8th on Disney Channel. Check out Demi, Doug, Brandon and Allisyn rapping it out below!

“Sonny With A Chance” – Rapping Bee Segment

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  • may

    I can’t help but love this gal, she’s so squishable, ;)

  • devito

    OMGosh! so funny! xD

  • may

    I almost thought she cursed when she said, “Jamming a stick, inside a hornets nest.”

  • dan


  • nida

    i love her!i cant wait for tbis shot to come out! LOL!

  • Kara

    the full episode is up on oceanup. it’s really bad, sorry to say.

  • rii

    gah i usually find disney shows to be cute, sometimes funny, and cheesy. but i saw the whole first ep and i gotta say it was horrible. idk i cringed at so many parts and i know disney shows do laugh tracks, but they used the laugh track for almost every line! maybe it was just because it was the first ep? but sonny with a chance being 30 rock for kids is definitely a lie. i kinda found demi saying that to be weird because 30 rock doesnt even revolve around the comedy show and its sketches itself — which i see sonny is going to be like.

  • lala.

    she can’t act for beans.
    i did not even laugh at all .
    and this just humiliated herself so much.
    degraded her reputation so much.

  • sophie.b

    ive seen the whole of the first episode and i have to say i thought it was amazing! :D i’ve been waiting for the show for ages and demi is my absolute idol, it was hilarious and i can’t wait to see more :)

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I agree #6.. This show just doesn’t look good.

    And I love Disney shows. Too bad, s hopefully this one doesn’t last… I mean Demi is cute, but she screams when she sings, which I think she needs to fix, because her voice is pretty darn good, but the screaming shows that she doesn’t have the control.

    Why does everyone find the need to be a singer/ actress, focus on one, and do it well instead of doing both half-a ss

  • romina

    THE SHOw is soooooooooooo funny!!!!! haters you sucks!!!!!!

    demi is great in the show , the cast is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • savannah

    I love Demi but this show is no good. It’s not her fault that the writers suck.

  • Miley

    I don’t like it. I mean it wasn’t even funny. I thought maybe it would be good but it’s kind of…. i don’t know it’s just not my humor taste.

  • Darya Armani

    ahah this looks really awsome :)
    and Demi’s really awsome

  • anonymous

    just watched the first episode on demand and i have to say, i was really disappointed with the whole thing. acting was…mediocre to say the least and the script was just really awkward.
    if anyone here has verizon fios on tv, the episode is already on demand for free!

  • cc27

    LMFAO!! shes singing and steps on him and like sorry! lol :) i can’t wait lol i bet this show is gonna rock!

  • kristen


    LOVE YOU DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello

    wizards are still the best :))

  • Shannon

    hey if the preview made me laugh some of u should give it a chance like the show’s title

  • Mandy

    HAHAHA.. NOT :|..
    this was not funny at all…
    im not sure this show willl be as successful as people think..

  • Nicky Jonas

    A Rapping Bee? seriously? now I know this show is gonna “Bee” stupid. Sorry fans.

  • Nicky Jonas

    Oh and btw she should’ve been a rapping beaver. Have ya’ll seen the size of this chicks teeth?. Talk about MASSIVE. Yet again sorry fans.

  • mary

    i just…
    love her so much :)

  • No Name

    Uhh…okay. Love Demi, but this show looks lame.

  • anika

    Sooo Funny!!

  • sarah

    Hannah Montana
    always be the best for most people.
    they never bother about wizards or this one.

  • Lauren


  • demifan

    Don’t compare Sonny with a chance to any other show on disney there all different and anyway i love her bee rapping. I love Demi!
    Haters are jealous because demi’s living the dream. Rock on Demz!

  • lala :)

    at first i thought that said “Demi Lovato is Raping bee” and was like WHAT?!? haha. jk.

  • delia

    i thought the vid was cute
    but her rapping reminds me of ashlee simpson?!

  • stefy

    I love her but this show doesn´t look good sorry …

  • Katie Milligen

    my gosh.. love it! bees are awesome lol

  • Sarah :)

    haha i read it and thought it meant raping too…….haha WOW.

  • TLT

    hahahahah, funny awesome rap! ima watch it again sezz boom buzz sezz zzzzz sezz boom buzz

  • LOVEato

    I did find this show to be different and I respect everyone’s opinion and if I people didn’t like it, I guess I could see why. But personally, I loved it. Maybe cuz i love Demi too much ahah. The jokes were different .. but to me they were funnier.. I guess it was more my humour taste and plus I was kinda sick of the normal Disney jokes and liked the change for once. And oh, I think this show will get better later on.. cuz first episodes usually suck. So to the people who didnt like, I say give it a chance =P

    As for her screaming while she sings, again I find it unique. But dont worry shes gonna change her style anyway she said herself.. more soul/r&b style :)

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