Demi Lovato: I'm A New Person

Demi Lovato: I'm A New Person

Demi Lovato was up way too late yesterday night and just couldn’t get to sleep.

So, the 16-year-old Sonny starlet popped in on her MySpace to thank all her many fans. She writes, “I can’t sleep because I’m so happy. [That] sounds so ridiculously corny but honestly I feel like a new person. 2009 has started off to be the best year of my life which sounds impossible because ’08 was INCREDIBLE! i started a new TV show (WHICH AIRS FEB. 8TH….. AHHH!), I released an album (WHICH RE-RELEASES THIS MONTH TOO :P ), and Meatloaf Wednesday was invented!!

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“Honestly, I feel like a new person and in the best way possible. Over the past few months I’ve really just changed my perspective on life and it’s really made me mature into a “new me”. It’s weird, I’ve even been dressing more ‘girly’ because I’ve gained a lot of confidence in myself and my appearance. I even have PINK nail polish on my toes which has nothing to do with confidence but I just find it weird because i haven’t worn that since like.. 8th grade… but I’ve just become a brighter and happier person because I’m finally comfortable in my new home here in California, getting more time to spend with my family and I’ve been building strong and amazing friendships with new friends.”

“I think over this next year you all are going to watch me evolve into a new person. and no i’m not ‘changing’ like i promised i wouldn’t in ‘La La Land’…. but I’m growing. Besides teenagers change a million times before they truly find themselves and I’m really beginning to find out more about myself each day.

“So don’t be scared if I start to wear less black or eye-makeup. I’m not changing.. just maturing.. and you all are helping me so much. Each time I meet a fan it boosts my happiness. I wouldn’t be doing any of this without you… without your support… without your loyalty… and without your smiles when I look out into the audience.”

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  • christine

    LOVE DEMIII!! (:

  • Mandyluv

    Yayyyyyyy!!!!! GO DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Demi you are my idol and I love your music SOOOOOOOOO much!!!

  • sipulka

    oh my gosh, thats so nice ! she is amazing ♥

  • Mandyluv

    yay demi!!

  • cristina

    aw, i love demi! she’s amazing!

  • apple juice: )

    yayyy!!!!i love her .she is the best and sooo petty too!!:).i want to see a selena and demi sighting soon:)!!

  • Mandyluv

    love her!!!!!

  • livewithintention

    im so glad demi is the way she is.
    shes one of the few teenage girls in the business that is worthy of being a true role model.
    about 2 years ago, i became bulimic. thats that, this isnt a sob story lol. but it was because of how thin and perfect everyone was in hollywood. but demi, when she talks about being confident and still eating mcdonalds :) helped me be more confident with my body.

    i wish i could thank her some way. but i cant.

  • Mandyluv

    she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandyluv

    Can’t wait to get the Deluxe edition of Don’t Forget!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandyluv

    Can’t wait to get the Deluxe edition of Don’t Forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lala :)

    disney is taking over her, PINK nailpolish….im crying right now. seriously…crying. i still love her though.

  • Lindsey


  • lola

    i lov her!!! just one question—-what is the difference between the deluxe and her other album, will it have the same songs??? love demi!!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I absolutely hate when people re-release an album.

    Its such a money grab.

    Everyone does it though.. Look at Hilary Duff. She has done it more then a couple times lol

  • Becky

    She is my favourite Disney girl.I admire her and I’m 3 years older than her.

  • kim


  • a.

    good god.
    this is bullshit.
    but. okay.

  • Alyssa

    awww i love her so freaking much haha

  • Mandyluv

    Can’t wait to get the Deluxe edition of Don’t Forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandyluv

    Can’t wait to get the Deluxe edition of Don’t Forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MArissa

    Meatloaf Wensday? Hahah! Thats what Miley Cyrus was talking about!

  • shafira

    Thats why i love her ; she’s still herself :)
    she defenitly is a rolemodel to me!

  • d

    New friendships- Mileyyyyyyyyyyyy


  • elementsofblindness

    Aww she’s such a cutie.

    God bless ya, Demi :)

  • Laura

    AWWWW she’s so awesome :D

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    I lovee her!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope she has another great year this year!!!!! Shes such a great role model. I cant wait till her tour and everything else that comes with it. Shes greatttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333 :)

  • Mickey

    Yay! She’s talking about Miley for the new friend ships! (Well I hope she is) I think that Demi and Miley would be great friends. But I don’t know them personally, so I shouldn’t be saying that, but I wish it’s true. They are my role models and my 2 favorite Disney girls. =]

  • Alyssa

    haha yup i love the Meatloaf Wednesday too..
    best of luck to Demi!!
    hope she have a great year

  • larissa

    love demi foreveeeer!!!! i am so happy for her….

  • UWUK

    I was not liking Demi Lovato too much after the whole “next Miley Cyrus” non-sense started. Noone can replace Milez, but, I have to say that over the past few months, she is really starting to grow on me. Haha, wouldn’t we all love to go to Meatloaf Wednesday with her and Miley? I’ll bet that is a fun amd crazy time. By the way, where has Selena G. been lately? Have not heard much about her. R she and Demi still cool?

  • aw

    I hope she stays true to herself not just become what the people around her are trying to make her be.

  • katie

    aww I love demi!

  • Annamaria

    we would all love you no matter what you look like. youre beautiful!!
    she has amazing talent and shes just so down to earth and she involves us in her life. love her (:

  • joeil4u

    she’s so cute:)

  • Jay

    yeah you would be doing this because of the jonas brothers–admit it you basically live of their fame

  • Kelsey

    I LOVE HER serisously she is inspirational and i hope she continues to get success, im 3 years older than her and i find her a great role model. I dont think she is being ake or being taken over by disney, people are allowed to ahcnge up their style.image for a bit and its annoying when people think you can’t change it. I love her and am soo o proud of her! the fact that shes sharing all this with her fans is truly touching and i hope she never changes


  • Jen

    Bs. She is just saying this because of all the hate she was getting on oceanup about changing and she needs to renew her squeaky clean image. Bull.

  • Sarah



  • wowerzz

    of course i would be happy too if i was makiing millions of dollars…

  • Leah

    i honestly love her.

  • Demi=Snob Full of BS

    Yeah where have Selena been these pass couple of days. She’s been on the DL while this girl is out hogging the spotlight. and she also hasn’t been talking about Selena lately either ever since she befriended Miley and sang at the Kid’s Inauguration. What, is she too good for Selena now? Demi=snob full of bs


    Uggh she is so annoying!!! Bring Selena G. back!!! plzzz

  • sam

    i actually want her babies. even tho it not scientifically possible.


    Aww Demi, you truly are AMAZING.

    SO GLAD that you have been Blessed to live out your dreams!

  • erika

    i love you demi! your personality is still the same which is good! I am just glad that your turning into more of a girly girl and not wearing as much black or dark eyemakeup! i cant wait for for your new show sonny with a chance or ppp! Also love BFFS and fellow Disney stars selena and demi!

  • mrsefron.

    lalala love demi!

  • kyliee.

    aweee, demi is so humble.

    that’s alwaysss good to see from celebs these days.

    lovee dem!< 3

  • = ]

    demiii is gorrrggggg.

    loveee her musiccc !

    can’t wait forr sonny w/ a chance.♥

  • = ]

    not bull she really is changingg.

    & yeah im sure she really cares about what everyone is saying over at ocean up.


    Love JJJ n Demi!