Miley Cyrus Scores New Car -- A Prius!

Miley Cyrus Scores New Car -- A Prius!

Miley Cyrus just got gifted with a brand new car!

The 16-year-old starlet took a break on the set of a new photo shoot to tell us all about it. She shared, “My dad surprised my last night with a black Prius. Good for the environment and it’s adorable and I’m gonna get Hello Kitty floor mats!”

Prior to her brand-new Prius, Miley was driving her momager Tish‘s old Porsche Cayenne.

Tell JJJ: If you could have a new car, would you want a Prius too?

Miley Cyrus – A New Car!
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Credit: MileyCyrusFever; Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty
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  • shaky

    hopefully first !! but w.e ILY MILEY

  • Haley

    is a puirs expensive?

  • Haley

    Oh and I dont think that 16 year old girls should be driving because they are kids!!!! In the Uk, Europe, Asia and Middle East this isnt allowed. Its only allowed in the USA for some reason… its not like American 16 year olds are more mature than others. They shouldn’t be driving. Anyways I LOVE MILEY!!!!!

  • heather

    hello kitty floor mats
    i <3miley

  • annie

    To number 2 check the toyota website.
    That car will be better for her but I’d rather the Porsche.

  • 021548

    i love miley

  • http://justjared ashley

    urgh can she drive yet???? lol

    btw how many cars is the spoilt brat gnna have?

  • http://. Vic2763

    Very reliable. Hello kitty style. Go Miles, and miles, and miles… in that car =]

  • carrie

    actually its not that expencive, my parents got me the same car, and i think it cost like .. $30,000, or something

  • dundies


  • David

    It cost $22.000.

  • Stingrayvette1975

    If i was in her position i would kill my parents for getting me that piece of junk. And besides a hybrid car is expensive to maintain and is dangerous to drive at high speeds.

  • becky

    i didnt like the car

  • mike

    they are actually really nice…i have one! lol

  • I_love_Miley

    Toyata is like the best cars in the world!
    Love her even more now<333

  • Massie

    Ten bucks says she crashes it by new years.

  • hey

    wow, that’s great that she got that car.

    not some mucho expensive car, and it’s “green”

    yay mileyyyyyyyyyy

  • Emily

    Hello Kitty Floormats – That’s classy. xD

  • chels

    at Haley (#3)

    yeah i have to agree with you….it’s strange because over here we can’t drink until we are 21, which is more endangering ourselves than others…
    but we can go on the road…which puts others at risk besides ourselves

    but i understand drinking is detrimental to ‘developing brains’, its just i know the drinking mentality is different over in Europe….

    anyway – cute car!! jealous! hahaa

  • Stella

    and her parents say they dont spoil her…

  • joeil4u

    cool car lol…and…hello kittyyyy yayyyy love itXDXD

  • Marie


  • Haley

    16 year old girls should not be driving

  • Nicky Jonas

    Lucky thats
    a AWSOME car!!!
    Love Miley
    she ROCKZZ.

  • Lauren

    Ummm….. doesn’t she only have her permit? There’s no reason she needs a car when she can’t even drive by herself.

  • kristan

    blahhh not fairrr i want a car!
    lmao ‘good for the environment’ … thats why she said she wanted a little convertible, right?
    oh milez you never cease to entertain me (:

    shes the best, though. team miley!

  • lola

    hate her forever

  • annavanessa

    and she continues to be spoiled.. she is too young!
    wait for her DUI=)!

  • joecool

    #27 why do you keep posting here if you hate her take a hike!!


  • Cassidy

    #26, Why do find it funny that she said she she got it cause its good for the environment? Is it?

  • http://- annie

    @ #27 … “hate her forever”…oh yeah? just because you’re such a loser you’re NEVER gonna be famous like her or even a singer,I bet no one knows YOU or even that you exist,so get lost miss little no one ! BOO haters get a life and don’t comment if you hate miley cuz I BET she’s better person like you

    I hate haters forever :)

  • Cat

    omg, she is such a spoiled brat! i agree with #27, HATE HER! and #29, it’s none of your business why she keeps postingh here, so shut up! and people, what the hell, 16 is not to young, if you like it the way the brits do it, why don’t you move over there! who wants to wait till their 18 to drive! HELLO!

  • Mandy

    I would definitely not want a Prius. They’re not fast enough. I’m more of a sports cars kinda person. I prefer Audis.

  • joanne

    lmao hello kitty floor mats.
    i used to LOVE hello kitty when i was little xD

  • juli.

    i have a prius and i love it. the only things is that i live in pennsylvania and its horribleee in the snow. i’m always afraid i’m going to fishtail or slip into another car whenever its snowing.

    but for living in california where there is no snow, i think it would be a great car :]

  • T

    actually, its her money, she earned it, so she should be able to buy whatever she wants

  • Victoria

    man thats the car i want!
    love miles

  • David

    YAY for Miley and Hello Kitty!

  • Sina

    thats the ugliest car ive ever seen :D
    there are better cars.. but ya, good car to be the first car..

  • miley cyrus en argentina

    me parece q esta bien q tenga auto y q maneje con su mama!!

  • niki g

    if i were to get a car tho im only 14 i think the highlight of the car world was a 67 chevy impala BLACK! i love that car first saw it on supernatural with jensen ackels and jared padilacki best car in the world i would hunt one down if i could drive!

  • remy

    like a normal car (:
    thats good for her!

  • saudia

    what does she need a car for .. she’s been riding her bike, which is just as good .. she’s not even legally allowed to drive by herself .. her parents spoil her too much .. oh well

  • Mels

    thats a cool car. i think my next car that i get will definitely be a hybrid

  • Farrah

    A spoiled brat? Really? I received my first car when I was fifteen, to drive around with my parents. It wasn’t a Prius but it was in the same price range. I see nothing wrong with a 16-year-old millionaire being given a $30,000 car. Some of you have unreasonable expectations.

  • julia

    SORRY miley fans, but seriously… why talking about the environment? AS IF SHE CARES!!!!

    SERIOUSLY, if she cares that much, she wouldn’t be using Nike clothes because they use children to do the hard job.. PLUS, she wouldn’t be eating chicken or fish!!!!


    i would not say A WORD if she said “ok, i got a Prius because I like it a lot! =) not because i care about the environment!”… AT LEAST SHE WOULD BE SAYING THE TRUE!

  • Cassidy

    Guys, why is everybody saying shes a spioled brat! Shes not! Shes deserses everything she gets because shes the most hardest working teen in Hollywood! I mean come on she earned all that money! Shes HANNAH MONTANA! She has enough money to buy the world(just kidding!) Plus, its legal for her to drive! Shes 16! You can drive when youre 16!

  • lauren

    do not use the whole ‘good for the environment’ thing as a excuse for why you bought this new car and not kept the Porsche!!!!!

  • Cassidy

    Ok #44, she does care! She rides her bike everyday! Plus, what does fish and chicken have to with the environment!!

  • dundies

    Shes deserses everything she gets because shes the most hardest working teen in Hollywood!


    hardest working my ass crack.
    ok so she has a tv show, movies, albums, clothes line, etc. blah blah
    she cant sing, act or NOTHING
    hannah montana is overhyped fluff
    the lizzie mcguire show & even stevens were MUCH BETTER
    including the acting quality
    HELL, dakota fanning can act TRIANGLES around miss virus

>>>>>>> staging1