'Sonny With A Chance' Opening Credits Revealed

'Sonny With A Chance' Opening Credits Revealed

Demi Lovato poses with the cast of her new series, Sonny With A Chance, in the official opening credits.

The 16-year-old actress stars alongside Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, Doug Brochu, Brandon Smith and Allisyn Arm in the new show.

Sonny With A Chance premieres NEXT Sunday, February 8th @ 8PM on Disney Channel.

TELL JJJ: What’s your favorite part of the opening credits?

“Sonny With A Chance” Opening Credits
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  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer Listen to mayday parade

    This sites name should be changed from Just Jared Jr. to “We Love Demi Lovato an her new show Sonny With a Chance” because thats all there is on here lol

    Heart Demi, but this show looks awful.

    JONASSSS Ill be watching that :)

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer Listen to mayday parade

    Ps. seriously.. why does Disney insist on the lead roles singing the credits song.. lol


    and Disney, stop promoting her screaming.. seriously screaming is only good for three sings… when your angry, watching a scary movie and sex. thats it.

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer Listen to mayday parade

    and by dime i meant dim…

  • Kara

    I like Demi’s music on her Don’t Forget album but I really, really do not like this song. Sorry.

  • fabulous

    I saw the first episode on oceanup
    it was painful to watch..

  • dot

    What did Disney do to her…

  • http://demistylesource.fansites.me Ali

    I love the song, I love Demi, I love the show, but it doesn’t match IMO. But I get to listen to the song more now so yay!

  • haydee

    ahh i totally cant wait for this
    demi is such so great.. i love her

  • http://www.oceanup.com jess

    who cares i love demi no matter wat! im a more fan of her music though! yup!

  • Marjorie

    My Oh My…
    this show looks awful.
    I think Demi should stick to singing (and not songs like this awful theme song), because she’s SOOO much better at singing.

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer Listen to mayday parade

    I just watched it on ocean up


    so bad.
    Bring on JONAS

  • http://www.aol.com kristen


  • annavanessa

    #1 i totally agree with you!
    stop this overload posts of this stupid show

  • Marjorie

    #11 People are just being honest.
    She show seems terrible.
    That’s just how it is.
    I still like Demi,
    but the show and this theme song sucks.

  • Darya Armani

    this show looks awsome :)
    and Yea, I can’t wait for JONAS either
    but I think Sonny With a Chance sounds great too :)

  • jennyjonas

    cant wait for JONAS , this show looks awful i agree with #1
    bring on JONAS!!! PLEASE

  • faith

    You know people, this show isn’t targeted toward anyone over the age of 14.
    This is a disney show, so it’s for the younger aged.
    But I think it will be a good show for disney!
    Demi is amazing, and anything she does I support!

  • jb

    Demi Rocks!!!
    Shes going to be a big star!!!

  • Farrah

    Oh dear, I watched the first episode of this On Demand with my niece and neither of us were very impressed… I think that this Demi girl has a nice voice, but acting is definitely not her strength.

  • plainxsimple

    don’t blame demi,
    blame disney.

  • jessica

    wow i just watched the first episode on ocean upand i turned it off nine minutes into it… it just drags on .. no theme… stupid “funny” lines, unlike other shows on the disney channel that i actually have some interest in watching this will not be one of them … im only being honest.. i love demi and her singing but the show stinks

  • mary

    i am unsure if i’m gonna be watching this.
    cause i lovee demi and at times it seems funny
    but overall looks incredibly stupid.

  • sam

    most disney shows start off with no point and then into the season they get one..

    and why do you people think jonas will be any better? because the jonases are in it? its going to be just as pointless and show how bad at acting they are.

    demi has a great voice, but the show isnt amazing

  • [other] sam

    yeah get lost haters.
    you all enjoy wizards. so you have no right to slate any other show.
    and here here with sam why is jonas necessarily going to be any better

  • Haley

    horrible show, i saw the first episode my EARS WERE BLEEDING disney ruined her…


    Omg it looks so good and the tune is catchy (:
    Sterling knight is so hot xD

  • Fran

    i saw the first episode and i think that the show isn’t as good as everyone is thinking it’ll be. It’s not even funny^^ and i’m not a hater or something but demi should focus on her singing career. She’s not a good actress.

  • alice

    wow.. dot i agree with you completely.
    i don’t even recognize her anymore.
    she completely changed from when she was
    on as the bell rings. in one pic she kinda looked like vanessa
    hudgens. it’s kinda creepy. disney’s just like changing her..

  • christy.

    i agree with #13. i think JONAS will be horrible, too.
    demi and jb can’t really act. they should stick to singing.

    i freakin HATE it that disney stars think that if they can act, they can sing or vice versa. just like selena gomez.

  • Roasher

    I hate when she screams! She looks really really ugly when she does it..

  • demifan

    Demi rocks and so does her show. Its disney so the acting doesn’t have to be great. the credits and song are great and i love her yaw!

  • crissy

    omg lmao this show is gonna suck wtf is up with her YOW at the end of everything

  • crissy

    tiffany thortons kinda fat

  • Miley

    Im sorry I love demi but her show was horrible! I mean it wasn’t funny, their was only one hot guy ( Just kidding!!), The mean girl was waaaayy too tacky, Demi was acting a little stupid and That little girl annoys me.

    Overall I’d rather watch “Winnie the pooh” then this show.

    The only good shows on Disney are: Hannah Montana, J.O.N.A.S, and The Suite life on Deck.

    The rest are too tacky and annoying.

  • MoJo

    Ok… I can’t wait for the show!! Ok, so what if YOU don’t like it?? Don’t watch it. You don’t have to tell us (especially not in a rude way!!)!!! If you do like it?? GREAT!! I don’t have a problem with you (as long as you don’t get obnoxious about it!!)!!! As for JONAS.. i love the Jonas Bros, but.. well, it doesn’t look too promising. BUT i will watch it when it comes out if i do or don’t like it YOU WILL NEVER KNOW cuz i’m not gonna sit down and type “oh it stinks” or “it’s the greatest ever” cuz it gets annoying when people do that. We all have a rite to have our own opinion. Yes. Fine. Just shut up about it every know or then, ok??

  • MoJo

    ok… sorry for being rude.. we can say what we want to say- you know the whole freedom of speech thing. but when we overdo it.. well, the results aren’t good. it leads to bashing and rudeness. Oh, and DEMI ROX!!!!!!! I just wanna make that clear… i’m breaking my own rule, aren’t i?? eh… no one listens to me anyways….

  • Ami

    I love Demi so much!
    I actually really like the theme song, i think it’s good
    I love the beginning when she picks up the phone and just screams and runs away and leaves it hanging there lol
    I just saw the first episode on youtube and I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
    So many people are saying it’s retarded but I think it’s hilarious and actually really good!
    I knew it was going to be good from the previews though
    This is my #1 fav show now omg i think it’s awesome!

  • Ami

    And Disney didn’t “ruin” her if you don’t like the show and think it’s stupid then don’t watch it omg
    And yes sterling knight is very hott :)

  • Omg

    I just watched the first ep on youtube and I have to say that i was shocked. This is like the worst show Disney’s put out. The acting was horrible and the jokes got annoying frequently throughout the episode. This doesn’t compare to other Disney hits. Wizards of Waverly Place is currently the best show on the channel because its so professional and funny. The Suite Life on Deck is really funny. and at least Hannah Montana has good songs. but this? It’s even worst than Cory in the House. I’m sorry but this show BOMBed. big time

  • rach

    tbh, she can’t act.
    on some bits she can. but nooo.
    stick to singing demi seriously <<

  • millie

    I think Demi is better off with singing. I love her and all, but that smile freaks me out.

  • jessica

    It’s ALOOOOTT like Wizards of Waverly Place opening credits. Ha. It looks ok.

  • jasmine

    i actually really love this show :)
    sterling knight is the best thing about it !
    he’s dreamyyy .

    & you get used to the theme song after a while .

    & it’s just a show . what “point” do you expect it to have ?

    i think it’s really funny, cute, and just entertaining .

    haters suckk .

  • cece

    the part that i liked on the opening credits was when sterling knight showed up in the limo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t like when sterling put his hands on demetria (demi lavato) and tiffany thornton!!!!!!!!!! if he does it again i will break up with him (but only for a few seconds because he is mine and no one can take him away from me, and plus he’s toooooooooooooooooooo sexy to break up with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Justin


    What are you talking about?? Tiffany Thorton is PERFECT! I think she’s one of the best looking girls on tv.

  • mary

    Hey guys dont ya’ll think Sonny and Chad are perfect for each other. Meaning like they should date each other on the show hehehe. They are so cute, cool, awsome, sweet, and etc.

  • http://lonuevodedisney.blogspot.com viafarita

    sometimes is much better than JONAS….
    at least that’s how I see it! hehehe
    i think that Sonny with a chance is better than wizards of weverly place a millon times!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1