Ashley Tisdale Has Tire Troubles

Ashley Tisdale Has Tire Troubles

Ashley Tisdale looks behind her back as her dad, Mike, fills her car tires with air in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (February 2).

The 23-year-old “Headstrong” hottie, who recently switched talent agencies, was seen in short shorts and white “Celebrate” swing tank. Ashley went away for the weekend with friends.

Ashley is currently working hard on her sophomore album, due to drop later this year.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • ashfan

    sexy legs !!!!!

  • isa

    looove her

  • ….

    Love u ashley!

  • naee.

    interesting, can’t wait for her cd (:

    btw, she needs to stop being so pouty in these photos.

  • zashley4ever

    She looks so beautiful :D

  • beka

    I wish it was arm in Colorado like it is in LA. lucky lucky girl.

  • Lia

    Love her. Just hope vanessajonas and the rest of the of the Zanessa fans(that are immature) don’t bash her.

  • kaitlin

    i love her hair longer like that! she is gorgeous :]

  • Jess!

    OMG!! she dreessssss like V!!

  • hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    hey im a zanessa fan and I love Ashley too…


    we need more Vashley (Ashnessa) and Zashnessa Sightings!!

  • .

    i want a porche…

    btw I love ashley shes so bubbly

  • annavanessa

    she is a vanessa wannabe… vanessa pulls everything better and first!

  • vanessajonas

    well actually something else said exaclty what i would have said ….amen number 12=)

  • megan

    I think Ashley is a bit of a diva.
    And vanessa is soo much hotter!

  • Ashley Tisdale Bicthes

    OMG she looks HOT!!!!
    her hair is Gorgeous!

  • Sam

    I agree #12 vanessa always wears it first and she looks way prettier.

  • teteu

    She is very hot, i love her!
    she are soooooooooo amazing! *-*

  • erika

    everyone stop comparing ashley and vanessa! thet are bffs! im a fan of both of them and they both have a great sense of style and are both pretty. btw love ashley’s hair and outfit

  • Just Jill

    Thank you Erika. I don’t see what the problem is. Don’t come into a post to bash people please. Your comments will get deleted

  • Jasmine

    she is so perfect, she is my muse, love her *-*

  • Ashley Tisdale Bicthes

    vanessa is a hoe get it through your heads
    Geez!! Some of us Ashley fans dont give a crap about slutgens!!!
    so let us BE DAMN!!
    Ashley= Hot Hot Hot Hot you go girl

  • ashfan

    please don’t bash vanessa
    if you don’t want them to bash our girl, don’t be one of them too ( bashing her friend )…

    just focus on her sexiness (haha)

    GO ASHLEY !!!

    MISS ashnessa sighting though… :-)

  • jimmyxl

    wooo she looks Hot!!!
    ashleys my future wife :)

  • ashlee

    lot of immature little girls on this thread. sad.

  • = ]

    agree 100% with # 21!

    SLUTGENS ! woww yourrrr amazinnn number 21!

  • anna

    i hate people that bash ashley because of’s the thing.. vanessa would hate any of you for bashing her best friend.. so give it up losers, your not cool, talking sh*t about someone to make yourself feel better is a Real problem…go to therapy lol

  • ….

    Ignore the haters u all. they wont bug u dat much if we ignore them.

  • Jen

    honestly ppl get over yourselves. I’m a huge vanessa fan but that doesn’t mean I’m entitled to hate Ashley because I think she’s a cool girl too. They are both bbfls and until you ppl realize that ur obviously gonna keep bashing both when it’s the other ones headline but that shows how immature some ppl can be. Both girls are awsome so let’s just leave it at that.

  • Bad… NOTTT

    ewwwwwwww she looks gross in those short shorts and boots

  • PaulinhoO


    Absolutely, fabulous! [:

    Love³ her! <3³

  • Shela

    ^^^^^^^What #27 said….. My thoughts exactly.

  • super fan ashley

    Ashley looks pretty as always!!!!!!!

    And she is not copying Vanessa, because I was downloading pictures about Ash, when she on Hsm or Hsm2, Hsm3, and there are many things and style that Vanessa is copying!!!!!!!!!!!

    So shut up!!!!!!!1

    I love how she looks, always pretty and adorable.

  • jimmyxl


  • jimmyxl

    im 20 no little Girl…i just LOve Ashley

  • Fláviaávia

    I live in Brazil!
    love Ashley Tisdale, and she is beautiful in the photos!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Jen, #27, very well said. You are SO right. I don’t understand how people cannot see that they ARE best friends forever. Even if they are not out and about together doesn’t mean that they aren’t best friends. They ARE. They probably hang out at each others houses to avoid the paps.

    And, where exactly does it say Vanessa in the post ? ..People who bash on Vanessa or Ashley is pathetic..get it through your heads, their freakin best friends, I’m pretty sure that Vanessa or Ashley will be shaking their head at you because your bashing on their best friend. Really..both have their own sense of styles. They might even have the same taste in fashion ? Who knows ? But seriously..stop comparing best friends to each other..

    Anywho, Ashley is really looking sexy here. Her hair is just gorgeous, and I love the shirt !! Oh, and I’m STILL looking out for that Ashnessa sighting !! =D

  • lore

    she looks hot in those short shorts and boots

  • vicky

    I love Ashley, I really do, but why is her dad putting air in her tyres?!? Why can’t she do it herself? No offence, honest I’m a big fan, just wondering why she needs her dad to do it for her?

  • vanessahudgens4ever

    she looks pretty. i love her hair like that and i love her outfit.

  • zanessa1992

    she looks pretty. love her hair like that. her outfit is cute too.

  • .

    I’m sure without the glasses she’ll look like her usual man-face look XD

  • zanessa1992

    she looks pretty. love her hair like that.

  • savannah

    Wow. A lot of you guys are really rude. Do you not realize that Ashley and Vanessa are best friends? Why would you say something really disrespectful about someone’s best friend? Because that doesn’t make you a ‘loyal’ fan or a fan at all. If you were really a fan you would respect both of them equally and give them the respect they deserve. I bet Vanessa would find it really hurtful what you’re saying about Ashley and vice versa.

  • mean

    yay, prettier than Slutgens!

  • ily ashleyy tisdalee

    Oh my god every single ashley thread i go to theirs always bashing! They are bestfriends guy come on! im sure you all share the same clothes as your bestfriends, im sure you agree on the same style taste as well right? so that kind of means your not a good bestfriend seeing the way your bashing ashley! i DO NOT like vanessa but i dont go on her threads and hate on her! They both have their diffrent styles, Ashley wears what she feel confortable in and she dosent dress up for paps. So now your saying our girl cant dress? WAIT TILL SUMMER LOLS. Go to her fan sites and look at 2008 and 2007 fashions she dne then look at vanessa’s one and tell me if their the same gosh! Thing are put in shop for PEOPLE TO BUY NOT JUST VANESSA! And im sure Vanessa is upset about the way her own fans is bashing on her bestfriend! Its really sad guys get over it their bestfriends!

    Ily so much ashlley! you rock any style! cant wait for more pics!

  • Stevani

    She’s the best ever!
    And i like her long hair too.
    Sooo cute in that outfit :)
    and i can’t wait for her new album…

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    this is not the same clothe as vanessa ! short,t-shirt and long socks.and of course that vanessa’s style ? since what ?
    they are best friends ! hellooooo !!! get lifeeee !! they are not enemy ?!

    and ashley looks really hot at this pictures ! but she looks sad because of paps :(

    anyway i cant wait for her new albummmm ! yay !




    [sorry for bad english again,im living in Turkey ]

  • vancrazed

    Honey, know what a slut is before you call somebody one. I’m pretty sure someone commited to one person, isn’t a slut.

  • Kate

    She looks so sad :( Why ?

  • anna

    her nose is crooked