Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Santa Monica Sweethearts

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Santa Monica Sweethearts

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle walk hand-in-hand down a boardwalk over the weekend in Santa Monica, Calif.

If you missed it, Joe, 19, showed up to Camilla‘s Push premiere on Thursday night. You can check out the video at

Camilla, 22, recently dished to MoviesOnline about her relationship with co-star Dakota Fanning. She shared, “She definitely knows what she’s doing, and it’s quite apparent. She’s extremely talented and has picked one incredible project after another, and continues to do so. I think what was great about working with her is that we’ve both grown up in the business.”

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  • amelia

    ahh crazy!! they’re cute!

  • angeline

    Awwwwwwwwww, they’re cute together.
    Camilla must be really tall, if she’s wearing
    flats and she’s Joe’s height.
    I <3 Joe but I’m not going to get all pissed
    just because he’s being a normal guy and
    living his life.

  • rii

    im not hatin on either of them… but i seriously wonder how they feel going out with each other when they look so much alike. =/ id honestly find it weird and creepy, like going out with a sibling.

  • Morgan Watts, emily sterling!

    HOLY SHAT 3rd comment.. wowzazs first proof ZOMG

  • rocksii

    well.. even though i love taylor swift,
    i like this couple.
    they look cute.
    it’s just akward seen them together.

  • tia

    this really isint very exciting. it was cuter when he dated taylor swift cuz atleast she was gorjuzz and her personality combined with his was just adorable. camilla belle looks REALLY old for a 22 year old and seems effing boring. such a random couple. plus, even though its not a big age differance, cant she find someone who is already past their teen years? i mean, really now.

  • karr

    lol, I kinda agree with #3 there. They do sorta look a like. I’d say a few more months until Joe goes for another girl. Not hating, just saying. Camilla Belle deserves someone much better than Joe.

  • NIca

    Are they holding hands?? :)

  • Celebritie$Everyday

    i want moooooooooooore picss :(

  • Meepzy

    They look cute, but Camilla looks more like a Jonas Sister than girlfriend lol.

    Joe was a jerk with his fans at the premier, completely ignored them.

  • lauren

    nooooooooo. joe i love you, and support you with everyhting in life…but please, not camilla. please please pleaseeeeeee not camilla.

    because that would mean the lovebug music video….and ughh nooo!!!!!

  • Daniyah

    They do like sorta alike, and idk why im just not really a big fan…Camilla seems to old for Joe. Is it 100 % they’re dating? and wow Joe does switch girls right and left…Zanessa is the one and only BEST true lovers they’ve been dating for SOOO long and went through so much together I LOVE THEM! :)

  • Laura

    wow. i hope they’re happy together. i’m giving them until may

  • jo

    I still think its sad how he woo’d her while he was still dating taylor swift. plus the fact that he had the nerve to break up with her over the phone. Pathetic.

  • kt

    i agree w/ #3. and him & taylor were so much cuter together

  • menna


  • pokay

    a) is joe the middle brother who is kinda like the leader?
    b) i don’t care who she dates as long as it isn’t robert…*sigh*…

  • randa

    aww that’s really cute!

    I love joes back side
    but.. I would love to see the front side of the pic!

  • christinee

    joe, i support you 100% with whoever your dating :D

    but my jemi heart is broken ):

    oh well :D

    yay joe <3

  • evie

    Yeah, they look like a cute couple. I just think I lot of people are ahting on them because we don’t really know a whole lot about Camilla. I’m sure as she gets more popular in the business, we’ll see she’s a great person. Obviously Joe likes her, so if you guys like him, accept his descisions.

  • kate

    i thought i was the only one who thought they looked alike. maybe too much alike. but whatever. i give it a couple of weeks. she is almost as tall as him and 3 years older… awkward much?

  • Ava

    To the fan girls…he is 19 YEARS OLD. They will break up in a few months and he will then go to another girl and then another girl and then another girl.

  • rii

    yah i think its pretty shady for joe to break up with taylor on the phone. im not saying this because i hate joe or i love taylor, etc. but anyone breaking up with their gf/bf over the phone/text/myspace/online/etc is pretty messed up.

    and jb fans… dont start up with the “he was in europe, what was he supposed to do, fly across the world for her?” the way i see it is, if he was in europe it meant they only contacted each other through phone or w/e. so it couldnt be 24/7 contacting each other. what this means is, joe could have easily just kept up a couple phone calls for a couple days until the next time he saw her in person. which if i remember correctly, was pretty soon cuz of an award show i think. and then jb fans can say doing that would just be lying to taylor and w/e, but you have to think, he must have been doing that for awhile. unless of course he one day just thought up to call taylor and break up with her that instant, which is also bad.

  • pamela

    camilla?really joe? dont get me wrong shes beautiful and one of my idols but it seems like you guys are better off as brother and sister since you guys actually really do look alike too much…

  • pamela

    camilla?really joe?i mean dont get me wrong shes beautiful and shes is definately one of my role models but i think you gtwo are better off as brother and sister since you both look alike very much..

  • Christine

    they look pretty cute together…from the back. ahh wish there were more pictures! THANK YOU to whoever took this!

  • ughh!

    i support joe 100% with whoever he dates but, he looks too much like camilla and its kinda weird.
    but im happy for him…

    but my jemi heart isss totally torn in two ):

  • Samantha


  • lesha

    ha damn. well i guess tay really did get screwed. rough.

  • Justine

    whoa i thought it was nick jonas for a second there.
    but yes, they do actually look cute.

  • gaaby

    Oow criatura !

  • Ava

    oh, I forgot to say, this offically confirms that Joe Jonas is a cheating little Jacka.s.s.

  • heheh

    seriously, if she was sweet and good and he loved her fine. but she really doesn’t seem like the moral little sweet thing joe needs! >:(

  • justme

    it looks like he is more into her than she is into him. That always happens to guys dating an older and hotter girl. Cute couple,though.

  • hollywoodlover

    he looks like a lil child haah camille is kinda to old for him BUT stoo they look cute together and if they love eatchither why not?

    I support them :D

  • Priscilla

    my heart feels like joe shot it into a million peices and taylor is eating it :(

  • dancedance

    breaks my heart.

    i just hope she doesn’t break his

  • Kel

    their relationship is a fail.
    sorry, but she looks thirty to me.

  • Ayumi

    It still looks like Nick and Selena to me..

  • terry

    for a bunch of virgins jonas brothers sure do get around from girl to girl i guess thats what happens when you cant do nothing with them move on to the next girl when that one has bored you

  • Zoe.

    they look soooo cute together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anna

    that’s a jonas brother move, take your g/f for a walk on the beach… or walk along the beach via boardwalk.. all three have done it lol

    but a d*ck move is what joe did to taylor

  • sara

    urgh, I hate Camilla Belle. I think Tay was a LOT better 4 joe.

  • Lovely xx

    im jealous
    but they are cute together
    but i love them xx

  • tessa

    Dang it.
    JEMI!! Not Jamilla! =/
    But I guess I support it if Joe is happy???…

    #13 made me laugh.

  • des

    i have seen interviews with her and she seems nice, but a little shy. she might be really funny once you get to know her…but i like taylor because she makes strangers feel like they have known her forever. what is with joe and all these (former) disney ppl. does anyone remember that disney chanel movie she was in called Rip Girls? if he is happy, then i will try my hardest to be happy. as long as she isn’t the reason why he has seemed to mature overnight. i know ppl grow up but just 6 months ago he seemed goofy…now not so much, while kevin and nick seem to be getting funnier.

  • padfootcullenblack

    i agree with the person above me. i feel for the goofy, clumsy, attention wanting, immature, funny, camerawhore, not taking himself too seriously joe of a few months ago, and he seems to be none of that now. kevin on the other hand gets funnier and better at each interview and random pic. nick is too hot to be sixteen so i wont comment. i didnt really like him with taylor but wish they were back. camilla and joe look too much alike.

  • Jennie
  • Ella

    Hes MINE!!! Haha!!
    Yeah I agree that they look like siblings but thats probably just because I want him hahaha!!

  • Anne

    I think he looks like Nick… I thought it was him first. Not that I thought it realy was him.
    She actually looks pretty old, she does not look like a 22 year old..

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