Nikki Blonsky: My Family is Closer than Ever

Nikki Blonsky: My Family is Closer than Ever

Hairspray starlet Nikki Blonsky insists that her family is now closer than ever after her airport squabble with America’s Next Top Model former contestant Bianca Golden.

The 20-year-old actress tells People, “We are a very strong family, we love each other and nothing will ever tear us down. I don’t even need to defend myself. It’s pretty obvious that it was just a big scam.”

Nikki also praised her father, Carl, who was also involved in the incident. She says, “He’s a strong man. He is my hero because he showed me that no matter what happens in life you can make it through. I never expected that somebody would try to use my fame to get themselves fame.”

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  • ….

    pretty eyes.

  • sarah


  • lisa

    she’s pretty but something seems off about her..

  • angela

    aww thats good for nikki.


  • Chocolate amber

    What nerve for this woman to complain about someone using her fame. Please, she had been using Zac’s fame to keep her fat self in the spot light. I have no respect for this annoying, loud woman.

    Go back to the ice-store NB.

  • Carrie

    I love that she calls it a scam when Bianca’s mother ended up in the ICU and her dad is awaiting trial for it. I also love that fact that Nikki claims Bianca is trying to “use her fame”. Last time I checked you have to have fame in order for people to steal it and when you are both on the D list there is nothing to steal. I doubt Bianca even know who she Nikki was when this started. You know both Bianca and Nikki did interviews when this first happened, but like Bianca I with Nikki would just shut up about it. No one really cares anymore.

  • angela

    well I care and I believe nikki’s side of the story.
    cuz i believe nikki didn’t even start the fight.

  • http://ZacEfron BRADLEY

    Aww that great I am happy that Nikki and her family are closer.

  • http://ZacEfron Mary s

    #6 I totally Agree with you.

  • annavanessa

    get out of here, fattie

  • http://ZacEfron BRADLEY

    Nikki Blonsky is Beautiful and pretty. she is not Fat.

  • http://ZacEfron BRADLEY

    Nikki Blonsky rocks

  • missuk

    love nikki blonsky – cant wait till hairspray 2!!!

  • kristy

    #11- yea, she is. sorry.
    #6- couldn’t have said it better myself.


    ok what i find very stupid is stupid lame vanessa hudgens fans hating on nikki because they think that zac and nikki are together because they were at a airport together 79 months ago, what the hell??? zac efron is a hot guy he is thin, he was a hasbeen heartthrob!!! why would he at the time go after a fat girl (no offence to nikki who is beautiful but she seriously is on the D list)

  • :)

    Fame(?) jajajjaja ¬¬

  • BB

    #6 i totally agree!

    the sad thing is, in my opinion, the only reason the charges were dropped for both bianca and nikki is because the T&C courts clearly intend to go after papa blonsky to the fullest extent of the law.

    i seriously doubt he’s gonna get off so easily. no matter how this thing began, he put a woman in the hospital. god, she had to be air lifted off the island to get treatment her injuries were so severe!!!

    the blonsky family should start looking at real estate in T&C, b/c in order to remain…….“a very strong family, we love each other and nothing will ever tear us down.” they’re gonna need to be able to make frequent jail visits.

  • Hollowood fan

    I don’t think the haters here are Vanessa Hudgens’s fans…they are just Nikki’s haters.

  • Sina

    this girl is so weird oO i really wonder if shes thinking before shes talking sometimes.. geez

    to use her fame.. ya, shes famous but shes not really that big to say that.. cmon -.-

  • that’s hideous

    ignorance is bliss…

  • xx

    ITA with # 6.

  • Chocolate amber

    No matter what you may think of Bianca, it is NB who is keeping this story in the media.

  • digs

    She is the kind of vile person who would praise her pathetic violent father. The only one who wants fame is this idiot here who likes to mention it every month.

  • athena

    Yeah Nikki, people are opportunistic. It’s sad you had to be a part of this ridiculous ordeal. Stay strong.

  • marie

    i used to like nikki but she sounds so cocky sometimes!
    i dont think she is really famous like she says she is! people only think of her when they’re watching hairspray for goodness sake… not 24/7 or anythng like that

    and believe me, if zac efron was not in the movie, it wouldnt be as famous as it was!

  • tanii

    It looks like she doesn’t understand the meaning of the words ‘ Go Away’.
    Really, if my dad was arrested for assault, I would not call him my ‘hero’.
    Why would Bianca use Nikki for fame? She hasn’t got any! It’s Nikki the one whose using fame. Making sure this story is still in the press….

  • ?????

    I hate her!!!!


  • lol

    i hate her

    zanessa (L)

  • athena

    We all know that Nikki Blonsky is FAMOUS for her character Tracy Turblad…and this Bianca Golden is a model. Hairspray is definitely more known than, who’s trying to ride on who’s fame…what does Nikki have to gain…

    Besides, it’s the magazines that wants to keep the story going…Nikki and Bianca seem to put whatever they can behind them…

    I’m sure the People interview was about Nikki Blonsky and what’s going on in her life…and I think JJ2 happens to showcase the particular part based on that nonchalant incident.

    NIkki has more sense than to go about promoting her relation to Zac’s fame to get her name out there, besides, she has an agent for that.

    HS was based on Tracy Turnblads character, in which Link Larkin happens to be her love interest.

  • camilla

    “MY FAME” tsshh ya right
    i live in denmark and like nobody even knows who she is by her name’
    and if you say “the one from hairspray” there like “WHO ?” or “ohhh the fat girl”
    soo like i don’t even think bianca knew who she was at the time..

    she is just soooo damn weird ‘ ;s
    it’s not because i like vanessa that i hate nikki’
    i just really’ really dislike her for almost everything she says and does’…:/

    PS. Sorry my bad english..

  • Carrie

    “NIkki has more sense than to go about promoting her relation to Zac’s fame to get her name out there, besides, she has an agent for that.”


    OMG are you serious. Nikki uses Zac’s name and fame at any chance she gets. I think this People interview might be the first time in months that Nikki has had an interview and has not mention Zac. So really this interview with her saying Bianca is using her “fame” is the pot calling the kettle black!

  • = ]

    leave her alone.

    she’s a goodd rolemodel.


    if your happy with the way you look who gives a shh!t about what others think. SCREW them!




    …..or one day you will wake up LOOKING LIKE AN ELEPHANT!

  • mrsefron.

    true that # 32 !

  • lili

    OMG…can she stop bringing this whole story up everytime she’s frkn interviewed….its old news…

    well…….shes not even that famous…

    i guess this is her most famous role….thats y she keeps bringing it up!!!…ahahha…shes so annoying right now!

  • Kelly

    HAHAH fame my a**

  • andrea

    i don’t like her i liked her like the first month i heard of her but now she thinks alot of her self like shes so automatiacally inicent and she thinks shes soo hott trying to make out with everyguy she sees wat did she do 2 movies!!
    and the 2nd one flopped

  • me.

    to #4 angela, yes, the inside matters most. but she’s clearly not pretty on both the outside AND inside. so stop saying “jeez” so much. (srsly, i know you from zef) don’t you know other words? go read… dictionary or something. lmfao.

    and Nikki, girl, shut up already! first she wouldn’t stop pinpointing / declaring her love for the already-taken-zefron, now she goes on and on about how bianca used her “fame” and bla bla. it’s not all bianca’s fault (even though i rly hate her), they were both at fault here. admit your wrong, blonsky.

    and for people who said i hate nikki because of zanessa, you’re obviously stupid and i feel pity for you. i know a lot of people who liked nikki at first, but soon dislike her because of her attitude or what angela would said “that beautiful inside of hers”.

    …okay, i’m done ranting.

  • me.

    oh, and for nikki fans who think we hate nikki because she’s fat, WE’RE NOT STUPID LIKE YOU GUYS. i don’t care if she’s the most beautiful woman to ever walked in this planet or not, if she acts like this, i’ll still hate herrrrr.

    and a big LMFAO at her for thinking she’s famous enough for someone to be “using her fame”. last time i checked, she’s only famous for talking about zac and acting with him. look in the mirror, nikki. i beg you!

  • Shosho

    Bianca told us the WHOLE story on Tyra!!
    Nikki is the LIAR!!
    Would you think that a dad woould beat a stranger up (which is a MOTHER AND PREGNANT!) to stand up for his child!!
    Nikki was in ONE movie! ONE!! ONLY!! And she think she’s
    “famous” <<BIG WOOOP!!!
    Shes not a god rolemodel inside nor outside!

  • tiff

    I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS OBVIOUSLY TRYIING TO STEAL ZAC. nO offense to all you fans but she needs help. All Zac had to do was be nice to her and she thinks he’s gonna dump Vanessa to start a family with him. She has a pet name 4 him Zacy!!!!! Give me a break
    She needs help
    if she thinks Zac’s gonna come with a white horse in shining armour to take her to Hawaii where they would get married and live happily ever after

  • Nash

    Her fame? what fame? She only did a couple of movies and suddenly she thinks she’s queen of the world.Little tip baby,a bit of humility wouldn’t be so bad.And personally I do not think beating up a woman and getting her airlifted to the ICU is a scam.Plus she’s always saying that she wants to move on from the incident,maybe if she stops talking about it she’ll be able to move on.Oh wait,this is nikki we’re talking about.

  • oh zanessa lover

    sooo nikki closer with her family and vanessa closer to zac lol

  • natster

    Hey all Zac was seen leaving LAX. He is most likely going to NY for press duties for 17 again. I’m sure he will “hook up” with Nikki seeing as the movie is New Line Cinema and they are both friends with Adam Shankman.

    Maybe Nikki will get some Zaccy later tonight!!! wink…wink.

  • Carrie

    Natster- I love that you are a advocate for someone to cheat on the boyfriend/girlfriend. Seriously, I hope that never happens to you and its a horrible thing to wish on anyone. I dont care how much you dislike someone cheating is wrong and if you are a Nikki fan I dont even know why you would want her to be a) a home wrecker and b) with someone that is a cheat. Grow up will you!

  • geena

    Shut up;
    Being fat isn’t a crime, you shallow, superficial dimwits.
    She’s pretty and we don’t know what happened and both stories are really partial.
    I’d say that Nikki needs to stop talking about it, but she’s got every right to think her father’s a hero, everyone does.

  • paul blonsky

    he is my son & i dont wont to take sides——- but everyones been through enough lets get on with our lives the world is in a mess lets put our energy in helping the government ””’

  • geena

    Some people are so shallow.
    Let me make this clear.
    I hate, well, dislike, Nikki Blonsky.
    But..for acceptable reasons.

    Being fat is NOT one of them.
    Be smart.
    Being fat, isn’t a crime. So, jeez, anorexic brats.

    But I do dislike her because she is just as responsible as Bianca for the fight. She kicked her mother in the, er, vagina.

    And, she’s not that famous. No one really knows her, to be frank.

    Infact, Bianca already finished talking about the fight, it’s her who keeps going on about it, which is pretty pathetic.
    And I really don’t know about how she’s trying to steal Zac away from Vanessa…I don’t really know, nor do I care, because Zanessa is going strong eitherway. : )

    And I know, what her father did was wrong, but how can you expect her to insult him? He’s her father after all. Would you insult your dad because he made a mistake?