Vanessa Hudgens: No New Moon!

Vanessa Hudgens: No New Moon!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it comfy in an Imaginary People “We Not Me” shirt and dark leggings as she heads into LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (February 2).

The 20-year-old actress will not be gracing the big screen in New Moon. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg dished to People: “I’m not sure about [final] casting, but I had heard Vanessa Hudgens was going up for the part of Leah [Clearwater, a werewolf]. But at the moment, the part of Leah doesn’t happen until the third movie.”

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  • Ashley

    It would be cool, if she got the part!

  • Emy

    lol My brother was just at LAX this morning going to san francisco.

  • Z


  • lili

    this girl is a serious fashion icon!!!

    btw…where is she going???..

    anyways…i love what she wearing….
    as always she looks amazing!

  • Megan

    why was she back in the LAX again?

  • baby m

    she’s soooo pretty love her hair && love her style!!!

  • Dunya

    She looks amazing, I wish i could pull off all the looks she wears.

  • caitie

    Vanessa said in an interview while in Japan that Catherine had called her during the first Twilight movie and asked her if she wanted the part, no auditioning and then V found out that Cat wasn’t doing New Moon and said she would not be part of the project if Cat was no longer a part of it, that was the only reason she wanted to do it … to work with that director again.

  • Jessie

    that’s too bad that she won’t do new moon…
    love her outfit <333
    she is sooo cute! but where is she going?
    can someone tell me?!
    Zanessa forever :):):) rock!

  • Awad

    She looks really awesome, love her laid back personality and her clothers reflect her. Shes iight

  • Jo

    she has cool clothes. i love her outfits

  • sabreen

    Sophia Bush is hot.

  • Jasmine


    ok, i want news about ashley, when will you guys post about her? -.-

  • liz

    She looks so gorgeous! Love her =]

  • Lorraine

    Im in <3333333 with what shes wearing!!

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    she look amazing
    her smile kill me
    I love her

  • Katty

    Where is she going? She looks cute though. I hope she does get to play Leah in the third movie, she would be awesome, she needs more dramatic rules.
    I heard she is up for the part Naughty in the movie Naughty and Dreary, maybe she is going somewhere for that? Idk, but I bet JJJ will have pics of her landing where ever she is going.
    More of baby V!

  • Karina

    Owwh, that’s a pity !!

    She in new moon would be amazing !!

  • Jo

    #8 is that true? is there a vid? i understand why catherine would call her, they worked in Thirteen together. Catherine probably asked Nikki Reed as well and she’s in it. Too bad for Catherine though, i guess the studio wants it in the fast track and she probably wanted more time to make it better

  • Naomi

    lol, her reps have said she’s not doing it. New moon people should stop mentioning her name in connection with the movie and concentrate on their casting.

    Why is the director bringing her into it at all?!!! That was unnecessary. She is distancing herself from it and they’re still bandying her name about. Do they want a public announcement before they drop it?

    Gee, everything about Vanessa is big news for no reason. They should just let the girl get on with her life in peace.

    Btw, she looks uber gorgeous in that outfit. Apparently she’s going for a photoshoot in Brazil. I love that she’s so happy and glowing.

  • Zanesa4ever

    Aw no Zanessa =( well it will be okay love ya Vanessa!!

  • suzy

    she looks so cute.

  • Jo

    #20 Brazil? no way, that’s awesome. her brazilian fans in here must be excited

  • aw

    UGH her reps confirmed at least three times that she did Not audition or do anything of the sort. How is this still an issue?

    Her outfit is super cute, wonder where she’s going.

  • marie

    Ohhhhhh she’s so beautiful!
    Love her! <3

  • S.D!!!

    shes promoting bandslam i think her new movie, maybe shes flying out ti Austin, Texas again

  • camilla

    aww she looks really good’
    and i heard she was going to brazil for a photoshoot too..
    exciting :D haha

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    beautiful as always…haters,go annoy anothers life..

    vanessa,ww love u,always and 4ever your fans

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    that girl have style!!! love the outfit ans she is extremely gorgeus

  • cuirosity

    She looks gorgeous and amazing like always!!!!!!

    Safe trip Baby V!!!!!!!

  • CUH

    Thank you Jesus! Im so glad she isnt doing New Moon. I dont know how I feel about her doing any movies with sequels anymore.She’d forever be connected with the series if she did take the role. PLUS, Twilight the movie SUCKED. The books are awesome but I just thought the movie bombed. I hope the new director does a much better job than the chick who directed the first film.

  • joss

    yay! no vanessa in new moon! and hopefully not in eclipse or breaking dawn either!

  • Boji

    Whatever, I’m just glad to see her going places. My daughter would love what she’s wearing especially the t shirt. Another photoshoot in Brazil? Now that’s interesting. I just hope her next project will be something meaty as in solid.

  • taylor

    i will tread carefully.. she looks great!! and i’m sure she has better things in her future than Twilight :)

  • Joanne

    i wonder if she signed on to that Naughty and Dreary movie. or was that another rumor?

  • annavanessa

    in its says that FOR NOW, she is not in it.. but maybe in eclipse and def in breaking dawn she can get the role=)

  • caitie

    #19 … I don’t know about a vid. There was a transcript online. A friend of mine copy and pasted the conversation to me in an IM from one of V’s fansites. I’m not sure which one it was.

    They talked about New Moon, they talked about the pregnancy rumors (Zac confirmed her stomach was as flat as an iron, haha) and the engagement rumors (They said they are NOT engaged, no plans right now to be engaged)

    And yes, that is exactly what happened. Cat wasn’t happy with the script, she wanted to make it better, SMeyers sold out on a LOT of things and the studio just wanted their money so they went with a director who was willing to work with the current script.

  • Kar

    where is she going

  • = ]

    thank god! she’d just fake act her way into new moon!

    iff she auditioned im glad the directors saw that fakeness..


  • Joanne

    #37 thanks caitlin. i really wanna read that interview. LOL for zac answering the pregnancy rumors. was there a rumor about that ? anyway you;re right, she did sell out. I knew it once they reported that Catherine was not going to direct New moon. well i hope Vanessa gets to work with Catherine hardwicke again. =)

  • aw


    Based on the topics covered in the interview, it sounds as though it was fabricated or not from a reliable source.

  • Anne

    god damn she always looks so freaking hot!!!
    her gorgeous-ness never stops amazing me… :D

  • peggy

    Maybe she’s meeting Zac somewhere. Maybe he went to SLO to watch the Super Bowl yesterday and she’s joining him, maybe she’s auditioning. Who knows.

    What’s important??? That she has a safe journey.

    She looks very happy no matter where she’s going.

  • cc27

    it would br rlly cool if she got it :) she’s pretty and she would fit it lol XD

  • lslsharon

    love vanessa so much!!!
    she looks amaing all the time!!

  • desiree

    I don’t see her ring Considering the rumours that’s very interesting

  • varisha

    Love the shirt first of all.
    And I gotta say i was actually happy Van was gonna do it, but oh well.
    I’ll just have to live with it! :) PEACE!!

  • Mili

    BRAZIL, WOW, if that’s true, she will be sooooo near my country, I’M REALLY, REALLY GLAD THAT SOMEONE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT SOUTH AMERIC EXIST, I mean, we don’t have nothing here, so to have her is SOMETHING!!!

    And for the Leah part, she will be soo good in it, she need a more dramatic role, or at least different, we are familiar with her role as GABRIELLA, I still need to see Bandslam (not sure about the day because is ALWAYS LATE HERE), but a role in NEW MOON would be great, I love the books, and I know that when a book turns into a movie, IS NOT ALWAYS GOOD, but with V in it, I’m going to see it THAT’S FOR SURE!!!!


    Thanks, Mili

  • yets

    i wish this girl the very best of everything.
    God Bless V.

  • caitie

    I’m not really sure why you think it was fabricated. There have been pregnancy rumors and engagement rumors going around for months. It doesn’t surprise me that they would finally try and put an end to them. I believe it, the interview sounded JUST like them.