Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Complete Opposites

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Complete Opposites

High School Musical sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are complete opposites — in design that is.

Designer Kenneth Brown is designing both of their houses — separate houses — and he dished to the Chicago Tribune: “They’re complete opposites. If they ever get married, they’ll have to have separate houses. He’s very modern and she’s very traditional.”

The doting duo just returned from promoting their final musical film in the HSM franchise in Tokyo, Japan.

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  • Rosa

    Awww ..
    they r so adorable =)

  • Brett

    I LOVE THEM, they’re soooo adorable :)

  • Brett

    I LOOOOVE THEM, they’re soooo adorable :)

  • Joanne

    wow zac’s buying a house too!? good for them

  • marie

    Well, opposites attract lol :D

  • Jo

    Of course Zac’s is modern. it’s his bachelor pad

  • Rosa

    V is so traditional ^_^
    I am so traditional too ..
    it feels more Homey to me ..
    V is such a sweetheart ..
    i guess that might mean that she loves things simple and normal ..
    btw ..
    that idea of getting married in separate houses is weird !! lol =)

    but i think that this difference makes them much closer .. coz they “complete” each other =)

    God Bless ..

  • rosielee9

    I guess that it was only a matter of time before Zac decided to buy ahouse to be honest if this is true I’m suprised he has’nt done it sooner with the hassle from the pap’s, but if he is then good for him.

    But Vanessa did say that when she was on Ellen that the gift she brought him for his 21st was for a house so who knows there’s so much printed about them that only time will tell. Also if Zac has got a house without the pap’s finding out then good for him.

    Have to agree about the marriage comment that’s weird, why on earth would you get married and live in two seperate houses.

    He is 21 now so perhaps he fancies a bit more space as well as privacy, can’t blame him for either.

  • kn

    lol perfect couple right?!?! SO sick of these TO >:O

  • Jasmine

    can you stop posting about this FAKE couple and post about Ashley please? -.-

  • annavanessa

    opposites attract..
    #9 can you shut the f up? and pleease dont post about that fake plastic girl..

  • http://jjj miley

    i love them just the way they are!
    …and besides opposites attract each other, right? if they were the same what would the fun be? :)
    zanessa forever!

  • evelyn

    this news actually surprised me … i had thought zac was moving in with vanessa .. anyway .. whatever makes them happy! …

  • Rosa

    #8 kn ..
    no .. u r sick without a reason ..
    just sick !!
    oh gosh !!

    #9 Jasmine ..
    oh yes .. coz ashley is NOT fake at all !!
    don’t even know what is fake about them ??
    u really r annoying ..
    just posting anything out of nothing !!

  • cuirosity

    I agree marie… opposites do attract. I’m pretty sure when time comes they will find a way to compromise.

    I for one will pick traditional.

  • Livvy

    OMG! They are soooo cute!
    Hottest Couple Alive <3
    And THey Say Opposites Attract <3
    <3 i hope they do get married <3 ;)

  • zanessafen4e

    cool love them :D

  • Shannon

    aww thats cute it’s good that they have different taste is they were both the same they’d be dating there selves and boo! I wanted them to move in together they are gonna be spending alot of time at each other’s places anyway!

  • sophiiaa

    #10 she has a point this couple is like worse then my dogs butt tbh its shamble obviously they won’t get married they care constantly non as Troyella and not Zanessa Zac won’t want that image or her look at her shes making me feel sick :(


  • Sina

    hahaha omg thats cute :D i can imagine their house if they ever marry.. the house would me a mixture from modern and traditional and they would have at least 2 different rooms.. Vs super traditional, zacs very modern..
    you can already tell that shes really traditional cuz of her parents house and zac more modern cuz of his apartment condo..

  • riana

    zanessa is cool- dnt diss them! Wayy betta den dat ugly, fake, no-fashion-sense Ashley Tisdale ugh!

  • tina

    I did not think a designer would discuss what he is doing with a celebrity like that.

  • http://o Mike

    that article alone tells me they are moving in together. All the signs are there. Besides, Zac’a apartmet is brand new and would not need interior designing. I have a friend who used to live In the same building and they are stunning, and modern inside. He is so moving in with her.

    And as they say, oposites do attract.

  • desiree


    Well they are going to be living in separate houses.

    The rumors about Zac and other women is running like an out of control train. I’ve never seen so many stories about him being a cheat before. And it will be interesting to see just how FAR AWAY from her his house is located.

    What say you know.

  • tina

    #23 Mike, I honestly thought that they were moving in together. Why the emphasis on separate houses. I think what he is really doing is combining their style into the house Vanessa already bought.

  • http://o Martha

    that was jut the designer joking about seperate houses, because of their different taste.

    Zac has mentioned about a house, but he is very sensible with money, so who knows. I highly doubt he would look and paps/realtors not hear about it. My guess is that he will move in with V.

  • Rosa

    #19 sophiiaa
    u know what ..
    u r more than boring ..
    stop repeating urself ..
    and if u r that annoyed ..
    why you hurry up to see their posts and be among the first people to comment ??
    they are better than troyella .. coz ZANESSA IS REAL darlin ..
    ur mind might need so much time to understand that .. coz it’s full of many dumb things ..
    get a life !!

    btw .. Ashley is SO PLASTIC ..
    even much more than ur thoughts !!
    duh ..

  • marie

    I gotta agree with #22.
    I don’t think its professional at all to discuss the costumers taste or not. Why does he need to brag about them having different taste or not? What the heck was the “If they ever get married they will have to live in separate houses” comment!

    Come on, you’re just the designer, they didn’t hire you to talk about their personal life. If I were them, this guy wouldn’t be decorating my house anymore hahaha :D

  • http://o Martha

    For Real what Desiree? Your post makes no sense.

  • rosielee9

    There have been a lot of posts about Ashley just lately so if you don’t like Vanessa then why bother commenting on her.

  • Rosa

    #24 desiree

    uh .. those stupid stories of dumb sites seeking popularity ..
    didn’t u get tired of them ??
    puh – lease people .. WAKE UP !!

  • Tree

    I think, if the story is true, and I don’t know if it is because I can’t find it anywhere then I believe the design is for Vanessa’s house and Zac was with her helping her.

  • rosielee9

    Zac has been more than happy to look at the image off Vanessa for three and a half year’s and it does’nt seem to be causing him any phyisical side effects in fact it makes him beam like a beacon when he looks at her or hears her name.

    So if that’s a sickness then boy has he got it bad.

  • Chezzacolerocks

    How cute are they!

  • ZanessaSupporter

    rosielee9, I completely agree.
    I just don’t get it.
    Why is it so hard for people to let 2 amazing people love each other.
    Why is that so bad.
    Just accept the fact that they love each other,
    It’s kinda obvious, at least for the people who actually look at them and open their eyes

  • http://o Lucy

    Zac is not moving house. He said so himself. It has always appeared very strange to me that V bought such a huge house. It’s for her, not for her family, and for a girl of her age to live alone is a bit scarey. He will probably move in with her eventually. I do hope she gets some time on her own though as it does help you grow as a person. Whatever happens I’m sure he will be there all the time, by all accounts; she practically lives with him anyways.

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron have moved in together.

    The pair – who have been dating since the 2006 filming of Disney’s High School Musical – are living at Hudgens’ 5,200-square-foot, $2.75 million Tuscan-style villa in Studio City, according to the National Enquirer.

    A source tells the tabloid, “The funny thing is that Zac and Vanessa bought separate places so they could feel independent of one another.

    “Zac especially seemed to want his freedom, but ever since he got his multi-million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills, he spends all his time at Vanessa’s home in Studio City, which is just 10 minutes away.

    “There’s hardly any furniture in [Zac's] house. One night, he invited Vanessa over for a romantic candlelit dinner – and the two of them had to eat on the floor!

    “Living with Vanessa is an oasis of privacy and tranquility for him.”

  • Peggy

    I think Mr. Brown should have respected their privacy and the separate houses remark was a bit intrusive and presumptuous.

  • Chocolate amber

    I hope they fire this designer. It’s very unprofessional for him to be talking about his clients (Z&V) without their consent.

  • Chloe

    #28 I agrre with you!
    That surprised me, cuz I thought V would be more modern, but thinking about it now, yea I guess she wud be more traditional and Zac modern.
    But opposites attract :)
    And I wonder if Zac is buying a house, cuz u would have thought that the media wud have found out about it by now. Do u think Zac is moving in with V?
    Also that thing about living in seperate houses if they got married! Well it’s not difficult to combine two styles in the one house!
    I hope they do get married!

  • Mech




  • maria

    First of all, I agree that a reputable designer would NEVER dish about his clients. EVER. Talk about a sure way to get fired.

    The only thing I can see being truthful is, Zac being modern and Vanessa traditional. Most guys like plain, simple, and modern. But Vanessa would definitely be more traditional- she loves color and warmth, and I’ll bet she wants her home like that too! I would die of depression in an ultra modern home— bland, plain, and boring. I’m with her!!

  • ….

    lol, laughed at this. xD

  • Carol

    desiree, what are you trying to say? Are you serious?

    the story about zac cheating is bullshit, everyone in their right mind would know that.

    I can´t belive five days after seeing zac and vanessa happy, doing tourism in Tokyo and opening up a little more about their relationship for the fist time, someone can doubt about their relationship

    And if the new about a Zac´s new house is true, then the house is in the same area Vanessa´s house.

  • Pam

    To those who “HATE” these two and wish that JJ would stop posting about them, I got an advice that you better heed if you REALLY want JJ stop posting about them: STOP CLICKING or COMMENTING in topics about them.

    Simple as that or can’t you get it in your thick brains that the more comments the more JJ would post about anything and everything about these two. It is so obvious I don’t understand why you all are still commenting in topics about them. Unless of course you really do like them and would hate to see JJ stop posting about every trivial things about Zac and Vanessa.

    So stay out or shut up. The way the posts on them getting most of the attention in this site, I wouldn’t be surprise if there is at least 1 post a day about them. It sure would make up for the other posts that are barely getting any comments.


    Do the math; it’s arithmetic – I’m sure you all know how to do that. If not, maybe it’s time to get off the gossip site and learn something you’ll need in real life.

  • nicoleee

    aawww… so ute but oppisites ALWAYS ATTRACT!!! hahaha… and idk.. cuz what about the rumors of them moving into together.. idk!! maybe he is just saying he is buying a house.. so they dont think they are mving in.. and the designer sitn designing there houses.. he is just saying by facts that if he did design it that is what it would look like

  • zanessa4everr

    heyy, opposites attract. :)

  • hudgenslover!

    opposites attract…

  • vic brazil ♥

    you are right, opposite attract!
    but I am sure that they are different even if they love each other.


  • peggy


    My husband and I had separate houses but he lived with me all of the time. He rented it for a awhile and it was good if we got into a very big fight but bascically he finally sold it.

    Give them a break