Jonas Brothers To Host The CW

Jonas Brothers To Host The CW

The Jonas Brothers join 90210 starlet Jessica Lowndes as they host a night of The CW’s hit series, 90210 and Privileged, next Tuesday, February 10th.

During the evening, the musical trio — Nick , Joe and Kevin — will even let viewers see a sneak peek of their new film, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.

The JoBros will also talk about their experience working in 3D and even show a clip of the group performing their hit song “Tonight.”

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience hits theaters February 27.

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Photos: Michael Desmond/The CW
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  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh enough of them already! They’re taking over EVERYTHING!!!! My Tuesday night will be ruined now. I love Jess though.

  • Littlewasserman

    OVERATED! You joined disney stay on it. Don’t go do other things. If they win a grammy the world will die

  • Karina

    Love them so muchh !!

    Joee, I love him to deathhhh ( really ) !!

  • ….

    Kevin looks cute.

  • Littlewasserman

    No! OMG The Jonas Brothers are the next back street boys! UGH! They are so boring! Sorry espically JOE! You dumped a girl next day you got your self a new one. Anyways they signed to disney dam stay on it. They will probably will win a grammy for being the most overated band in the history of man kind but w/e. I used to be a fan but they are so boring now. Nothing new is happening. 3D movie isn’t speical. We had one last year. Whats the big deal expect for taylor swift. She actually has talent and doesn’t go to disney. Look at Dakota fanning she is still a star with actors who can act. No offense in a couple of years disney stars will be child stars with no carrers. SORRY


    im really sick and tired of them .. omg i wish they go away …. i DONT hate them i just dont like them cause their everywhere and plus there full of themselves … i also hate how they dump girls and get a new one in less than a week .. its really annoying and i feel really sorry for those girls….
    anyways people please check varsity fanclub …

    there an EXCELLENT band plus their GORGEOUS …

  • savannah

    I will not be seeing their 3D movie….

    They’re too overrated for my taste. It’s like all they care about is money now-a-days. Just my opinion.

  • janette


  • Michelle

    Yeah it’s getting annoying with seeing these 3 everywhere!!! Like seriously, their exposure is just getting OVERRATED!!!

  • Anonymous

    It seems like they have been promoting their movie for over three years already, they talk about it so much.

  • Nicky Jonas

    Aw JB is so cute they’re amazing esp Nick hes my fave. And another thing whos this brod?.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I don’t get the WB I just watched them on other channels but I love the New 90210! Plus the JB’s are on Saturday night live next Saturday, that I might watch. Although it is V Day lol

  • jonas_bloodsuckers

    well this made my tuesday night
    horray for the jonas brothers!!

  • = ]

    i dont normally watch those shows but i guess now i will.

  • kyliee.

    Sweet Jonas is looking hott. i’ll be watching.

    JB is AMAZING :)

    and i am NOT a “pre-teen” i am 17 will be 18 in March.

    and i absoutley love their music style and look. So dont assume only pre-teens love them.

  • mrsefron.

    loveee jb. cant wait til the 3D movie and everything theyre going to be on in Feb.

    and # 14 is right… i am 16, but my 21 year old cousin loves them and my 20 yr old sister.

    Jonas Bros are perfect band for all ages because they themselves range from different ages.


  • = ]

    looveeee JB ; ] jjj <3.

  • sabreen

    why the hell are they doing this? Its enough there all over disney now their taking over a perfectly good tv station. WTF man this is bull. Dont mess with the CW this isnt freakin disney

  • creepin

    What’s the problem with you people?
    The Jonas Brothers are amazing. I don’t like them being with Disney as much as the next guy, but they still rock. They rock on.

  • Hermione

    haha, i was watching Gossip Girl last night when i saw this.
    i though i was going crazy. i was like “Jonas Brothers on the CW? nah im going crazy of just seeing their faces plastered everywhere.”
    bit it’s whatevers i guess, their music is nice.

  • sabreen

    Are u effin serious………the last thing I need is three little things ruining a perfectly good television station……….stick to disney and leave me in peace jeez

  • Joanne

    They are overrated. none of them can really sing. Even Nsync was better. I can’t believe they got a Grammy nom.

  • Katie

    YEAH! I LOVE JB! (:

  • emily

    i love them nick looks so big in the picture he looks so tall????

  • cc27

    OmG! :) Jonas Brothers XD Joe Jonas so cute :) I love 90210 hehe

  • Lauren

    U H8TERS R SOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LUV JB

  • Bad… NOTTT

    would they please stop promoting that dang movie,geez they dont need the money that bad
    and stop hiding behind those purity ring,their so fake
    their so old news

  • overated

    Its NOT EVEN A MOVIE! It should be right on DVD! Its just a a concert taped with 3d effects

  • Simply Me

    “And another thing whos this brod”.
    I agree who is she?. Very unfamiliar with her.

  • Liz

    Jonases rule. :)

  • liz

    LOL@ people calling the CW a good TV station. HAHAHAHAHA.

  • Helen

    shut up u haters and get a life

  • Kayla

    i ageed with you Liz

  • Kayla

    they rock

  • JennyJONAS

    I LOVE JB!!

  • Camille

    I’m so happy about this.
    I never watch these types of things, and now I will.

  • Celine

    Gosh…are you kidding me?! Stay on the Disney Channel, pleaseee!! I’m so SICK of them. They spread out faster than a forest fire!

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is so friken hot

  • Anonymous

    they are taking over the world :O

    but i like em’

  • bea


  • danielle

    wow……… i hate them……… they are taking over everything. and now they are ruining my Tuesday nights.

    and is “Tonight” a hit song?!

  • Barbie

    Amazing! I love Jonas Brothers and I love 9021O too!

  • Christine

    psh enough with the Jonas brothers….

    listen to Comic Book Heroes instead!


    i love these guys a lot but all they talk about is their 3-d concert its kinda getting annoyingg

  • WiltingFan

    I was a late bloomer for the Jonas Brothers. I chalked them up to being just another fad, but they slowly started growing on me. They really know what they are doing when they tailor these guys into the man of our dreams, making us happily spend our money to lend to our beliefs in them and make us feel that they will love us back, when we show up to their concerts, and the meet and greets and stuff. Then they start to rebel against the fame, and their true colors start to show, and make us feel stupid for not noticing the flaws, or noticing them and just accepting them because we love them so much they could have no fault. I want to believe in them and the things that they say and do,but I think that within the next couple of months, people are going to rebel against them, because they are buying into their own hype. I know that when you get older you change, but you should change for the better. They seem to have gotten worse. Yes, they are adorable and cute (even the “ugly” one) but they should stand strong for something again. Everything that they had to make us fall in love with them, they seem to be losing. I hate when that happens.

  • Weronika

    Joe is so sexy on this picture…

  • http://deleted jazzy

    OMG!!! I LOVE Jessecca, It’s so weird to see JB with her, but I LOVE her, cant wait!

  • just jared fan

    The Jonas Brothers are getting way to much exposure. They’re on Disney Channel, Mtv, E! And now they hosted commerial breaks for the CW’s 90210! It kind of enough already 90210 is a show not a show for 13 year olds & under & thats who their music is targeted for. They are a pop-rock band whos ages are all above 15. Any of you remenber Hanson? I don’t because Im 16 & just like mostly all bands the enviable will happen & say goodbye to their bubblegum pop-rock brand of over produced music! But keep reading this awesome website Just Jared & Just Jared Jr.

  • Bruna !

    Joe, Nick and Kevin !

    bý: Bruna( Brazil)

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