Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato 'Imagine The Love'

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato 'Imagine The Love'

BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato show off just a sample of friend Samantha Droke‘s new fashion line, Imagine the Love.

The three friends all star in the upcoming Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program, out later this year.

Check out Selena and Demi modeling below and then click inside the cut for the Imagine the Love beach photo shoot featuring more PPP stars including Kevin Schmidt and Nicholas Braun. Other models include Bubba Lewis (Zac Efron‘s best bud) and Shelley Buckner.

Selena and Demi Modeling, 02/03

Imagine The Love Photo Shoot
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Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
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  • Laura


  • Laura

    i really like that shirt. they are too funny :D

  • Motion city

    their cute, but a little too annoying for me
    its probably my age, i am 20 so a few years older then them
    but its nice that they are friends

  • kkokoko

    this vid is old..

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that video of them pretty old?

  • jess

    post demis new cover for her deluxe version of dont forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks gorgeous!

  • becky

    thats the live in love one :) and this video is pretty old!
    sam has two clothing lines!

  • anon

    haha that video is old. it’s from the one that miley and mandy mocked selena and demi on.

    but i really like the shirts.

  • jobro lover

    there so cute
    i know they’ll be bffs forever
    they are so inspriational

  • danielle

    They’re annoying. They crave for too much attention.

  • Sarai

    This video is old, Jared.

  • Annette

    lol this video is really old, its from february 6 of 2008, heres the link from demi’s REAL youtube account:


  • Caitlin


  • Bad… NOTTT

    these two are the bomb.i love them their awesome

  • Nicky Jonas

    So agree with #10 I like Demi but not Selena. But love the shirt Demi has on its so cute. And ttytt they’re very annoying on these web shows they do not that I really have anything against them.

  • ewww

    ewwww its slutlena homez! beware of her giant hed

  • ewww

    oops i mean head

  • ariana

    this video is ancient why the heck would this be posted?

  • annoooyyyinnngg

    i also like demi, but not selena. selena is just so…unreal & fake.

  • every1roxx

    WTF!!!!! JARED GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! i just got my hopes all high for nothing!! i thought they were back 2 making vids!! :-( omg this is super old . . good times good times

  • Nicky Jonas

    #16 just asking you say her name is slutlena “homez”. Wich I agree but when you say “homez” does that mean something bad? if it does can you tell me?.

  • shut up and let me go

    i hate sams voice it makes me want to puke repeatedly.

  • kristin

    this is a really old video. it’s from demi’s youtube page

  • Nopoleon Dinamite ROX


  • lilix



  • Nicky Jonas


  • Ami

    The vid is from like a year ago but it is funny lol
    Demi’s awesomeeee
    love her <3

  • katt

    love them!!

  • Grace

    This video is like a year old

  • andrea

    you guys r pathetic u don’t like selene cause shes dating nick newsflash u never had i chance anyway
    and for the people calling her a slut ur just idiots shes a 16 year old who wears a purity ring doesn’t go around in short skirts and shorts and hasn’t had racy pics yeah huge slut.NOT

  • nicole

    this is wayyyyy old.

  • Emma

    Isn’t this video like a year old ?

  • listen to mayday parade

    Nicky Jonas – Homez = hom.o reference id assume

  • Zanessaloveforever

    LOVE DEMI & SELENA .. its funny when selena just stares at the person who walked infront of the camera .. I would LOVE to meet them both some day !! but i would probably faint . lol

  • Nicky Jonas

    #24 ttytt means to tell you the truth. And to #30 SHUT UP she dont have to do any of those thing to know shes a slut and a purity ring yeah right. Shes a little slut END OF STORY!
    And #30 learn your grammar you just sound ignorant.
    While you at it learn to capitalize and punctuate.

  • coci

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  • Angela.

    that video was like.. around february 08′
    or something? -sighs- good memories.
    that was the time i actually loved selena
    & she was my role model. now there’s
    always something pushing me away
    from liking her again. still love demi,
    though. she’s amazing. xD

  • mari

    COME TO BRAZIL, *-*, please

  • laurple halfbagel

    Selena seems like an awesome friend. I watch Wizards of Waverly Place and its so funny. Selena makes it the funniest show ever! Demi and Selena look like TOTAL BFFs to me! Oh, and Demi is like my friend Hailee. Well my friend hailee is like her. Hailee [my friend] is always smiling like that and she sings randomly and acts very funny. No wonder Hailee acts like that…….

    PS Because she watched Camp Rock like 200 times and she is like super excited for the Princess Protection Program thing

  • Ariana

    I KNOW!

  • Ariana

    I love all disney people mahha


    selena gomess is awsome so you are STUPID.

  • http://juniro miley cyrus

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