Selena Gomez Meets Super Model Cindy Crawford

Selena Gomez Meets Super Model Cindy Crawford

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone sandwich supermodel Cindy Crawford as they pose for a photo on the set of Wizards of Waverly Place.

Cindy makes a guest star appearance in the upcoming episode, “Fashion Week.” In the episode, Alex (Gomez) manages to get Harper (Stone) in trouble once again as she ruins a one-of-a-kind dress from famous fashion designer, Mr. Frenchy. To make things right, Alex uses magic to bring a poster of supermodel Bibi Rockford (Crawford) to life to wear the couture gown on the catwalk.

“Fashion Week” premieres on Sunday, February 15 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ stills inside of Cindy Crawford meeting Selena Gomez

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Photos: Richard Cartwright/Disney Channel
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  • Michelle

    Awesome :)

  • Simply Me

    Ew Cindy is ugly.

  • Nicky Jonas

    Yuck Cindy is not pretty.

  • rii

    dood, cindy crawford is 42. do you know how many people wish they looked like that at 42? she is definitely pretty, not just for her age, but in general.

  • gross

    ew selena. she is so fake!

  • riana

    she banned her kids from wachn hannah montana since she learned to talk back to her from miley- i gess shes on team selena

  • lauren

    obviously cindy crawford is “team selena” since a few weeks ago she was saying she won’t let her kids watch hannah montana anymore because hannah is “too sassy” and her daughter wants to act like her. seems like they can still watch wizards of waverly place though.

  • ccaasseeyyyyy(L)

    haha I always get cyndi lauper an crawford mixed up.. very purty

  • brigget

    love cindy,and selena looks awesome as always
    my brothers friends are in their 20′s and the are in love with selena….how cute ,i love her shes my idole

  • annavanessa

    they look alike/ cindy& selena… and is not a compliment:S

  • carrie

    isn’t alex sassy too? anyways, selena looks amazing

  • gloriaaaa[:

    the thing about her not letting her kids watch HM is false/
    she said that she never said that. lol
    ugh, from HM to WOWP.

  • rii

    @riana and lauren

    that was a rumor which was cleared.
    Cindy Crawford Doesn’t Ban ‘Hannah Montana,’ Rep Insists
    Cindy and her kids went to Miley’s sweet 16 bday bash. so after her kids watched HM for 2 seasons, a couple of months after the bday party she decides to have them stop watching it?

    plus, i havent watched Wizards, but people usually say alex is actually a lot more “sassy” than miley in HM. i remember a lot of people saying this when that rumor went around.

  • ♪ Music is my life ♫

    Ehmagawd, selena and Cindy r so pretty!!!!! WUt i wouldn’t give 2 be as skinny as them… JUST AN EXPRESSION!

  • Nicky Jonas

    #4 if you’re talking about my comment sorry I just DO NOT like supermodels AT ALL. They’re NOT influencial people especially to young girls. To me they’re a bad influences.

  • rii

    ehh well i dunno how influences and what you think about models got into this convo lol but i was just saying how i think cindy looks pretty damn good at 42 lol. idk, it just depends on the model for me. i dislike super skinny anorexic looking models and models who do drugs and w/e. but some models really are gorgeous and lead respectful lives.

  • lilix


  • Nicky Jonas

    Ok then rii just saying. And I do agree with you some models do live respectful lives and I dont have anything against models I just think they dont give good examples to young girls. i ight?.

  • Jasmine

    Selena looks like an elf

  • katt

    selena looks gorgeous!!

  • elizabeth marinas

    cindy crawford looks great at 42 she and selena and jennifer look good in these pictures

  • michaela

    haya OMG! I love Selena she is soooooo beautiful i want to kno wer she gets her clothes from :)

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    Love SeL <3

  • athena

    This sounds great and funny. Can’t wait to see this episode. I love the Wizards of Waverly Place…although, I don’t have cable, so watch it when I can and each time it’s been fun to watch.

  • celine

    Cindy is soo pretty!! She looks amazing!! I really dont think people should call her ugly, I know that you have your own opinion but, what did she do to you to make you say all of this negative nonsense?

  • [other] sam

    If I was her and had a kid, I’d ban it from watching Hannah Montana and Wizards. Miley Stewart, may speak like a nonce but Alex Russo has a horrific disregard for EVERYTHING.

  • Danielle

    I used to like Selena. But now she seems fake. Like she’s always hungry for attention.

  • sarah

    i love selena, she’s really really pretty :)
    and by the way, she DOESN’T look like an elf……get your eyes checked people

  • Lu

    I don’t get it! Why is Selena so famous! It’s like “OOh! I’m guna play guitar and dance and sing like s***!” It’s so fake! And, everyone thinks she’s so beautiful?! Ok, she’s not ugly, but she is SO plain jane! Have you seen her with no make-up?! Eww! Demi is prettier and is actually talented!
    I used to like Selena, but she’s using Nick. He seems like a really nice guy, he needs to see what she’s doing! If it weren’t for Demi being in CR, then Nick probs wudnt have been friends with Selena let alone date her!

    Whatevs peeps x

  • emma

    in wowp selena is the girl who wants 2 do anything she wants and dont care what if mom and dad agree or not then she gets into alot of bad things then her brother or father has 2 fix it 4 her and cleane
    her mess atleast in hm miley cleans her mess and listens 2 what her father saya and selena is sassy 2

>>>>>>> staging1