Spectacular! Soundtrack Out TODAY!

Spectacular! Soundtrack Out TODAY!

The Spectacular! CD is out TODAY!

The Nickelodeon made-for-TV musical is about a high school choir that is fading in popularity. A wannabe rock singer, Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk) is convinced to join the choir by Courtney (Tammin Sursok), in hopes of winning the upcoming competition and cash prize.

The soundtrack features 12 rockin’ songs that you can jam out to before the movie airs! You can preview the whole soundtrack @ MTV’S The Leak.

Spectacular! premieres on Monday, February 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

10+ stills inside from Spectacular!

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Photos: Michael Courtney/Nickelodeon
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  • lilix

    the nickledon hsm??? the guy is cute! he looks like nick jonas

  • lilix

    or is it joe jonas???

  • anthony m.

    The Songs are great ! Can’t wait to see the movie =)

  • katie

    why cant nickolodeon stop copying disney channel and do there own thing!? this movie is high school musical and camp rock combined! no one likes nick because it’s so unoriginal

  • w/e.

    LMFAO. 5 comments!

    face it nickelodeon, YOU FAIL (:
    you’ll never beat disney with your cheap unoriginal movie.
    i’ve never been a disney fan but when will you realized that you’ll never top disney (;

    and nickelodeon stars, please stop copying the disney stars. you’ll never get as famous as them sweetie (:

    miley cyrus, jonas brothers, demi lovato, selena gomez.
    all quite big names. you’ll never fit in.

    bash me for all you like. everyone knows it’s true.

  • gabi

    why is everybody trying to copy hsm?
    they will NEVER be like hsm!

  • Ami

    Wow who cares?
    nickelodeon sucks and so does the look of this gay movie
    They think this is gonna be big but it’s not, it’s nothing compared to disney
    And this won’t ever be anything CLOSE to hsm if that’s what they’re thinkin

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas

    Is Victoria Justice in this movie? can someone please write back and tell me? Thanx

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas


  • http://myspace.com/o0omariao0o Maria

    Yes Victoria Justice is in this movie.

  • me.

    #5 w/e, i agree with you 100%. it’s sad but funny at the same time how they tried so hard to be like disney stars. even though most of the DC stars are overrated.

    and this Nolan guy. if he thinks he’ll be like “the zac efron of nickelodeon”, i will seriously LMFAO and he can kiss my as.s.

    ehh, whatever. this is not worth my time. good luck finding 8 million viewers, nick.



  • Daniel


  • http://www.disneynew2009.blogspot.com Matt

    This movie is copying HIgh School Musical and Camp Rock! Nick was just jealous of Disney because everyone loved Disney’s musical movies, High School Musical and Camp Rock. Now Nick just makes stupid sukish Spectacular and expect everyone to like Nick and Spectacular better than High School Musical Camp Rock and Disney. Well kiss my ASS Nick! This movie is gonna suck and they think that that Nolan guy is like Zac Efron! Hes not! Hes stupid ugly and his girl friend in this movie has a big forehead! And I think Victoria Justice would be better off on Disney Channel! Nick will mess her career up and it will be down the drain by the time this movie is out! Get a freakin life Nick! I hope Disney sues Nick because they are just hating on Disney because it’s better so they go and copy Camp Rock and Hgih School Musical! And do they have to have a mean girl? Not all musicals have to have a mean girl and girl and a boy who like each other! Spectacular sucks!

  • http://www.disneynew2009.blogspot.com Matt

    This movie is copying High School musical and Camp Rock! Nick stop hating on Disney because they are better than you! Stop copying! Spectacular is suckish!

  • Matt

    Spectacular sucks!

  • Jaiden

    Everyone who says “THIS IS LIKE HSM! OMG LETS GO CRY IN A CORNER ABOUT IT *WAHHHHHHHHH*” GROW UP. Do you not see the same thing happening with cell phones and cell phone companies? You see it in stores like Publix that have their own brand of the same paper towels as Brawny, I mean the list goes on. You don’t know if it’s like High School Musical because you haven’t even seen it yet! Stop judging and stop whining. You complaining isn’t going to change anything. Plus, the songs seem way better if you ask me.

  • Jaiden

    And to number #14 you can’t sue for same idea infringement.

  • Nellie

    There was a lot of High School Musical before Disney came okay.
    HSM was a copy of grease!
    It not Nickelodeon fault that their stars has self control and don’t get camera happy. Even though not every Disney stars do something outrageous but have you look recently.Nickelodeon starts are known about.
    Number 14 all the other musical should sue Disney. See your statement makes no scene. Stop hating. Right now you are enjoying the show.

  • aLEX

    Personally, I hate all disney channel stars.
    And once they get too old, disney kicks them out…
    and they really don’t have much of a career after that.
    …Hillary Duff?

    Nickelodeon is better in my opinion.
    I’ve never liked disney, or any of their stars.

  • eM’S

    Hey, gotta agree with Jaiden here. You can’t knock it till you try it.
    Saw it….it was cute. The music’s okay, the acting was a little less than okay, the storyline’s pretty predictable. But let’s face it, it’s the same with High School Musical. And Spectacular had the qirk of a musical about a show choir. It’s new. It’s original.
    And it IS possible to like Nick AND Disney. And it’s not cool to worship the Disney stars in such a manor. Like the Jonas Brothers? Love ‘em, their cute, nice music, but isn’t it kinda sad that this band is so owned by Disney? They need to break off. Pull a Jesse McCartney ; D.

  • Melanie

    okay, i already watched spectacular and it was awesome and so much better than high school musical. the acting was so much better and they can actually sing unlike the cast in hsm and especially in camp rock. camp rock was so freaking rushed and personally, i think demi lovato cant act AT ALL along with the jonas brothers.

    and listen to what you all are saying because spectacular was really different from hsm. IT WASNT A MUSICAL! and okay nick might have wanted a musical movie too but here’s the deal, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL WAS A COMPLETE RIP OFF FROM GREASE! everything was the exact same only toned down to rated g without the sex and drugs. i mean it was the exact same story line. at least spectacular did something different instead of having a unpopular new girl outcast who falls in love with the most popular guy at school. it is different from the rest. and SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!

    they actually kiss in the movie

  • Courtney

    i love this movie!
    what r all the songs in it? (i want them on my MP3 player)

  • lila maya

    guys stop saying all that mean stuff 1 nobody even like’s highshcool bla bla bla 2 I saw movie it was nothing like camp rock or highshcool bla bla bla 3 you shoud whach the movie before you make fun of it 4 you never no who’s reading your post’s

  • kizzle andizzle

    i actually thought the movie was pretty good. it may have been copying hsm but it wasnt as cheesy. and i actually thought the songs were better because they werent all same beat pop songs like every song in hsm.

  • Jen

    haha you know what i noticed??
    Courtney sounds like Gabriella and Nikko sounds like Zac Efron. Yhea the onle difference is that this movie’s actually GOOD. Everyone had muuuch better acting skills and their voices were acually good. Unlike HSM, this movie kept me entertained throughout the WHOLE thing. I give this one 2 THUMBS UP! :)

    oh and btw, Nikko’s voice is AMAZING. & he’s cute too!

  • http://noneofyourbusiniss.com Csaw

    the movie was great, better than hsm in my opinion. theyre not even that much alike actually, spectacular is a combination of show choir and rock, while hsm is show choir(kind of) and pop. also the storylines are completely different. && i love the end where they sing everything can change.. its on my ipod now haha

  • http://noneofyourbusinesss.com Spectacular

    the movie was awesome


    pretty cool site i found

  • Keyim

    OH AND BTW..
    His name is NOLAN GERARD FUNK not ‘a guy who looks like joe jonas’

  • Snowflake

    You gotta admit tammin sursok is hot

  • Snowflake

    tammin sursok is freakin hot

  • hp07

    I think both HSM and Spectacular are great movies. They each have their own plots and genre type songs. I don’t think that Nolan sounds like Zac and that Tammin doesn’t sound like Vannesa. I prefer HSM though more movies. And HSM isn’t a rip off of Grease totally different plot. I just don’t get why everyone makes a big deal of movies that seem similar who cares if Nick wanted to make a musical good for them, other stations don’t have to get Disney’s permission to make a musical. Disney isn’t the only one to make musicals.

  • http://deleted lola

    Stop say that when you don’t watch this movie.
    Spectacular! is so great, it’s better than HSM and CR and NOT alike those movies

  • kdjfsfa

    Okay, honestly, please.

    Just because a movie has music in it doesn’t mean it is copying anything.
    There have been tons of musical movies, so get over it.

    Nobody said it was supposed to be the Nick version of HSM, you all just assume it and it’s ridiculous.

    And #14, you can’t sue for having similar movies. Duh.

  • sharon

    omg i am like lovin it
    right yeah
    like totally

>>>>>>> staging1