Miley Cyrus Makes The Climb to Radio Disney

Miley Cyrus Makes The Climb to Radio Disney

Radio Disney will Planet Premiere the SINGLE version of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” from Hannah Montana: The Movie @ 7pm ET /4pm PT today.

In other words, RIGHT NOW!!!

RD will then play the single every hour until Midnight PT as the last song going into the first break of each hour. RD will also rebroadcast Miley‘s takeover this weekend.

Yes, “The Climb” leaked onto the Internet yesterday. But support Miley and turn on RD!

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Photos: Adam Larkey/Disney Channel
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  • Nicky Jonas

    1st! Miley is so cute I love her soooo much. Best actress/singer on Disney.

  • sharpaiy


    TUNE IN!!!

    AND VOTE TO MAKE IT # 1 !!!!

  • sharpaiy

    ALSO AT Z100 AT 7:15 pm !!!


  • swe3t23

    request request!!!!!

    the song is amazing… and is an inspiration for times likes these of what A LOT OF AMERICANS ARE FEELING RIGHT NOW.


  • rii

    lol so i guess the leak made disney push the radio release of it up. oh well, at least we’ll get to hear the untagged studio version of the song.

  • Just Jared

    Doesn’t she look great in these pics? I think so.

  • swe3t23

    freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PaulinhoO

    I can’t wait for Hannah Montana: The Movie *-*
    And The Climb is too cute

    Miley rocks ever :D
    Love her so much <3

  • 021548

    love miley

  • All Time Low

    i love miley

    i just was on perez and it drives me insane how much he hates her.. and he calls her slutty cyrus, so rude, she is 16 for heavens sake!!

    and this picture circulating, it isnt offensive. people need to remember how to laugh. there is an asian in the pic its just a joke

    miley is so talented, people need to stop hating on her success.

  • FanMiley

    hi just jared, I´m from Argentina, and I like so much your web, y readevery day, and the pictures are very good, I like so much Miley Cyrus, I´m her fan, goodbye, a kiss, bye.

  • dsjdf

    i actually like this song :)

  • heheh

    perez needs a life. ignore him! she rocks!!! i love her!! this song is possibly the best song from any disney movie!!

  • SELENa fan


  • sharpaiy


    LETS MAKE MILEY # 1 !!!



  • Miley

    Ugh! I hate Perez Too!

    What is he like 35? And he’s picking on a 16 year old girl?

    How pathetic can he get?

  • Lorraine


  • Kathy

    I really like this song, it’s the first time that I’ve been truly impressed by Miley’s vocals. And believe me, ladies, no one in their right mind takes Perez Hilton seriously. Jared here is much better, at least he’s professional. And to Lorraine… get over it.

  • Farrah

    This is a really nice song, one of the first in which Miley’s vocals really impressed me. In fact, I think I liked it better when she performed it live. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  • kasia

    I think she rocked that song.

  • joecool

    Love this song and love Miley!

    #15 You are scum if you believe that,this was all because of TMZ
    and they should be sued for slander the picture was taken out of context and the story made up, and it snowballed from there,because
    its monkey see monkey do with the media they have no morals.

    TMZ IS SCUM!!!

  • joecool

    Love this song and love Miley!

    #17 You are scum if you believe that,this was all because of TMZ
    and they should be sued for slander the picture was taken out of context and the story made up, and it snowballed from there,because
    its monkey see monkey do with the media they have no morals.

    TMZ IS SCUM!!!

    SORRY #17

  • alejandra

    miley is so cool and beautiful ^^ i love her she is so amazing is the best in the world and i love that’s song is really good

    miley rocks yeah!


  • No Name

    Lorraine, shut up! Miley has Asian friends, so how can she be racist? Also, Perez is a jerk, and you should stop visiting his website. If you visit it, you’re just increasing his popularity.

  • fanfan

    miley is the cutest and most talented of the disney girls.

  • ?

    WHO is this sad little person

  • Nicky Jonas

    Yeah of course SELENa fan(s) would think shes ugly when shes so NOT. Such LOSERS.

  • Victoria

    love the song
    love miles!
    love it all <3

  • Mels

    this song is amazing!!!! one of my favorite hannah montana songs so far

  • W

    #22 you must be delusional if you think that TMZ
    made it up. If they did how come they have PROOF
    and PICTURES to support their facts? Do your
    research before you start talking. Retard.

  • fivi

    miley looks beautiful she looks really good when she wear eye liner she should always wear it her eyes look amazing with it!

    and who in there right might takes serious a perez 34 year old man who is ugly and he even pick on babies how sick is that he need to be committed on a asylum for the crazy he need a psychiatris. who pick on a 16 year old girl perez is jelouse of her.he is wishing he had the looks and gorgeous body miley has! he is just jelouse because she has everything he wish to have talent ,beauty ,soul and family and friends that love her and support her no matter what!! why listen to that airhead that get famous out off putting the best starts down. when perez put someone down all the time it usually means they have made it big have you seen the people he picks on huge stars even tom cruise the nicest guy in the world! he just jelouse and you are just as dumb if you follow his nonesense.

    beside miley call him out and he actually complimented her on stand up for herself! she told him thank for the name calling he like that she dissed him in public and complimneted her for not kissin up his buttt!!

    so that just show how dumb he is he puts her down and she confronts him and he compliments that she didnt back down! even him see that miley is fearless and strong and admirable!!

  • sharpaiy

    #30 its true TMZ didnt make it up but they published the story in a way that would make her seem racist when shes clearly not!!! andddd if she were racist with asians why on earth would there be an asian in the picture???

    BTW on the next subject ” THE CLIMB ” request on Z100 like this call : 1800-242-0100 and say i wanna request the climb!!
    try calling each day and as much as you can!!!!
    come on MILEY FANS !!!

  • Billythekid

    Hey W,

    One picture doesn’t constitute proof that something is what it may appear to be. It may very well be as it appears, or it could of been something else entirely and I am sure she will have to explain what that picture was all about. But sleeze mags and internet sites like TMZ/Perez do in fact embellish and slant things as much as possible to give it the greatest possible effect. You are “delusional” if you think thats not the case.

    Personally I think this latest flap in Miley’s career will blow over in about a week or so. Though it’s insensitive, it’s relatively minor although she certainly needs to start paying greater attention to her actions. At the moment I still find her interesting and entertaining, but if she continues down this path I will just ignore her like I ignore others before her like Lindsay, Britney and Paris to mention a few. Being talented isn’t enough for me; I like to see the talent being a class act as well. Like Taylor Swift.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJr.COM sky

    omg i hat Miley Cyrus’ she smoked weed when she was 14 ugg unly

  • ali

    #34 don’t start rumours!

    Love you Miley :)

  • 021548

    i hate selena


    i love The Climb plz ppl vote for her, i can’t vote i’m in morocco !!! i live in
    so support miley she’s THE best !!!

  • laura

    i love this song,and guys plz let the whole pic of asian story stop,majority agrees its not offensive,im asian and dont think its offensive,the media always wnt to make something small seem big

    anyway supprt miley,vote for this awesome song,shes a great girl but ppl always see the negative side

  • asiamileyfan

    Come on give me new good story on Miley.
    I’m sick of this racist and pictures crap.
    I read somewhere she already said sorry in MileyWorld.
    Btw, The Climb is a nice inspiring song..

  • christophe

    she looks great in this pics!!
    love her!!!

  • sharpaiy

    yes you can go to Z100.COM and CLICK were it says REQUEST then you go down to were it says miley cyrus -THE CLIMB and check it then fill the info in the bottom then press SUBMIT!!!


  • Ariana

    I♥She! laa ree amo! es laa mejoor y ameee los candids!


    miley what are you doing in zoo of girafffffs???:)))mileystinklikenobody

  • Nicky Jonas

    <3 Miley 4 ever.

  • shannon fehilly

    i luv u miley i dont care wat anybody says ur the best singer and actress ever im from ireland i live in waterford and my friends luv u exspecially all the boys sing ur songs i listen 2 them everyday i luv u miley ur the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • lulubean


  • jannicke

    i love your music and im your biggest fan EVER i want to meet you but i dont have money to you concerts

  • gummy bear

    look at mileys pics shes naked and robert is the hotest guy on the planet

  • Stefana

    Hy, I’am Sorin,I’am fan nr.1 and I’am roman with Bucharest ( Tunari ) Please a concert in Bucharest :X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X:X

  • http://yahoo mandy meacham

    Hey miley u r so alsome in the movie The Climb….I what to meet u jackson is like 32 know and yr 17 yrs.old!!!!! You r so pretty and if I new u like an cuz it won “t been cool my mom is a cuz of Carrie Underwood but thats on my side but were not rich my mom name Heather Meacham to tell u>> Bye

>>>>>>> staging1