Camilla Belle Covers Lucky Magazine

Camilla Belle Covers Lucky Magazine

Camilla Belle sparkles on the March cover of Lucky magazine.

The 22-year-old Push starlet dished to the mag on how she has fun with clothes. She shared, “It must be the Brazilian in me. I have to have fun with what I wear, and that usually involves taking a risk of some sort, like a short skirt or tight-fitting bodice. But the risk is always balanced and the result, I hope, classy.”

Camilla also shared about her best kept secret, “Never underestimate a nice little jacket. It’s the closet staple I rely on the most.”

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Push is out in theaters TOMORROW, February 6th.

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  • All Time Low

    Her eye brows are too large.. But she is pretty.. Gotta love the “A Jonas Brother. The Twilight Hottie.” that describes her… Seems she only makes headlines because she is linked to hollywoods hottest guys. Still, luckyyyy


    She should talk about Joe, at least I would like to know what’s between them, btw she is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  • carrie

    i love camilla, she’s beautiful and classy

  • Mary Pattison Loranzzatti

    she’s pretty! but i hate her eye bronw!

  • All Time Low

    ok, holy photoshopped and air brushed cover… i just looked at the rest of the pics, i knew her eye brows were way darker, and her eyes way smaller… she is pretty but not as pretty as they made her out to be on the cover. i have nose skills now that i am almost done graphic design.. magazines fool everyone its sad really..

  • All Time Low

    by nose i meant those lol

  • Jo

    airbrushed to the max..

  • All Time Low

    wow her hair colour is different on the front then it is on the inside.. thats just more photoshop proof… thats a poor job by whoever did this!

  • annavanessa

    suuuuuuuuuuuuuper photoshooppeeed =S

  • Olivia

    why is everyone so obsessed over her eyebrows? they arent bad.
    i think she is gorgeous.

  • lilaaa

    OMG!! she’s not pretty, and she thinks she is! she is totaly horrible! i hate her! they could put Selena gomez that would sell more than it, for sure!!! i really don’t like it

  • sabreen

    shes only “famous” bc of that doecha joenisa “joe”

  • Ronja

    I dont like her

  • romina

    that girl need to thanks to JOE!!! you know?, she is the girl of joe,nothing more!!!
    it’s look so fake, too many phothoshop!!!!!!!!!

    but she is cute but please don’t lie!!!!! that’s photo look really fake

  • dsjdf


  • jilli

    You don’t have to be Brazilian to have fun with what you wear. If that was the case most of is would be Brazilian.

  • mariana

    Her mother is brazilian

  • Nicky Jonas

    #11 Selena Gomez? you gotta be kidding me. She looks so pretty she has an awsome tan and her eyebrows look a little smaller but of course its so airbrushed. And haters are ya’ll seriously that bored with your lives? if so GET ONE LOSERS.

  • Ava

    If she fixed her eyebrows, she would be Beautiful, from the little I know of her, she seems really classy, and like she carrys herself well. I can see why Joe Jonas, or any other guy for that matter would be attracted to her.

  • jjj

    The photos i’ve seen of her she doesn’t take “risks”. She doesn’t look “classy”. I think she looks a bit drab and boring. Short dresses, whatever just not that exciting in my opinion. I don’t think she’s drop dead gorgeous, i’d call her pretty but nothing out of the ordinary.

  • Ella

    She looks very uncomfortable

  • Kaylee

    that cover is insanely photoshopped. Even that pic of her in the white dress is photoshopped too. There was just a story on tv how mags change everything about everyone, kinda sad no?

  • lala :)

    ya because thats REALLY what her real skin looks like.

  • [other] sam

    snotty cow
    why is she everywhere suddenly

  • francesca

    she looks like a wax figure.
    she really shouldn’t even be on magazine covers.
    she’s supposedly dating joe jonas.
    and and her picture taken once with rob pattinson.
    now she’s suddenly “Hollywood’s most popular new girl” ?
    i don’t think so!

  • dlskf;

    ew. she is just another video girl for joe. ugh i hate her. did half of you guys even noe about her b4 joe? i for sure didnt. SHE IS USING JOE! she had neverrrrrr been on a magazine cover before joe. ughhh-__-

    her eyebrows are weird :]

  • Rosa

    ewww ..
    super photoshoped .. yet still super ugly !!
    why is she everywhere ??
    its weird how she popped up suddenly out from no where
    well .. the good news .. she’s going to no where too !!

  • Lisa

    She usually dresses normally she only started dressing differently when she started dating Joe..because we all know he likes to stand out.

  • Zanessaloveforever

    She is Gorgeous, i hope her and joe are happy, but personally, i prefer Taylor and Joe.

  • Weronika

    I hate camlilla

  • basketca

    Is she wasn’t Rob’s friend and speciually Joe’s girlfriend she won’t be there. She’s a good actress and beautiful, but she’s been in magazines since she’s with Joe.

  • Amanda

    her nd joe suit…but i still dnt lyk her..she is pretty 2

  • maddie

    urgh i cringe when i see her

  • http://justjaredjnr laurenj

    oh please……she thinks she dresses classy…..she looked like a hooker in that teeny weeny dress at the premier of push.that was not class…….shes brazilian big whoop….we know where u come from and to tell u the truth giselle the model is the best thing to come from brazil….camilla you r way out of your league….stop flattering yourself….u were a nobody before joe jonas…..u made films here and there and were hardly on any magazines cover until recently i wonder why…..thank god for joe jonas so u r finally something…….oh and thank god for air brushing

  • lipsie glozz

    Camilla is gorgeous and i think that she and joe are a good looking couple..Joe sure knows how to pick his ladies like taylor and camilla.. But, i thought nick likes camilla and they both ask her to be on the lovebug vid..Well,in the end its the middle bro that wins..

  • Elena

    What does she have to do with Twilight?

  • rose jonas

    omg!she looks like cartoon charecters!!!!!!she is ugly.i hate her.camilla just go are an ugly bad actress who is just using joe jonas!!!!thats the truth!!!!!

  • Olivia ellis

    hate her

  • cart

    She’s gorgeous. People who say she is ugly don’t seem to have a sophisticated sense of beauty.

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