Jonas Brothers: Parents Are Our Greatest Influence

Jonas Brothers: Parents Are Our Greatest Influence

The Jonas Brothers get up close and personal in this snippet of their appearance on Katie Couric’s All Access Grammy Special, which aired last night (February 4) on CBS.

The musical trio dished on their greatest influence as well as who they would love to dine with. Check it:

On their greatest influences:
Nick: “My father, Kevin Jonas, Sr. And also, my musical influences people like Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, and Prince.”
Joe: “For me, as a performer, I would definitely say Bono and, of course, Mick Jagger. As a family figure, my Dad.”
Kevin: “My mother and father, they influence me greatly not only in a business sense but as a person. Musically, John Mayer, Johnny Cash, Prince, Elvis Costello, and Brad Paisley.”

On who they would like to dine with:
Nick: “Somebody like Paul McCartney. Someone who’s been doing this for so many years and has a lot of amazing stories to tell.”
Joe: “Jim Carrey. I’m a really big fan of his work!”
Kevin: “Any former president. They had to learn so much in office, I think it would be great to learn from them.”

The JoBros are nominated for Best New Artist and will also be performing at the Grammy Awards. The Grammys air THIS Sunday, February 8th @ 8PM on CBS.

The Jonas Brothers – Katie Couric’s “All Access” Grammy Special Preview, 02/04
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  • joeil4u

    i loe them so much cantwait to see grammys!!

  • joeil4u

    love* sorry

  • Chrissy

    Does anyone even like the Jonas Brothers anymore? They’re so fake! I HATE THEM SOOOOOOOOO FRICKEN MUCH! Joe-Dumbass for breaking up with Taylor Swift…Nick and Kevin aren’t annoying. But the band is sooooooooo 2 years ago. They annoy the hell out of me

  • heatherfromengland

    they are amazing.
    and whoever gives them crap.
    has me to deal with (:

  • nathalia

    i love them with all my heart!
    jobros supporter all the way hah (:

  • yoo

    Chrissy could not agree with you more. Everything about them has become fake. They are driven by money, and they have zero personality. There are only so many songs you can sing about girls breaking your heart before everyone gets tired of it.

  • listen to mayday parade

    ohh they are super cute
    crazy that kevin is named after his dad
    that would get confusing lol

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    what a bunch of fake little b*stards, i wish they would f*ck off already, talentless peices of trash. im sick of all this “we love our family” bullsh*t, who cares.

    sadly they will never EVER be as good as any of the artists they listed as their influences.

  • pffft

    LOL @ Chrissy/Yoo….yeah, “no one likes the Jonas Brothers anymore”…keep dreaming haters.

    They are less fake than 99% of celebs out there, easily. If it makes you feel better to think their songs and personalities are shallower than Taylor Swift’s, good for you, but you must be deaf/dumb/blind!

    Jonas Brothers rule.

  • cc27

    Their Awsome :) I love Joe Nick and Kevin xD their music is great :) Joe is soo cute :) and wow lol nick looks so overgrown :) for 16 hehe

  • wilhelm.ulf.orhan

    Loooooooove the Jonas Brothers.
    They are amazing!

  • Chrissy


    Gosh your so right ‘pffft’ awesome name by the way..Mind if I steal? xD

    I’m such a hater,I be drinking that haterade! Nahhhhh,though. Seriously,the Jonas Brothers are old news. Like yoo said you can only sing so much about getting your heart broken by girls. And I’m also getting sick of hearing how close they are with their family. NO ONE GIVE’S A FLYING CRAP! Anddddddddd Joe He’s always wearing those tight ass skinny jeans so you can see the outline of his small meat. LALALLALLAA, they should just go have sex with some girls..And become man! They’re the new backstreet boys,and just like them…Everyone forgot em. So Jonas Brothers your fame was nice why it lasteddddddddd! ;)

  • Lauren

    CHISSY U R SOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All Time Low

    hahaha nice rant, Chrissy

    But the jonas brothers made over $80 Million last year. Thats right, they were in the top ten celebrities of 2008… whether you like them or not, they are rich and therefore doing something right.

    and FYI skinny jeans on guys is hot. All my friends do it. Its a band guy thing.. but its hot. your just confused

  • yoo

    yea 2008 was their year, and like most boy bands once they peek, they fall, they wont maintain it. :) so sad, but not really.

  • Chrissy

    Gosh,I know I’m sooooooo confused. Wtf? Nice though.

    Uhm…Certain boys CAN pull off the skinny jeans,he’s not one of them. You can’t sing that kind of music and pull off the look of skinny jeans. Only the GOOD bands with HOT guys can,The Maine,We Are Kings..Bands like that.

    I’m stupid? Yeah,okay. That’s why I’m probs smarter then you. U R STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! How about YOU ARE STUPID! Nice try though,again.

  • karina

    I love them, I love their music, their looks and their way of being. I hope they do win that grammy this sunday! They deserve it.

  • JennyJONAS

    they are soooooo CUTE!!!!!
    JB ROCKS!!

  • Nicky Jonas

    So true the Jonas Brothers ROCK love them all so much. To “Chrissy” are you seriously that bored with your life? and if they annoy you so bad why are you even on here? yeah you must really “hate” them to even comment on them. Same with “yoo” & “jimmy_choo_freak”. Just take your neggative statements against them and get the hell out of here cause no one gives a damn on what you idiots have to say. And yeah all 3 of U R STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Truth hurts sorry………NOTTTT. Oh and btw “Chrissy” “his small meat”? perverted much? why would you even want to notice? that I’m a die hard Jonas fan and I dont even look at them in that kind of way.

  • hey “nicky jonas”, obv you care what ppl say if you wrote a huge paragraph to complain about it hahaha. you must be bored with your life. free speech, and if they want to say what they want about jb, positive or negative they can. i personally dont like them, i can say it, and that doesnt make me stupid..just because people dont like a band you obv love way to much, you dont need to get overly angry.

  • Witch

    I luv the jonas brothers,i hope they win in grammy,best 4 u guys and God bless U…

  • Nicky Jonas

    Haha #20 you make me laugh you’re “obv” 1 of those people I was talking about just covering up your name so I dont get “overly angry” at you hahaha now THATS funny. And seriously dont try you dont know me so dont put me down (or try) cause I have “free speech” to haha “positive or neggative” hahaha “I can say whatever” haha and I’m not being sarcastic on this you try to bash on me try to make me angry when its not and THATS freakin funny so keep tryin hahahaha.

  • THE Mrs. Jonas

    Ok #20 shut up Nicky J will make a whole lot better point than you’ll EVER will you’re just offended by her you’re sad and pathetic and there is such thing as a life SO GET ONE and Nicky J I agree with you 100% thanks.
    – THE Mrs. Jonas

  • the monster under the bed

    these boiz r so hawt luv em so much and nicky jonas is so right on this so the p u s s y aka “…” and fo the rest of da hateaz get on wit yo bad selfz

  • dlskf;

    love them<3 joe looks amazing. as usual! :) <3

  • me.

    boooooring. there’s nothing new about them, tbh.
    my love for them is quickly fading (esp for joe, but not so much nick. lol)

    and #19, everyone has their own opinians. you don’t really have to write a paragraph about how those people are stupid. you’re making YOURSELF look stupid, dear. just saying.

  • Nicky Jonas

    #26 I do understand that and yeah sometimes I get really fired up and go off and act stupid so dont think I’m actually offended by you on that. And I can write my own opinion to cant I??? I think I can so forget it already.
    Thanx “me”.

  • Chrissy


    Oh, Nicky Jonas..Or should I use your method and say 27? NICE. I love that by the way,your a smart one. Hehehhe…!

    JONAS BROTHERS SUCK..I have no life,but yet neither do you,because you sit on here and bash me..For having ‘NO LIFE’ when you continue to answer everytime I do. So sweetheart,don’t tell me I have no life..When nor do you! I’m just saying how I feel. And your turning your underwear into a thong. CALM DOWN SWEETIE! It’s just how a feel. :)

  • Chrissy

    AWWWWWWWWWWW….I mean’t “I” not “A”..Just correcting myself,because if I didnt..You’d be posting back calling me DUMB! ;D

  • Nicky Jonas

    #29 true I would comment back telling you that and whats stupid is that I didnt even reconize that and you’re jumping to conclusions correcting yourself before I noticed so I dont call you “DUMB”. And whats also funny is that you’re offended by my statement and I dont care go ahead say I dont have a life say I’m stupid say I’m ignorant and say whatever you want about my underwear and I dont even wear thongs idiot say whatever you want about me just dont expect me to EVER care on what you people have to say about me on here. Cause for 1 you dont know me and ya’ll call me names like I’m stupid then you should my report card :D haha. So Chrissy sadly I’m saying sorry for making you upset and thats for all the people that got upset over my comment I just get WAAAAAAY to mad and act stupid and really I never apologize to anyone that gets upset over my comments I just dont want to argue with people on the internet cause its stupid if you know what I’m mean ;) . And Chrissy one last thing it was nice arguing with you haha :D (not really).


  • Chrissy

    Aw,thanks! HA.Andddddd uhm,when did I ever say I was mad? I’m cracking up. Nah,nowhere near mad hun.

    And thanks for writing me an english size essay,you should really turn your post in to your english teacher,I’m sure she’d be proud! Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll be a JB fan too! You guys can come on here,and yell at people like me..Who just don’t like what everyone else does! Thanks for letting everyone in the world be different,and free to like their own type’s of music. FREEDOM OF SPEEEEEECH! Are you from the U.S? I guess not. :D

  • jobro lover

    wont miss it for the world
    im only watching it cuz they are there
    goodness they are so amazing
    i love them

  • Nicky Jonas

    Thanx for understanding Chrissy. You know its funny cause first were bickering at each other and now were nice to each other LOL right? And yeah my teacher would be proud haha :D.


  • Selena Gomez=SLUT!!!!!!

    2 Chrissy and Nicky j u 2 r funny u guyz were mad at each otha now yous nice huhu

>>>>>>> staging1