Taylor Swift "White Horse" Music Video Premiere!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift‘s new music video, “White Horse”, will premiere on THIS Saturday, February 7th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on CMT!

The 19-year-old songstress dished to MTV recently about the vid. She shared, “This video is a lot different than the other videos that we’ve made, ’cause usually we’ve gone for bright colors and me looking straight to camera and singing. [This video is] a little more introspective. There’s an emotional scene in there where I had to cry for, like, three hours … bawl my eyes out for three hours. It was really interesting and sort of a new thing for me.”

Former Laguna Beach star Stephen Colletti will play her love interest. Be sure to tune in for the premiere!

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Photos: Judy Eddy / WENN
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  • kiarita´sKiss

    she looks soo pretty….and that song is beautifull xD

  • overated

    Ya! Finally! Unlike the Jonas Brothers she actually has time to make a music video tonight and bb good aren’t worth 2 dollars!

  • Karina

    She is soo prettyy ! And that music is awesomee !!
    She and Joe are the best couple ever !!

  • sam

    i just bought tickets to her show in melbourne :D

  • nicole



  • http://www.justjaredjr.com sabreen

    ive been waiting for like ever man i cant wait anymore

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer All Time Low


    I am so jealousssss haha he is so hot

  • joeil4u

    i admit it, i used to hate her TO DEATH…because of joe…but i listened accidentally to a song of her, and it was really cute, so i listened to he other ones too, and i found out i actually like all the songs of hers!!!!
    and suddenly i dont hate her anymore, but shes becoming kinda like one of my idols, so yeah, i learnt an important lesson
    never judge from the appearences…or from the (ex)boyfriend!!!
    she’s actually cool no kidding

  • Laura

    I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for this music video :P
    i’m so excited it’s gonna be great.

    I totally agree with you overated, she at least makes substantial videos with her time. I was so disappointed with tonight :(

  • http://www.hudgensbrasil.com Marina

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  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas


  • overated

    Nicky Jonas um at least Taylor isn’t on disney. No offense but in a couple years or so they will be all former stars with no careers. Look at dakota fanning acting for a while now if she was in disney she would be long gone! She at least has a career ahead of her. Like taylor swift you don’t go to disney if you want a long career. The Jonas Brothers are just the back streets boys but more overated

  • lesha

    sooooo pumped.

  • http://cutegirlsdating.com victoria

    I luv her. Her music videos rock especially Love Story. Its difficult to sing live because the words go fast. I love that she reads Just Jared – go Taylor!

  • lesha

    aww the guy thats from ‘hey stephen’ was just on access and he totally wants her. he was all ‘it means a lot to me, a lot, a lot.” they need to hookup. once she gets herself together, that needs to happen. he’s hot, shes beautiful – someone make that happen.

  • Zanessaloveforever

    Love that song !! But Forever and Always is my favourite .. i cant believe its about Joe. Fifteen is a good song too :) Her whole album is great !!!

  • mrsjoejonas


    I’m not watching it…in just tuning in 2 c da JBs…oooo shocker… but I’m not watching the music video.

    TEAM JONAS!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/kentuckyjbteam MElissa

    Ughh, I hate people who hate taylor yet take the time out of their day to post mean comments about her.
    If you don’t like her why the hell do you read news about her?
    Get a life.

    I love Taylor,

  • jasmine

    just saw it :D

    it was amazinggg !