Demi Lovato: I Look Up To Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato: I Look Up To Miley Cyrus is back with more Demi Lovato! In the final installment of our exclusive interview, the 16-year-old dished on Twilight, school and good pal Miley Cyrus.

JJJ: I heard you were a fan of Twilight, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

DL: I don’t know, I love Taylor [Lautner], so I don’t want to be Team Edward, but I love Edward’s character so I have to be. But yeah, Taylor is a really cool guy!

JJJ: What’s your favorite prop on the set of Sonny?

DL: In Tawni’s (Tiffany Thornton) dressing room, she has all this lip gloss everywhere. So each day, we’ll come to rehearsal and always go to that mirror. If our lips get dry, we’ll actually use the lip gloss that’s sitting there. Because it’s nice! They actually have some expensive lip gloss sitting there. So we’ll use it, and there’s like a different color for each day. It’s funny!

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JJJ: As a girl, who do you look up to?

DL: I look up to Miley [Cyrus], to be honest…It’s because she has the thickest skin of anyone I know, and sometimes I’ll just go to her, like I’ll text her crying that this sucks, or whatever. She’s been through so much, yet she’s still so positive and so happy! It’s awesome.

JJJ: Are you still in school?

DL: I am actually about to graduate early. So I’m really focused on getting my schoolwork done. That’s why i don’t have my driver’s license, because I’ve been focusing on graduating before I start driver’s ed.

JJJ: What are your best and worst subjects in school?

DL: I used to think my worst subject was English, but now it’s ironic because I write music. And I’ve been doing really well in it, and I’ve been proud. But my favorite subjects are like, math and algebra. For some reason it’s always been easy for me. I finished Algebra 2 over the course of Camp Rock, which was like a month and a half. So the entire year of Algebra 2, I finished in a month and a half! (laughs) I’m just really focused.

JJJ: What’s a typical Lovato family night like? Do you guys watch TV or play Rock Band?

DL: No Rock Band but my guilty pleasure, along with my mom and sister, is reality TV. It’s sickening that we like that stuff. It’s like a train wreck, you can’t take your eyes off it!

JJJ: What shows do you watch?

DL: Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed! I have never admitted to this before, but I will actually watch Rock of Love and just laugh the whole time because it is so trashy! And also True Beauty, but that one’s not so bad. It’s also because I spend so much time reading and writing music that sometimes i have to force myself to watch TV. I just got a huge TV in my room, too, it’s one of my first big splurges. A 46 inch! In my room! It’s cool, but it’s always just sitting there and it’s never on. All I do is watch John Mayer DVDs or scary movies. Other than that, I’ll just turn it on and I’m just like, I should watch some sort of television.


Sonny With A Chance premieres THIS Sunday, February 7th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Be sure to tune in!

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  • danielle

    Sad that she didn’t mention Selena.

  • danielle

    Oh first and second! :)

  • Jerseygirl

    “My favorite subjects are like, math and algebra.”

    Kind of the same thing, aren’t they?

    Anyway, she’s a cute girl. Too bad this show is going to fail.

  • sam

    its good to see someone famous looks up to miley

  • val

    omg i cant believe they actually text each other like that!!
    who would have known that the girls who actually mocked each other would end up like that?
    but its cool
    i loveem both :)

  • babys


  • some person

    she is a crazy person….

    dont get inspired or w/e from her crazy talk, ppl

  • lalala

    Kind of a slap in the face towards Selena.

  • —-

    ha i’m taking algebra 2 right now, and it isnt fun!!

  • babys

    and it’s good to see that there’s no feud between them. but I still can’t realize how Demi can be friend with that chicken Gomez.
    Gomez just doesn’t have her own style so she gets famous copying the others, that’s so sick.

    but at least we have Miley that is the best with Demi xD They are really talented girls

  • Someone

    I totally agree with her in the part of Miley and in the part of favorite subjets! I totally love maths and Miley! And Demi! (:

  • alanah

    haha !!
    ohh Demi i love you !
    lol i agree with ppl above me..
    you said nothing about Selena . hehe
    aha hyper.. right now
    love Miley Demi and Selena


    “sam” a lot of famous ppl look up to miley. . . . . .they just won’t admit it haha yea she’s kinda starting to creep me out with this whole miley thing. don’t get me wrong I don’t mind them being friends um . . .that’s gr8. but she’s sorta starting to obsess over talking about her like she did with selena . . .sad but true

  • lala :)

    aww demi! i hate you now because you like math. lol i HATE math, im really good at english and history though. lol and the other day demi said something about how a good role model has been through a lot and has thick skin; i think she was referring to miley. becuase she says the exact same thing in this interview. i love that she’s friends with miley. :)

  • All Time Low

    enough with demi

    but it is rad that she looks up to miley…. maybe all you haters on here that claim to love demi should take notes..

  • tia

    shes easily the most talented person disney has ever seen. she has elements from all of disneys teen queens–she has the beauty of vanessa(but thankfully, not the ego), the down to earth personality of ashley, the sweetness of hilary, the stage precense of miley, the acting talent of lindsay and the girl next door vibe like selena.

  • madison

    i feel bad for selena! all of the sudden demi and miley are like instant bffs-its weird, and regardless of what they say its highly unlikely that selena and miley get along. i mean, what kind of girl wants to be friends with their boyfriends ex???umm, none! and it’d be especially weird having ur best friend suddenly glued to the hip with the girl who used to date ur boyfriend. i dunno, if it were a normal situation like in highschool or something, these girls would never be friends–too awkward. but cuz its disney, they all claim to love eachother. ok then?

  • riana

    lindsay has no acting talent and there is nothing wrong with vanessa’s ego!

  • :)

    Miley & Demi rock. Selena can go away

  • Sarah

    Yay she answered my question!!! The best and worst subjects in school.

  • Sarah

    I agree with number 11!
    All of that’s so true.

  • N’keeyah

    Demi Lovato Rocks! Her show is going to be awesome. It’s good to see that there isn’t a feud between her and Miley. Go Miley, Selena and Demi!!

  • k

    u guys r wrong miley sucks Gomez rocks

  • Jo

    so what’s up with her and selena? are they not friends anymore.. it’s all miley this miley that.

  • B

    Tia must be tryin rly hard to make the stupidest comment ever on jjr. Congratz you win fool.

  • kimia

    ahhhhh she answered my twilight question!!!!!!!

  • B :)

    Miley and Demi seem so cool together hopefully they work on projects together, maybe even sing a duet or something who knows, but its great she looks up to miley, miley is an amazing person . :)

  • aw

    -”she has the beauty of vanessa(but thankfully, not the ego)”

    You are pathetic.

  • meeeeeeee =)

    i love that demi and miley are friends :)
    but what happened with demi and selena? are they still being best friends? maybe im wrong and they still see each other, oh but well

  • annavanessa

    stop it with this too-much-lovato updates!
    she is giving the back to her “bff”selena :-o

  • cool

    that was real cool of her to talk about miley. im team jacob, personally. but i love edwards character

  • fivi

    am glad that she admit that she admires miley at least she admits that miley has a tought skin and is a positive role model!!

  • Talon

    God, this girl is SOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has this habbit of kissing up to famous friends. Remember how she wouldn’t stop talking about the Jonas Brothers? haha yeah, she’s doing the same thing with Miley now. What a pathetic parasite!

    I totally agree with #17. I think Selena and her are having issues right now because Demi is hanging out with Miley. I don’t blame Selena at all, that must be really uncomfortable for her. But I think it’s for the best cause Demi didn’t really seem like a good friend anyway. I mean she ditched Selena, who was the person that introduced Demi to Disney in the first place. What a user!

    I’m a guy and if this girl went to my school, I would not be attracted to her at all. She’s not even hot lol! and from this interview, her attitude doesn’t seem so great either. I would rather have Selena as my girlfriend because she’s way cuter and her personality is really cool. I’d even date Miley, but just for her looks ;).

    Overall, I think this girl is a waste of Diseny space and should just stay in the recording studio. Her show was skin-crawling bad (watched it on youtube).

    Jared, get more worthy interviews wiht more worthy stars…waay more worthy than this load of Disney crap.

  • Breanna says YOUR MOM!

    okay, vanessa does not have a big ego, beautiful, yes. Ego, no. I’ve never heard of her being egotistical. And Demi is not as beautiful as Vanessa Hudgens, I’m sorry if you despise me for saying that but it’s my opinion. Don’t get me wrong though, Demi is quite pretty.

  • SELENa fan

    wow. selena keeps telling the mag
    demi is her hero or she’s her best friend
    but when the mag talks to demi
    she talks about miley

    miley already ruined jb/selena
    now demi/selena
    i feel bad for her

  • perry

    Uh the title of this article should be more along the lines of “Demi Lovato: I Want to Look Like Miley Cyrus.” Seriously, she is repulsive looking. and that should be her new nickname: Donkey Lovato

  • :)

    #30. First of all, Miley was friends with JB first. You can’t blame them for missing her. And so what if Demi likes Miley, everybody talk good about Miley, everybody love to be around her. Maybe it’s selena there’s something wrong with.

  • Casey

    I agree. She should be named Donkey Lovato

  • Omg


  • Beatriz

    i hope demi doenst spent too much tme with miley :/
    that’d be BAD!

  • Sarah

    sorry, i meant #16.

  • Bad… NOTTT

    you suck demi what happen to your best friend selena
    you’ve kicked her to the curve,thats sad,shes your best friend how can you do that to her..your so wrong

  • ariel

    i love true beauty lol

  • Mariana

    what? shes too annoying, wasnt selena her bff? now shes sayin its miley ooh great

  • anonymous

    seems like miley’s a cool person
    because anyone who hang out with her always talks how cool she is

    good thing selena doesnt exist anymore, hate her
    demi’s good, she’s my favorite.

  • Common_critic

    How can you look up to Miley Cyrus? OMG she has not been through any hard times whatsoever. Come one, now! Was breaking up with a Jonas brother that bad? Hahaha.

  • B :)

    selena doesnt only have to be demi’s only BFF, miley can be too. i just think again that demi is amazing for quoting miley as someone she looks up too, Miley a great person she isnt bad, as people are making her seem like…. anyways miley and demi :)

  • Babyvfanforever

    OMG!! #29, #31, & #37!!
    I totally Agree with you.
    I totally feel happy now that Selena doesn’t exist anymore.
    Coz I hate her too.
    Maybe she has the one with problem,
    Coz everyone who hangs out with Miley always talks about how cool she is.

    And Demi is not that beautiful as my fav. actress, [b]Vanessa.[/b]

  • ….

    I LOVE MILEY AND DEMI. Selena is okey but i dunno her dat much, i call her the wizard girl. Not literally i just knew her from that show. Wizards of….Umm, MILEY AND DEMI!

  • christine

    #38 .
    are you kidding me right now?
    miley hasnt gotten through anything,
    wow thats really funny.

    love demi & miley.

>>>>>>> staging1