Nikki Reed Crushes on Michael Jackson

Nikki Reed Crushes on Michael Jackson

Twilight‘s Nikki Reed is featured in 944 Magazine’s Young Hollywood issue, alongside 90210‘s Adam Gregory and HeroesNora Zehetner.

The 21-year-old Thirteen actress dished on crushes, food and Robert Pattinson. Check it:

On co-star and friend, RPattz: “I respect him a lot. He’s a fascinating, multi-talented human being.”

On her old-school celebrity crushes: “Pre-surgery Michael Jackson, Gregory Peck and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

On how she feels about blood: “I don’t know if I would ever drink blood, but I certainly love an uncooked steak.”

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Photos: Trevor OShana
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  • sabrinaa

    FIRST! i love nikki reed even though if she likes michael jackson

  • Lorraine

    hahaha, she’s too cool

  • isa

    thank god she said “pre-surgery”
    he was cute, but now he’s just…ew

  • HSMFan

    She’s so preety. Love her :)

  • annavanessa

    i think she is OBSESSED WITH ROB =| !
    and ew what a bad tastee i mean michael?! wtf and an uncooked steak? WEIRD

  • Mary

    WTF? what’s happen with she? Michael Jacksonn aww so ugly! come on she can have another guy better than michael! Lovee Nikki <3

  • Maria

    I seriously believe Nikki and Rob are in a relationship.

  • mwazzies

    she is sooo pretty, but she is not going out with rob. there is nothing between the two. lolz, bye!

  • mina

    this is the nicest picture of nikki i’v seen. i wonder why she didn’t also say something about kristin stuart. according to her they are best friends.

  • MElissa

    I love her<3

  • ana

    i love nikki, she is gorgeous. ew!!! i don’t like michael jackson. i think she likes rob!

  • danielle

    I agree with you #5. She’s totally obsessed with Rob!

  • francesca

    she’s so weird!

  • raquel warburton

    Michael was cute back then!
    He looked hot up until about 1997 or so; before the weird straight hair wigs and surgery masks.

  • Giuls

    Love Nikki and.. love pre-surgery Michael ;)

  • anna

    nikki redd is awesomeee!

  • natalie

    i heart her

    i met her at much music when twilight came out, she was the sweetest!

  • yashi

    what is wrong with this chick , micheal jackson ??? god she is wierd , i find odd how she is talking about rob in this interview , she usually gushes more !!!

    giving up on him already ?? i think she got the messege tha his heart belongs to kristen !!!

    ohh and her name is KRISTEN STEWART , SUPER SIMPLE NAME not kristin stuart why is everyone getting her name wrong ???

  • http://NA pooogggo

    mICHAEL jackosn used to be hot…not anymore tho! :@

  • chad

    I love panq’s lol

  • ish

    i just love her, she’s like my favorite one from twilight <3
    and oh, she can’t be just a friend of rob, then she’s obsessed with him? :/

  • Jason

    Some of you are such pricks leave MJ alone.

  • Jason

    She still wants him now trust me. She’s just too ashamed to reveal it today so she goes by the good old easy statement that idiots like you guys would find acceptable like saying ‘when he was young and black” or “pre surgery” whatever!

  • houda

    I know she likes MJ post-surgery too, but hey don’t even think abt it, the man is mineeeeee!!!!!

  • Rachel

    she definetly like likes rob cuz shes always hangin around him but he loves kristen

  • UnintendedChoice

    does it look like she has a mustache to anyone else? i guess it makes sense if she’s growing one.. probably to take on the “male” persona in the lesbian relationship she has with kristen stewart

  • future mrs lutz or pattinson

    i love nikki! she is awsome! her and kellan would b adorable together<3

  • Caroline

    Nikki is my favorite. So down to earth, quirky, beautiful, and not afraid to be herself

  • brittney

    i would love to see nikki and kellan together for real… i heard she described him as “gorgeous” and rob as “complicated”!

    actually i would love to see all the twilight cast together with thier on screen loves! ashley and jackson, kellan and nikki, rob and kristen

    that would be awesome

  • ROB

    Nikki is a wonderful actress who is beautiful, caring and very sweet.


    Micheal Jackson dieedddd waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :’(


    I KNOW NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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