Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus Polish Off Pizza Pie

Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus Polish Off Pizza Pie

Country cutie Taylor Swift has been busy in Grammys rehearsals all but still took the time to update her fans on MySpace. Check out what the 19-year-old Nashville princess just posted:

“Hello there, so I’ve been rehearsing all week with my band. I get up early in the morning, do phone interviews on the way to rehearsal, and practice all day. It’s been so much fun playing the new songs! We’re rehearsing for the 3 shows we’re doing before the Fearless tour kicks off in April. We’re playing the San Antonio Rodeo, the Houston Rodeo, and Plant City, FL because they’re awesome and I wanted to play there even if it was before the tour started. So we’re working up the new songs and practicing for these shows, and I’m so excited. Today Miley [Cyrus] came to our rehearsal and we were working up the performance for the Grammys. We worked it up, practiced a bunch, and then ate an entire pizza.

“I can’t believe it but the first show for the Fearless Tour goes on sale tomorrow!! It’s not the first show we play on the tour (our opening night is in Indiana), but it’s the first show to put tickets on sale. It’s the LA show at the Staples Center. First of all, I can’t believe I’m playing the Staples Center. Wow. This is just.. Wow. I hope people show up.

“I think about this tour all day, every day. I’m so excited that Kellie‘s [Pickler] coming out to open up– She’s been one of my best friends since we toured together a few years ago, and it’s gonna be hilarious to be on the road with her again. I can’t wait to go over to her bus and hang out with her and all of her tiny little animals that she has rapidly acquired. Between the cat, the dog, the snake, and the monkey… It’s going to be a trip. Or a zoo. Or both. I love her and I’m so lucky she’s coming out with me.

“Also, there’s this new group called Gloriana that’s coming out with us. They’re AMAZING and I love their new single “Wild at Heart”. I heard it and immediately knew I wanted them on this tour. Check them out, I think you’ll agree. Everyone in Nashville is buzzing about them and now I get to have them out with ME this summer. Yessssss.

“I’m headed off to bed now. Tomorrow I leave again for 50 years. Actually, a few weeks. But basically, I have some major packing to do. lovelovelove, -T-.”

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  • randa

    I can’t wait to hear how her and miley sound at the grammys!

    taylors awesome!
    I hope I get tickets for one of her shows!

    taylor you rock!

  • randa


    mmmm pizza sounds soo good right now!! lol

  • riana


  • love you

    LOVE YOU TAYLOR! you’re beautiful! i’m going to see your concert! :D

  • http://- sarah

    cool cant wait for the grammys

  • jul

    got tickets to staples center already ;)

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer All Time Low

    b*tch isnt coming to central and eastern Canada lol she never does.. its been liek 3 years since she has been here… he came when she was just starting and I didnt know who she was lol so needless to say i havent seen her

    I want to see her now, but in all reality i bet the tickets are insanely over priced, and i absolutely hate country music (with the acception of taylor of course.. but she is very poppy for a country singer) so i would have to show up late to the show to miss the two opening acts

    so i guess taylor is doing em a favour by not coming here.

  • jacqueline

    yeah im from vancouver b.c., canada and shes not coming here either :(

    i wish she would! and yeah, i dont really like country either except for taylor, carrie [underwood] and a little bit of kellie pickler :)

  • Lauren

    I loooove you Taylor!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    i hope miley doesnt ruin her song

  • Jen

    hahha to #10 Miley ruins every song she sings!plus she ain’t half gorgeous as Taylor!Although Taylor acted like a crazy b itch whining when she was dumped by Joe Jonas,she’s really a singer and beautiful too!

  • Farrah

    The Grammys are shaping up to be great this year, all of the performances sound excellent. Personally, I can’t wait to see how this one turns out–while I am a big fan of Taylor’s songwriting, Miley trumps her in live singing. If done properly, this could be amazing. And Taylor seems like a very down-to-earth girl.

  • lacey

    oooh both nick & joes ex’s perfoming together whilst their sat in the audience… bet they’re sooooooooo excited to go to the grammys! :) hahahaha

  • http://www.sassyqarla.com qarla

    Wow! Taylor is such a sweet gal! I love the hair! so hot!

  • http://hi donnyross

    i go out out whit you
    soooooooooooo hot

  • http://hi donnyross

    hi what is up
    im 19 in /1

  • mrsjoejonas

    I still don’t like taylor… and were all waiting for that apology to Joe…


  • K

    Apology to Joe? Are you on crack?

    Anyways, I can’t wait for her tour! I’m going to at least three shows, it’s going to be awesome!! She puts on a hell of a show! And I can’t wait to see the Grammys, Tay and Miley are going to be awesome!

  • aleeyah


  • kpmd

    miley and taylor are both amazing!!!!!

  • yazmin

    yeah!! my two favorite artist singing together
    i cont wait!!!
    it will be so cool!!!!

  • me

    I can’t wait for their performance,

    Taylor is amazing :].

>>>>>>> staging1