Zac Efron is 'Truly Dreamy'

Zac Efron is 'Truly Dreamy'

Zac Efron is is one hunk o’ burning love, says his 17 Again co-star Melora Hardin.

The 41-year-old actress joked with MTV, “Zac ” he’s dreamy, truly dreamy. I did say to him one day that if he were my age and I were single, he’d be in lots of trouble. He told me I didn’t have to be single. No, he told me I didn’t have to be his age ” all I had to be was single! I don’t think he minds an older woman. We were joking around, of course. Zac has a girlfriend (Vanessa Hudgens). I have a husband that I love very much. It was cute. We were having fun.”

Zac, 21, revealed to the music channel that he loves playing an adult. He shared, “I could have gone out and just played a kid somewhere and had a blast. But now I’m playing a 40-year-old guy. It’s kind of fun playing an adult.”

17 Again opens in theaters April 17th.

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  • Breanna says YOUR MOM!

    omg , first for once.
    thats cute but i’m glad they were joking cuz zanessa’s way cute

  • Maruuu

    I love you zachy!!

  • Maruuu

    I Love you Zachyyyyy

  • holla

    damn this boy is foine

  • Patricia

    Woow.. Love Him Sooo much, Can’t wait for the movie :D (L)

  • flavia

    zac *-*
    zac and van = from BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://o Rachel

    amen to that!!

  • Brenda

    haha he is so cute! i love him.. cant wait for this movie!

  • Zanessaloveforever

    Haha.. Zanessa is AMAZING !!

  • Jo

    lol zachary

  • ju



    ZANESSA 4EVER!!!!!!!

  • mike

    love him!!! hope they are having fun in brazil!!!!!!

  • sophiiaa

    omg grow up little kids :L
    zanessa won’t last outside of 2009

  • pearl

    he looks so hot in that picture!!!!

  • pearl

    he looks so hot in that picture. and she is soo right, hi is TRULLY DREAMY!!! love you zaccy!!!

  • brenda

    He looks hot!!

  • brenda

    He is so hot!

  • zanessa4everr

    haha he’s such a jokester. lol

  • Patricia


    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peggy


    Some said Zanessa wouldn’t last after HSM1, then they moved it tp after the Vanessa pix thing, then they moved it to Hairspray, then to MAOW when he was in England, then HSM2, then Vanessa’a tour, then HSM 3, now 2009. People like you just keep moving the benchmark event after event.

    Maybe YOU should grow up, little girl

  • bia
  • Ann

    He is going to be great in this picture. And he owes it all to Adam Shankman. Here’s hoping he matures al little faster and stops being so stupid.

  • Smartie

    dude, melora hardin isn’t in 17 again…

  • carly

    zanessa in brazil?

    yeah !

  • Chocolate amber

    Zac is sooooooo hot in that picture.

  • carly


  • mia

    I´m glad its just a joke, cause Zac seems to love his girlfriend very much..

  • Nikki

    hahaha zac is always joking around!! HOW CUTE!!! haha i love zac efron!! he is soo cute and hott!!! haha!!! and man i wish there was more paps. in brazil i want to see them there!!!!!

  • nancy

    Would love to see him with an older woman!! Actually any woman would be better then that twit Hudgens.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Ehe, he truly IS dreamy..and he looks SO fine in that picture. Love him ♥ Can’t wait to see this movie !!

  • Helena

    they are in brazil right now.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    lol cute brazil!!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    go on and there is an interview from japan!! vanessa says zac is sexy!! cute

  • annavanessa

    he is so cute.. her comment was a bit uncool i gotta say

  • lovebug:]

    he looks amaziiiiiiing in that photo :]

  • joyfull

    #29 Nancy: How old are you dude? you never seem to amaze me with your inconsistent remarks towards Vanessa. GROW UP!!! or post something that we all can relate to, was school so dreadfull that you need to vent on Zac or Vanessa post! how immature of you.
    If you can’t say something decent than don’t say it.
    What you say out of your mouth is the vision reflecting back at you so…. you must be a twit!!!
    Remember what you curse returns 10 fold!!!!!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    yep yep,truly dreamy,he´s super hot ;) love him

  • bruna

    he IS in BRAZIL…

  • Karen


    Uh, yes, Melora Hardin IS in 17 Again.

  • Mila bo.

    There are papz on Brazil… but they are hidding i guess! look to those pics

  • Jessie

    omg zac is soooo hot <3
    i know the papz discovered that he went on the plane and he meet vanessa <333 ZANESSA ROCK :) they’re so cute and zac is absolutely won’t be single lol
    Zanessa Forever!

  • my_name_is_DEMI_too!

    Nancy, ur the twit. Vanessa is not. Twit.

  • christine x3

    love him.

  • Cassidy

    Well, I see that I’m not the only older women crushing on Zac:)
    But in the end he is VERY happy with Nessa, and I hope and pray God will bless them aboudantly. They deserve the best in life, truly they do.

  • celeste


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    i think that was the comment number 19 and 40. well the point is can you see the umbrellas?
    they are red and they have the name of magazine called “CARAS”
    is all gossip of famous celebrities from here and sometimes from united states.
    This magazine has an island that is 150 km away from Rio de Janeiro, (famous actors are invited there for expend vacations for free if they appear in the magazine) probably you won´t have pictures until this magazine publish them. Besides this island is desert except for some celebrities and probably someone from the magazine.
    I leave you the link of the magazine in internet and you will see that is the same logo.

    Sorry for my bad english XD

  • http://ZacEfron Zac efron’s #1 fan

    Everyone who works with Zac Efron think he is a nice guy.

  • Ella

    Wow Zac looks HOT!!

  • Katty

    Aw, they really are vacationing together. Vanessa is doing the magazine photo shoot thing, and I guess Zac is just along for the vaca and to be with baby V. Hope they have fun, they deserve time away from paps and rude ppl. I do hope we get a few pics of them and their coupley moments though!

  • rosielee9

    It’s nice that if Vanessa is their for a photo shoot that Zac went along to give his support which would’nt be the first time that he has gone along to one of Vanessa’s photo shoots, that’s one of the quality’s that is nice about them that they give each other space and do their own thing but know that they are their for each other and are supportive of each other’s projects.

    And good for them if they have gotten away for a few days at the same time and so far not to many pap photo’s, they are well known yes but they are still human at the end of the day and a couple that like any other want to spend some time together without the whole world needing to know their buisness, just like their lastget away this is a private thing so I hope their having a good time.

  • me.

    i didn’t know she’s gonna be in 17 Again. ahah, anyway, i love how all of his co-star has nothing but positive comments about him. shows how amazing he is. <3
    and yep, he’s dreamy fer sureee.