David Archuleta Performs at the Pro-Bowl

David Archuleta Performs at the Pro-Bowl

David Archuleta poses with NFL cheerleaders at the Pro Bowl on Saturday (February 7) at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The 18-year-old “Crush” singer was just in Florida the past week, where he made his own pizza pie and performed for a crowd of over 500 fans. We think there was more than 500 fans today!

David guest-starred with Miranda Cosgrove on her Nick series, iCarly, tonight. GO WATCH!

David Archuleta – “A Little Not Too Over You”, 02/07

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Credit: IOS/London Ent; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Mariiiiiia

    Love Archie! Can’t wait to see him in concert!

  • http://4617378-460 sofia

    i love david archuleta

  • http://myspace.com/youth4cancer Listen To mayday parade

    haha look at him he is in big breast heaven!!! this little lad is loving life

  • http://justjaredjr.com zashley4ever

    LMFAO he looks happy with those cheerleaders xD


    love himmmm<33333

  • Chris

    He’s such a good singer, he was awesome on 2nite’s iCarly:)

  • me.

    aww, how adorable can he get?

  • go David

    i’m jealous of those girls…No David, you are too young to have a girlfriend yet..hahaa…
    thanks for the pictures, i love himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    i saw him on Carly and he rocks!!he looks so cute!!

  • Evee

    Haha. Archie is a pimp (:
    gotta love him !!

  • sanders

    he sang a little too not over you and sounded incredible! can’t wait to hear him singing the national anthem tomorrow!!

  • Lindy

    He looks so happy haha, and he looks so good !
    i love davidddddddd.

  • lovingit

    Amazing as usual….if you go to youtube you can see his performance of A Little Too Not Over You today in Hawaii……….cute as a button. He does look like he is enjoying every minute of that lol

  • Briana

    Aww, he is so cute!

  • blu

    I LOVE DAVID!!!! Hes so cute!

  • Nia

    ugh……..LOVE HIM!!!
    iCarly was hahalarious 2nite btw.

  • Soy

    Hahahaha oh, David. All the ladies want you. :P
    He’s adorable! <3 him.

  • gloria

    i love love him so much! he is so awesome!

  • jj

    Well David looks like he is enjoying himself. LOL

  • sam

    heyy you guys used my video, awesome!

    He did a great job (as usual =P). He signed a few autographed but they were rushing him, so, he didn’t get to stay long.

  • China80

    DAVID ARCHULETA IS A “BEAST”. This BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED and AMAZING human being is just OUT OF THIS WORLD!! He can sing POP, COUNTRY, GOSPEL, R&B, SOUL, just about anything he sets his mind on. Go on FANSOFDAVID.COM, SNARKYARCHIES.COM and ARCHULETAFANSCENE.COM to witness what this AMAZING artist can do. I love RAP now and it’s all because of David Archuleta!! His heart is BIGGER than his voice.

  • JennyJONAS

    he is so cute :)
    i like his smile its cute

  • sarah

    OMG, the cheerleaders are a little intimidating. Dang it!! Run! David. Run! They will eat you up! You are just too cute. BTW, I loved iCarly. You are so funny! Also, you are always on pitch in live performance. I can’t wait to see your National Anthem tomorrow. BTW, your celebrity xRank is #1 throughout this week and even before this week. YOU ARE SUCH A STAR!!!!

  • lovearchie

    awww. he is such a cutie. I wonder what was going through his mind around all these cheerleaders, lol.

  • http://notingDavid archangel48

    I thought it was great seeing him surrounded by all the ladies! I think he did too! Go Big D!!!!

  • chulita

    omg he so hot, i love his smile ,his voice gosh he is just amazing!

  • Nadia

    David Archuleta… simply the best.

  • cyberanimation

    Did u notice how he chose to pose at the back, not in the center surrounded by all the sexy cheerleaders, maybe it’s against his religion, haha

  • happy


  • sv18

    he’s singing the SSB woot!

  • http://rantsthoughtsmerde.blogspot.com NativeNYker

    The count down is on till he has the Aiken moment…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Louise Gibson

    David Archuleta we love you. How I would love to be in Hawaii to see you sing there. Hawaii is a beautiful place and the people are so nice.
    I am sure you will enjoy every minute of your time there.
    Keep up the good work Aloha

  • Tati

    Aww he is so cute and hot
    I love his smiley , he is amazing singer

    I love david he is the best

  • http://fanblast4davidarchuleta.com sgjudie

    David looks like he is soaking uo all that nice warm Hawaiian sunshine. His smile is beaming just as bright. Enjoy yourself and have a great time David! Love you!

  • Kait

    That “A Little Too Not Over You” performance was great, and I hope David gets to have some fun (well, beyond getting to pose with the ladies, here) in Hawaii.

    Can’t wait for today’s NA. David is so good live. Can’t wait to hear him in concert again.

  • samantha smith

    every girls love david, he deserve to be love he is so cute, talented, gentleman, charming oh what else i can say, go david we support you all the way,,,,

  • sarah

    awwwwwww Archie looks so cute<3
    that boy has a great voice :)

  • http://davidarchuletanetwork.ning.com/profile/Kelvin_Beh06 KELVIN BEH

    Haha~ he was soooooo cute!!! (^u^)

  • Louise Gibson

    I Love it when David lights up the room with his smile and then when he laughs he just brings such a caring, polite manner with him wherever you see him.

    I am sure he has won some of those beautiful Hawaiian girls hearts while he was in Hawaii. I hope he got to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery there and some of the warm sun.

    As always David, you make us so proud of you.

  • andrea

    haha he looks really happy in the pic with all those girls thats cute
    loved icarly he was funny i loved when he asked carly if they should say wat room she said no and he did anyway he sounded really cute there:D

    hes the true american idol hes been working wayy more

  • romy

    I just love this kid to death. I just cannot get enough of him… Solo Tour? yeah, he won’t come to Maryland, so I will have to wait… Dang it!! By the way, he was impressive singing at the pro bowl

  • jasmine

    love him and this song! XD

  • gloria

    i love love david! he is so awesome

  • mochin

    kok ngak aq d situ

  • http://yahoo.com ronni

    omg i defently love him hie is so freakin sexy i wish i could meet him even though i get to go to his concert yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!♥♥♥

  • Frenchyb

    Ahh! C’mon man! You’re LDS! Why are you posing with a bunch of immodestly dressed women. I like you as a singer but i hope people don’t judge the religion by this.

  • leoni

    david archie is so cute talented and very attractive. i love her song so much……………you are my favorite young singer……we love u>>>>