Taylor Swift - 'White Horse' Official Music Video!!!

Taylor Swift - 'White Horse' Official Music Video!!!

Taylor Swift cries her eyes out in her new video for her second single, “White Horse.”

The 19-year-old Nashville princess gets cozy with former Laguna Beach hunk Stephen Colletti in the vid only to find out that he’s cheating on her! Not cool!

Taylor will team up with Miley Cyrus at the 2009 Grammy Awards tomorrow night, performing another one of her songs off her number one sophomore album, “Fifteen.”

Check out “White Horse!!!!”

Taylor Swift – “White Horse” Music Video
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  • overated

    This sucks why? I live in canada! Sorry but will it hurt if they show in canada. LIKE WTF! I can’t watch it till its on youtube. SCREW CMT

  • overated

    Not fair! Canadians should be able to see it too!@

  • danica

    aww, this is kinda sad. =[

    but i love the music video!
    woo taylor.

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas

    This girl is pathetic she makes me SICK! I mean you could only sing so much about a guy dumping you. This poor girl really needs to shut up and move on. Aint the end of the world sweetie jeez.

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas

    Btw 2nd & 3rd

  • Lara

    I absolutely love this video !! Taylor is the best and shes so beautiful in the video. ♥ I love you Taylor !!!

  • jessica r.

    OMG I LOVE THIS. it made me cry. i love taylor swift. <3

  • liz

    I cried when I watched it on CMT tonight, my mom even had tears! I love this song & vid!

  • Lia r

    plz post one visible in Canada! :(

  • ashfan

    hey, I like the video…..

    it’s great..
    beautiful story told indeed….

  • pt

    i can’t wach it im in canada, and it is no were, it is un fair to people who live outside the usa, we should be able to wach to.

  • bob

    Good stuff.

    Nicky Jonas, I think you should take your cynicism somewhere else. I mean attacking someone you don’t even know on an internet site anonymously is pathetic.


    omg iv never been first!!!!
    but this video is awsome and sadddd =[
    i love her music!!!!!

  • Abi

    can’t even watch it in england its like 2 am over here! we’ve stayed up all night esh for nothing!

  • caitlin

    i live in australia and i was still able to watch it…
    awwww and it was so goooood :)
    love stephen
    but poor taylor….

  • Lilo

    is there any way to watch this if you don’t live in the States?

  • taylor

    awww. it wont let me see it.

    youtube anyone ?

  • stephie

    I wanna watch it too …why didnt she just post it on her myspace..like the jonas brothers did soo all her fans could watch it …honestly i dont think she really cares about canadian fans :(

  • me.

    #4 Nicky Jonas, it’s actually the same with that boring jonas brothers of yours. They could only sing so much song about wanting/dumping/getting hurt by girls. LMFAO, pwned.

    and besides, at least taylor has a good voice even in life and her music is different.

  • Victoria


  • hmmm

    lol #13! i stayed up just 2 watch it 2! lol

  • http://angelelly93.deviantart.com/ Elly

    That’s awesome. Her acting is not so bad, not so bad at all. :)

    It’s good that she’s singing in the reality. A lot of girls out there would be a fool to give that guy another chance, this is a warning for those girls. LOLz!

  • Erin

    This vidoe was beautiful really.
    Her and Stephen wouldn’t make that bad of a couple.
    I think some of the crying scenes were a bit overdramatic,
    but other than that…
    I loved it :]

  • hmmm

    haha here it is for everyone! enjoy

  • Julia

    i would say that this is her best video so far!!!!!

  • rocksii

    this video was amazing!
    i really loved it!
    i had tears when i finished watching it!
    i love taylor swift!
    there’s no possible way to describe her.
    absolutely amazing.

  • http://myspace.com/lovehsmfansite hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    wow.. this was really good..
    It was so sad..
    I loved her video..

  • jjj

    I never realised how beautiful she is untill I saw this. I wonder if she was thinking about Joe when she had to cry…

  • madison

    number 4 shut the f*ck up!!!! this song is NOT about joe jonas, she has said in a past interview that she wrote it about a year ago. geeeez. and why does she make u sick? because shes richer, prettier, more talented and more famous than you could ever hope to be? i mean, come on! dont be such a jerk and get over your jelousy. taylor swift is one of the few people in hollywood who actually deserve every singe ounce of success they have and she doesnt need idiotic morons like you hating on her for no apparent reason

    now, onto a nicer note, her and stephen would totally knock zanessa off their throwns for cutest couple ever. damn they are good looking together! it could be, tayphen, or stelor.hahaha.

  • bob

    For everyone who cant watch it; download it here


  • cc27

    :( omg are u serious? :( this video is saddish .. but i loved it :) taylor rocked it xD

  • Andrea

    Oh I LOVE this song since I hear it on Grey’s Anatomy
    And the video it’s PERFECT

  • tcali29

    Simply BEAUTIFUL….thats all i can say. Loved it! I think Taylor did an amazing job, she is very talented.

  • cc27

    Joe Jonas has missed out o.o Taylor is one amazing girl :S but yeah i still love joe jonas xD I loved the video.

  • dave

    I loved it.
    especially the lyrics
    ‘It’s a big world, this is just a small town’
    go Taylor!

  • mileysupporta4eva



  • Randa

    i loved this song!!
    and now with a video
    i love it 249874times more!

    this song is soo sad!
    the video made me cry!
    and a music video hasnt done that to me in forever! lol

    TAYLOR your awsome!
    keep writing those awesome lyrics!
    love ya!

  • mimi

    i loved the video it was so emotional i like the story telling it was amazing and i like that eventhought she loved him she didnt forgive his betrayel and choose to go on without him. girl power loved it!!
    but i still was so sad she a good actriss she should try acting in movies or shows more often she good!

  • http://justjaredjr.com super fan ashley


    I love this video, it is my favorite.

    It’s sad, but it sometimes real, and many people pass fot it.

    Taylo is so much beautiful, the video was totally AWESOME

  • tiff

    that was amazing!
    i love her.

  • Just Jono

    Wooo, great video Taylor :)

  • Crazyfor JB

    OMG!!! i love this song…and the video was really beautiful and sad at the same time!!!
    Go TAYLOR!!!

  • w-o-w

    Oh, wow!!!Taylor really out-did herself on this one!

  • http://justjaredjunior lolly

    taylor should be credited for her talent .she is a talented musician living her dreams and i applaud her. my advise to her is a lesson has been learnt on her behalf and she should just move on to bigger and better things life has to offer..this also should be a lesson to all girls that fallin in love and breaking up is naturally part of life and it does happen..taylor was treated badly and joe jonas could have handled the matter much better….move on taylor there are plenty of fine fishes in the sea…..i truly hope that one day u and joe could be friends becuz thats the sad part is when u loose a friend in the process and u were friends to begin with…..cheers to you taylor and the best of luck for your wonderful future…

  • riana

    ha i can watch it even tho im not in the us

  • Flora

    oh duuuuude, Stephen looks fat and… OLD!! :(

  • Misty

    Omg this music video is amazing. Tay u did an awesome job! :D :D

  • sienna

    this is soooooooooo good!!!

  • Karri

    This is soo sad!
    It made me cry just watching it!
    I love how shes not afraid to show how a guy hurt her.
    And at the end it says ‘will u give me another chance?’ “no.” :)Go tay.
    So sad though..

  • vintagelove

    love the video
    so sad
    but so true
    love taylor & her music!

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