The Jonas Brothers Tribute Neil Diamond

The Jonas Brothers Tribute Neil Diamond

The Jonas Brothers suit up to honor musician Neil Diamond for the 2009 MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute in Los Angeles on Friday night (February 6).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevinperformed a rendition of Neil‘s hit, “Forever in Blue Jeans.”

Joe‘s girlfriend, Camilla Belle, was also at the event, but not sitting at their table.

10+ pics inside of The Jonas Brothers honoring Neil Diamond

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Larry Busacca/Getty Images
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  • katie


  • Romi

    They look sooo good!

  • mochi


  • mel

    can they just not?

  • Helen

    shut it haters dont say nothin if it aint nice wastin youre time

  • listen to mayday parade

    they do look reeeeeal good!!

    they are so hot

    and i just wish joe and camilla would end it… he doesnt seem happy and fun loving anymore. he seems sad and bored and up tight. she is a b*tch i cant stand her and she is an awful actress.. and those eye brows wow

    but seriously, people need to take style tips from these boys… although before they were famous, joe didnt dress so hot… wolf sweat shirt lol ohhh way back play backs are always jokes

  • Ella

    Oh my god Joe is so HOT!!!!!!! Marry me!!!!! Hahaha!!!!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Aw !! Kevin looks so HOT. And his bow tie is just adorable !! Love you Kevin !! ..And I can’t believe I’m saying this..but Nick actually looks FINE. Nick’s hair like that looks REAL good.

  • megan

    I don’t like the Jonas Brothers that much. But is it just me, or do they look really goofy lately. Like. It seems like they’re getting younger or something. It’s weird.

  • Yvonne

    Zanessa(#8)—Its flatout unfair that Camilla is there for Joe but Danielle isn’t there for that hottie Kevin. She has been with Kevin a heck of a lot longer than Joe has been with Camilla. Camilla just automatically gets to go cause she is a celeb, but Danielle cant cause she is just a normal girl

  • ….

    I like Kevin.

  • me.

    #6, you can’t blame Camilla because of joe’s changes of attitude. actually, i realized that joe’s changed a long time ago, way back before she was dating camilla or even taylor. so stop blaming her! if joe’s so smart, he wouldn’t be dating that chick. and at least camilla acts 100 times better than him. (sry, i don’t even like her, but some of joe’s fans are pathetic.)

    oh, and that pic of joe looks like he was drunk/sleepy. lmfao. other pics were hot, though. i love when he smiles. <3

  • dawn

    Joe looks so tired and depressed all the time because the Jonas Brothers are over worked. It’s not about who hes dating. I know if I had to go to as many events, work on a tv show and record that i would act exact ally as Joe.

    I love these guys a lot.

  • karr

    #10, Yvonne, I totally agree with you. That is so…celebcist ? ..aha. She should be there..I don’t think I’ve even seen her before. I only saw a picture of her back when Kevin was kissing her, CUTE. I kind of notice too, that Joe and Nick seem so much closer to each other than Kevin. I bet their just jealous that Kevin made it into the People’s Sexiest Men of 2008, and they didn’t. But it’s true. Kevin is sexy.

  • Zanessaloveforever

    LOVE them !!! Nick looks soo cute x #10 has a point Danielle should come too

  • oh zanessa lover
  • Lauren

    #12 joe has never changed. he is still the same funny and nice guy as always I luv joe

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    hmmm to #6, he hasnt been fun loving since he actually became big, all of them were more fun loving before they became huge now they have become stuck up little brats.

    i wish they would just go away already, and come back with proper good music not stupid kiddy rock n roll.

  • Lauren

    #18 ur stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cc27

    Joe looks different somehow :( i think its cuz he’s sad or tired? xD lol anyways he’s always hot to me :) they all are very talented and cute xD

  • lala :)

    eww joe got ugly.

  • Lauren

    #21 he is not ugly u r

  • claire

    they are awesome
    #22 i agree ;)

  • whoo!

    Joe has been looking “depressed” lately, but whatever it is I am sure Mr. & Mrs. Jonas are helping solve it.

    They are all good musicians and know how to fill an arena with hundreds of screaming fans. :]

    Anyway, I think the boys looked nice. The color choices where something I wouldn’t have imagined them wearing, but they pulled it together nicely.
    Camilla looked gorgeous as well.
    Who cares if Joe is interested in her? If he makes a mistake, he will have to fix it on his own.

  • love JB

    they look awsome love the bow tie on k2……ilove them alot<3 cant wait until their movie comes out!!!!!! is the preformence on youtube!?

  • marcelle

    JOE CASA COMIGO! /brazillian here!

  • mimi

    6, you can’t blame Camilla because of joe’s changes of attitude. actually, i realized that joe’s changed a long time ago, way back before she was dating camilla or even taylor. so stop blaming her! if joe’s so smart, he wouldn’t be dating that chick. and at least camilla acts 100 times better than him. (sry, i don’t even like her, but some of joe’s fans are pathetic.)

    oh, and that pic of joe looks like he was drunk/sleepy. lmfao. other pics were hot, though. i love when he smiles. <3

    everyone know when joe dated taylor his smiles and his eyes sparkled with happiness all the time. this came about when he dumped taylor and stared dating camille dont make excuses for him he has been acting odd lately his eyes no longer look happy he gives the weakess smiley and he been looking depressed lately! if camille makes him so happy why he look so sad even when he is smiling his eyes look sad is like his light or something was sucked away from him! he smiley but does not look genuinly!

    but hey if camille was worth the troubled he went on and the media drama and leaving a great girl behind and even ruining his friendship with her. well whatever makes him feel honor to mess with girls heart if that makes him proud of what he did then their is something very wrong with him and is sad!!

    if he happy with camille and she worthy good that he is happy i still think he looked so happy with taylor and am not a fan of her but i did see joe happier when he was with her! it just an observation why is he acting like this maybe he should talk to fans because we are concern and want him to be happy with whoever he dates!!

  • me.

    #17, i didn’t mean he’s CHANGED changed. i’m sure he’s still the same crazy joe to his family and friends. but as his fans for 3 years, he’s just not as fun as he seemed to be. maybe because he has to be mature, considering that he’s almost 20 years old. but hey, i love him 100 times more if he didn’t try too hard to be serious.

    and i’m sorry, but i’m not a really big fan of him anymore. sad, actually. ):

  • cc27

    #26 that means u were never a true fan .. >.< Joe is awsome. no matter what.

  • joeil4u

    wow joe looks more beautiful than EVER..
    anyway, i dont know if i agree or not to the camilla thing
    i mean, everybody sees he changed, he dosn’t act like a child anymore, he doesn’t joke so much, he doesnt laugh so much…i don’t like camilla, cant deny i liked taylor way better, but i don’t know if we can blame her…we cant know it…
    my bff says hes growing up, and i shouldn’t worry, hes just becoming an “adult”…i don’t know if shes right, but i actually hope camilla is not changing him, or at least not in a bad way…i just hope he’s happy, and, even if i miss so much his silly videos and silly acts, if he is growing up a little is not bat, we have to accept it, everyody changes…i just hope he’s happy, with anyone…he doesn’t deserve any ugly thing…

  • gabbii

    ii lovveee themmm!!! <3 obsession

  • Lauren

    You know joe has a funny side and a mature side

  • Listen To mayday parade

    #12 dont worry I dont think Joe is a good actor either… they all need to stick to what they do best, singing. and maybe i just really dislike camilla belle.. i have never liked her and those eye brows drive me insane! lol plus she is 22 date someone older not 3 years younger.. then again joe is louded… but no sex before marriage.. i dont know about that.

  • angela

    They look amazing

  • Nicky Jonas

    Awwwww they’re so sweet I love them all so much. I trip out on these post cause everytime I come on one its an online war people bickering back and fourth. Its stupid and kind of funny at the same time :D .

  • nicholasjerryismyboy

    they are sooo cute:] they are really the best dressed boys on this planet..and sooo talented<3 i love these boys with all my heart:]
    everyone cross your fingers for the big grammys tommorow!!!

  • vanessa

    joe looks so hott in the main picture ahhh
    but i still love nick <3

  • Nicky Jonas

    Dont worry #36 I will ;) and also I like your name :D . PEACE!

  • sarah

    aww they look amazing :)
    especially joe, i like his outfit the best

  • sarah

    yeah i noticed that joe has changed too.
    but i think he is just getting more mature…im sure he’ll come around eventually, i mean its joe…

  • Brigitte Loves Joe

    They all look increddibly handsome! WOW!!!

    I think it’s pretty stupid how everyone is saying Joe has “changed”
    Incase you haven’t noticed, he’s NINETEEN. So he’s pretty much acting his age. And maybe since he’s dating Camilla Belle, who is three years older than him, might be bringing out that maturer side.

    Just let him live his life, guys. I love him soooo much, and I’ll always know that I’ll accept him no matter what he does. They are great guys and I love EVERYTHING about them!

  • oops

    they neither have talent or musculanity..they need to leave us like right now

  • maria fernandsamartinez acosta

    i love the jonas brothers and is very very beutiful i love



  • bethany

    hi joe joans borthers l love you are so so so hot l went to meet you very bad my freind like you too my friend name sarah king and bethany

  • bethany

    joe do you have a grilfriend went is her name?

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