Jonas Brothers 'Burn Up' the Grammys

Jonas Brothers 'Burn Up' the Grammys

Joe and Kevin Jonas heat up the 2009 Grammy Awards with music legend Stevie Wonder in Los Angeles on Sunday (February 8).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — performed their number one song, “Burnin’ Up” as well as Stevie‘s hit, “Superstition.” Check out their performance of both songs below! FYI: In September, the Jonas Brothers performed at the birthday party of Stevie Wonder‘s 7-year-old son, Kailand..

Sadly, the JoBros lost out to Adele for Best New Artist.

Jonas Brothers & Stevie Wonder – 2009 Grammy Awards, 02/08

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images, Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • http://justjared Amanda is in love with zac

    I think they did really good! And if you were a true fan, you’d sopport everything they did! who cares if they didnt win. They won in my heart.

    It was an honor for them to perform with Stevie…you know how much nick loves him!
    Isnt it weird to know that Stevie doesnt even know what they look like?????

  • Carolyn

    did nick forget he words in superstision

  • Laura

    yup he messed up a bit, but thats okay it was barely noticeable (my mom had no clue). they were so good. <3

  • kay

    yes i felt so bad for him but it was also funny

  • madison

    nick messed up bad i was like wtf. he was just like mumbling. and i was SO happy they didnt win purely because in no way are they ‘new artist’. they should not have even been nominated in that category. im sure they along with their disney bosses are shocked they didnt win.

  • ariana


  • rss

    Eh, it was ok. What was with joes “bling”?

  • jjj

    he didnt sound like he normally does! he was probably just nervous. i think they did an amazing job!!

  • Haley Renee

    Yeah nick forgot the words for a second but I think it was just because he got to sing with one of his idols…. I think he was just very very excited!!!
    They did amazing.
    I love you guys♥♥

  • Samantha

    Haha it makes me mad.
    It’s alright.
    Because the performance was AMAZING.
    I am so proud of them.

  • zanessa4everr

    theyre performances arnt going to well. like the one on new years SUCKED.

  • 1

    What is that hanging around joes neck

  • ….

    Did ashley tisdale came? Sorri, i just have to ask since u guys already saw it..and i didnt.

  • all time low

    Of course Ashley Tisdale wasnt there.. No one from High School musical was.. This was the GRAMMYS ie LEGIT singers

    and the jonas brothers didnt do too bad, but you could barely hear joe in burnin up

    Miley and Taylor were amazing

    But Radiohead was the best

  • randa

    the performance was amazing!!
    I loved every second of it!!

    I’m kind of upset they lost .. but I also love adele she’s really cool!!

    You boys will get one of those grammys in the near future!!

  • TJ


  • heheh

    Jonas Brothers and Miley are basically the only disney singers of this day and age who have made it to the grammys! :) That’s cause they are soo talented and def my fave!

  • jbabesss

    yea nick aw that was cute
    but he pulled it off well, it just made him wanna do better
    for the rest of the performance!

    and they were really really lucky to perform with stevie
    and they did AMAZING
    ALSO it really seemed like stevie loved performing with them
    did u see him hold hands with joe and kevin at the end
    after he said “JONAS BROTHERS BABY!”
    awww it made me so happyyy

  • jackie jonas

    Nick you are forever the most talented jonas accidents happen you still awesome…Overall I really enjoyed the performance You guys are the future of music Love you Guys

  • jenna

    I don’t think Nick forgot the words. It sounded like his voice cracked. I felt so bad for him, he was probably super embarrassed. But it was barely noticeable and he still rocked out up there. The band did an amazing job and it’s so cool they got to perform with a legend like Stevie Wonder!

  • Yvonne

    They barely even showed Kevin :( That pissed me off so much

  • http://deleted THEoNeAnDoNlYJaCkIe

    Jonas Brothers You guys are super talented and rock the grammys How amazing to have performed with an idol of yours Thats a dream come true
    <3Much Love Jackie

  • des

    what was Joe’s necklace supposed to be? I think they did good. That had to of been the most nerve racking thing. you have stevie, paul and so many other legends in one building. i was sooooo happy when i heard the beginning of superstition playing. the beginning of burnin up with stevie on his mouth instrument thing….whatever it is was AWESOME!

  • jobro lover

    omg they did sooo good :]
    i love the jonas brothers and they
    pretty much shined!!!
    even thought nick forgot the words that
    just shows us all that they are human.
    i still love you nick you did great
    but still upset that they didnt win
    they deserve it but o’well
    maybe next year
    keep up the great work
    cant wait to watch you guys on
    Saturday!! :]

  • bd

    Their performance was one of the best of the night.

    Personally I had mixed emotions about the nomination. They were nominated along with Lady Antebellum, one of my favourite country artist. Since neither Jonas Brothers or Lady A won it kept me happy. Had one won and the other hadn’t, I would have been so torn haha.

  • Thadeus

    Honestly, they were an embarassment. I never expected art from them, but thought they were a passable pop act. But they were by far the worst performance of the night…and thats a very low bar to go under. The whole show stunk.

  • Donjuan

    Anybody who thought they were good has no taste. Honestly, you do not know what you are talking about. They were really really bad. Without question. I dare you to read the reviews tomorrow for yourself. Seriously if you think they were good you do not know what you are talking about. Perhaps you should try listening to some decent music.

  • ma

    was amazing!!
    i agree with jenna Nick don´t forgot the words, sounded like his voice cracked
    was a good job!!

  • witch

    they performance was amazing……….no…no…no…nick doesn’t forgot the words guys….i feel upset they didnt win at the grammy,but its ok guys maybe next years (if you are to be in nominated again and i hope so……..because they very talented) nick jonas i love u so much ;) god bless u………..

  • Vale

    Joe is hot. But since he date with camilla he looks unhealthy.. And look like he wasnt joe.
    Was camilla came to grammy?

  • amber

    even if i wasn’t a jb fan i would have thought this was amazing! i i didn’t notice nick mess up till i read he did but i don;t realy think he messed up cause i’ve seen him do that before but idk mabeye he did but he still done amazing!! i don’t evem like stevie wonder (haven’t realy listened to him) but i totally think after seeing this they should record together lol


    This was amazinggg ! and they must really famous and talented to have STEVIE WONDER perform THEIR SONG!!! And i <3 them haha. and come on grammy ppl, Adele? she’s not even that famous !

  • Skye

    #19 I agree 100% and I couldn’t even tell there was a messed up line,they were incredible,I love Miley too but Jb/Stevie was the best performance of the night!

  • Skye

    Oh I just noticed how really incredible Nick looks in that suit,Wow!

  • I still can’t find where nick messed up!

  • cc27

    I don’t think nick forgot the words o.o i think he was about to crack so he stopped. lol xD Joe looked so cute :)

  • Jenelle

    I think nick was sick, cuz he didn’t sound like his normal self. Or maybe he was extremely nervous. Joe looked really hot in that shirt lol.

  • cc27

    P.S. I really liked how nick dressed during the performance lol :)

  • marie

    I hope that after that performance you little girls realized, the jonas brothers Sucks BIG TIME!

  • Jerseygirl

    Very well done boys! I thought they sounded amazing with Stevie. So proud of everything they’ve done this past year.

    Bummed they lost though. Oh well – there’s always next year!

  • mari

    come to brazil, please jonas !
    we love you

  • Brittany

    I think they did good. I really did not notice that Nick had messed up. But for the most of it it was good. Well I love the Jonas Brothers and I think they are great. : )

  • Brittany

    Nick is hot. And even though he did mess up I still LOVE him. <3

  • Pwizzlllee

    Lord, they were so bad. Joe couldn’t hit the notes, Nick couldn’t hit the notes, Kevin wasn’t doing bad, well, even if all he had to do was strum the guitar.
    Stevie, come-on, honestly? Jonas Brothers? Come-on.

    Nick killed a legendary song, Joe killed a legendary song, Nick looked like he was was going to crack the floor with his ~guitar skills, same with Kevin.
    Overall, Fail, and they know it.

  • Kalene

    OMJ! The Jonas Brothers had the best performance of the night, it was amazing!! :)

  • Darlene (:

    The Jonas Brothers were …

    UH-MAZING ! (:

    aha . i know that that’s not how you spell it, but still (:

    I honestly thought that the Jonas Brothers did really well with Stevie Wonder (:

    Even though Nick’s voice did crack at times, i thought that they did pretty well (:

    Like, they sang their heart out . No lie about that .

    & Stevie Wonder sure did his thing out there too (:

    Although it would’ve been cool if Jordin Sparks performed with them as well cause i think her voice is amazinggggg (:

    But yeah . Love this performance ! (:

    I had a hugeeee adrenaline rush after this performance (x

    Btw, what’s that thing around joe’s neck ?

    I thought it was a backstage pass at first, but then it started glittering when he started moving (x

  • barbara

    I think their performance was good like I thought it was better then their other performances. BTW, Stevie Wonder made me like Burnin up even more, he shoul cover that song, no no never mind. But, overall, they did a pretty awesome performance. I like the part when they sang Stevie Wonder’s hit song that was awesome.

  • barbara

    I think their performance was good like I thought it was better then their other performances. BTW, Stevie Wonder made me like Burnin up even more, he shoul cover that song, no no never mind. But, overall, they did a pretty awesome performance. I like the part when they sang Stevie Wonder’s hit song that was awesome.

  • Kayla

    #45 i agree %100 with you

  • nathalia

    stop saying that nick messed up.
    Haha it makes me mad. i think his voice cracked.
    it’s alright. because the performance was AMAZING.
    i am so proud of them. they did a REAAAAAAAAAALLY great job.