Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Cause Riot in Rio

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens Cause Riot in Rio

Zac Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens are sandwiched in by fans and paparazzi as they try to get to their flight at Rio airport on Sunday afternoon in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Vanessa, 20, reportedly had a photo shoot for Caras magazine in the tropical country and kept comfy in an American Apparal “Afrika” tube dress.

Just a day before, Vanessa performed at Dillard Drive Middle School in Raleigh, N.C. Zac, 21, hopped a plane at LAX airport to meet her in Atlanta before the duo traveled down to Rio.

10+ pics inside of Zac and Vanessa trying to escape Rio…

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Credit: Eliot; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • zvzvzv


  • zvzvzv

    Gotta feel sorry for them though! I mean they’re trying to have a nice, peaceful vacay and they get mobbed in the airport. Tsk Tsk not right at all.


  • Katty

    Finally! Hope they had fun, they deserved it.
    Love Zanessa!

  • Carrie

    I love that they made her work trip into a little vacation for the two of them!

  • nessa

    love them!
    perfect couple!

  • Raphaela

    I’m from Brazil…Hope they come back soon for me to see them!

  • vanessajonas

    apparently she is coming to give more shows in rio.. i saw this in
    told ya they weere in brazil! LOVETHEM=)

  • nessa


    its love!

  • nikki

    aw i would hate all that attention. zac and vanessa handle it well though

  • Alexia

    Gah they are so adorable.
    I’m happy there are no pictures of them aside from those above.

  • Sabreen

    First……I hope……they represent pure and true love

  • http://zanessa sara 12

    I miss them

  • Sabreen

    NVM i wasnt first but seriously they represent pure love

  • roxana

    yay zanessa forever! Can’t wait to see them again in USA. Their cuteness just kills me :)

  • Zanessa 100%

    Yes first to comment
    Aww look at them so cute i hope they have a great time togehter i wonder what they do =Dlol
    It’s awsome how they don’t admit they are dating but it’s so obvious it looks cute how vanessa is holding on to her man
    Zanessa all the way WOO hOOT

    You are the real meaning of L.O.V.E

  • Batman

    Ok its all a game zac and vanessa being together some one i know who is close to zac said that they have just been acting for the hsm3 promotion tour and that after the tour is over meanin any day now the break up should be announces because zac is with another girl that he loves dearly so the zanessa saga watever u wana call it will be comming to an end

  • all time low

    They are so in love.

    I dont know what she did to deserve such a great boyfriend, but they are adorable and perfect together.

    I bet their se x life is amazing. I saw picks of them in a po rn shop !! I guess they like to mix things up ha ha who doesnt though :)

  • Vfan 4ever
  • zanessa4everr

    awww they are TOTALLY in L.O.V.E! i love them!
    theyre so cute!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh, Zachary’s wearing his famous hat !! And Vanessa looks really pretty in that dress along with the hat. Gorgeous couple !! Love them FOREVER. Zanessa is FOREVER.

  • vannie

    Go Zanessa!!!!!!!!

  • kgg

    Geez, poor Z/V…..they’ve been down there for several days with lots of security at the place they were staying, but what happened to security at the airport? Well, at least they’re smiling and trying to make the best of it….

  • Jazmin

    Glad they had some type of privacy… even just for a litlle time. Love them just adorable.

    Can’t wait to see pic of the photoshoot….

    Thank you JJJ

  • Ami

    So cute
    They’re awesome!

  • Jazmin

    So nice of him to accompany her for a photoshoot….

  • mhay

    a power couple like the brangelina and tomcat.
    God Bless Zanessa.

  • pop86

    The paps couldn’t get any good pictures of them on vacation so they knew Zac and Vanessa would have to show up at the airport. From the pictures, it looks insane at the airport. I hope Z&V had bodyguards.

  • angela

    I cannot wait for next month :D ZAC IS COMING TO AUSSIE FOR THE 17 AGAIN PREMIERE.

    hope Zac enjoyed Brazil :P.

  • yets

    Wow this two are really famous .
    Good Luck to them esp. to vanessa @ KSA this march.
    and also to Zac for” 17 again”.

  • zvzvzv

    Them being in Brazil was completely not work related. It was a vacation. Yay for the privacy that they deserve but my kuuipo ways wish we did get some pics (remember the T&C straddling pics? Brazil ones would’ve been nice teheheeh)

  • madison

    why cant vanessa hold her own freakin umbrella?! scred shes gunna break a nail?

  • lslsharon

    so gorgerous!!
    love v so much!!!!!!!!!!
    zanessa are best!!

  • mhay

    #30 its true that Vanessa has a Photoshoot
    so its work and a short vacation for them.

  • kami

    #16, i thinks you be that rat person. get real. zac and vanessa are not promoting hsm3. that’s over and done.

    vanessa was doing a photo shoot and zac accompanied her on the trip. he didn’t have to go. he went because he wanted to be with her.

  • zvzvzv

    Why are you posting and bashing ONLINE? Scared you’re gonna get hit in REAL LIFE??

  • marie

    lovely couple <3

  • Soni Hannigan

    #16 Do you have proof, or do you just go by word of mouth? Zac is so in love with Vanessa, and that is a love that comes once in a lifetime, so he holding on to her. No other girl for Zac

  • Jo

    I can’t wait to see her photoshoot. It must be hot since they flew her all the way to Brazil. I’m glad they got a little vacay while down there.

  • Soni Hannigan

    #29 what is the KSA that Vanessa is going to do? Hopefully Vanessa will go with Zac on his premiere for 17 again

  • lslsharon

    i am looking forward her photoshoot!!
    vanessa is hotttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Soni Hannigan

    I would like to get the magazine or hopefully they will show the pictures here in a magazine.

  • V-loyalist

    I love how they are so accommodating to the fans, took pictures, and give a nicest smile despite that situation…. I just hope no one is hurt during the commotion, for sure they don’t want that to happen to their fans.

  • Rosa

    been missin them SO much ..
    glad they had some privacy in their vacation ..

    and yea .. would like to see any photoshoots of vanessa if she really had some there asap ..

    love u Nessa .. ur AMAZING =)

  • Peggy


    THere is always one jerk on the board and you’re it. First of all the HSM3 promotion is over and they’ve been acting like this since HSM1 so ether you were on another planet or you’re just an other fool. I vote you are a fool. GO AWAY!!

  • Vannie

    Aww they are so cute

  • yets

    #39 i mean KCA 2009

  • rosielee9

    Why is so hard to beleive that Vanessa had a photo shoot and that Zac wanted to go and spend some time with his girl and they got a little private time as well. Zac did’nt have to go he could have easily stayed in LA. but he obvioulsy wanted to go and support her nothing wrong in that.

    And considering the chaos at the airport they are both full of smiles so to me they look as though they had a good time.

    I would’nt be suprised if Vanessa does go to some of Z\ac’s 17 Again premiers but just like Hairspray she’ll stay in the background as it’s his night but again the support they give each other will no doubt be there.

    The main thing is they got some away time not long but sometimes a short break can be just as enjoyable as a long holiday. I’ve no doubt they will go on their usual longer vacation sometime later this year as it seems to be a annual thing and good for them.

  • mhay

    # 16 Batman;

    just think of something new
    thats old news already.

  • athena

    All I have to say, is when someone becomes a celebrity, they must know that a percentage of their life is not their own…Like the Queen, she belongs to the people…although, when Zac’s and Vanessa’s star loses momentum, they’ll have to re-ignite their stars…Unfortunately, getting mobbed by fans and paparrazi comes with the territory….whether some of us like it or not, or whether they do…it is what it is…hope they’re dealing with it okay…they can chose not to act anymore and meld into the woodworks…or deal with what’s on their plates, and if you ask me…I think they’re doing fine.

  • nicole


>>>>>>> staging1