Alyson Michalka: No Roses For Me!

Alyson Michalka: No Roses For Me!

Singing sisters Aly and AJ Michalka dished to Popstar! magazine all about what they love and don’t love about Valentine’s Day. Check it:

Aly, 19, shared, “I really don’t like roses, they kind of bring me down. Wildflowers, candy, maybe something that he [Valentine's date] made. I would love things like that. Or something really special that he found and gave to you.”

AJ, 17, said, “What I’m looking forward to is being on the beach. I think that’s the most romantic place. It’s casual, so you don’t have to dress up. But no depressing flowers.”

TELL JJJ: What’s your ideal Valentine’s date like?

Aly & AJ Talk Valentine’s Day
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  • omg

    how are ROSES depressing?!?!

  • listen To mayday parade

    sorry but who are they…

    and she seems very hippy so maybe thats why she doesnt like the roses

  • p

    they must like the word sentimental

  • Michelle

    They’re soooo cool :)

  • riana

    i love roses

  • zac

    Love them! Thanks for posting! Can’t wait for their new cd!

  • Daniyah

    weird…they dont like roses?…well love these gurlz! :)

  • N’keeyah

    I love Roses! I would spend this valentines Day watching movies and cartoons. But my dream Valentine’s Day would be with a nice guy just hanging out me and him. Nothing over the top. Just simple.

  • Krissy

    wow! haven’t heard from aly and AJ in awhile
    they both look pretty
    love them!
    can’t wait for there new album :D


    poor aly..she doesn’t like roses, cuz it’s 2 depressing
    i can see why tho, cuz flowers ( well only roses) are supposed to romantic and stuff- really popular i should say! :S
    *tear* these girls, don’t have boys yet :’(
    that’s kinda sad.
    DON’T worry girl’s
    who needs valentine dates
    GOING single is the best way possible :P

    love aj’s answer
    my ideal valentine’s day, would be on the beach as well, having a dinner near the sunset
    and going clubbing /dancing
    a carnival or something would be awesome ^-^

  • sweethoney

    well i don’t know who they are but roses are depressing? come on!
    i really love roses. i don’t have big plans for Valentine’s day but i hope my boyfriend would have a suprise for me. i love surprises!

  • mae

    why don’t they love roses……many girls love to be given roses by someone they love….Do they want tulip???

  • mae

    aaahhhmmm…..I think they don’t to be given roses because it is very common in valentine’s day….They want something different or something new…

  • elizabeth marinas

    aly and aj are so cool and beautiful it’s sad that aly doesn’t like roses

  • Lucy

    I think Aly & AJ rock! But why don’t they like to be given flowers? :(

  • Darlene (:

    oh me ; oh my ! (:

    Aly & AJ ! (:

    aha . i haven’t heard from the in awhile O.o

    but i loveeeee them :D

    & i totally agree . my ideal valentine’s date would be really simple .

    like nothing over the top .

    just a date at the beach . & roses are fine (:
    but with a little picnic & then maybe a little swim & then a walk on the beach .

    aha . that’s my ideal date (x

    but really, anything is fine with me .
    just as long as it’s not over the top (x

  • Ammarah

    i agree with #7 Daniyah! (hey!) they dont like flowers?!?! but i rreally like them! :)

  • ashleyxx

    Hmm, I like roses.
    But only blood red roses. Any other kinda roses suckk! So I don’t blame Aly and AJ for not liking them.

    And a perfect Valentine’s Day? Bahaha, not possible for me… I’m single on Valentine’s Day! I hate it. =/ Yesss! I’m bitter! I’ll admit it(:

    V-Day sucksss! =P

    But AJ’s right, the beach is a great place. You don’t have to get too fancy for it, you can just relax. So if I had a Valentine, I’d like a date on the beach. Too bad I don’t live near the beach. =/

  • skye

    Yeah Im not a fan of roses myself either.. im more of a lilly or hibiscus kinda girl <3 Totally georgeous flowers that remind me of Hawaii.

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