David Archuleta: Aloha, Arch-Angels!

David Archuleta: Aloha, Arch-Angels!

David Archuleta popped in from sunny Hawaii to update his fans on what he’s been doing.

Check out what the 18-year-old “Crush” crooner wrote in his MySpace, “Aloha! I’m here in sunny Hawaii, and it’s so nice here. I sang at the Pro Bowl yesterday, and that was way cool. Enrique Iglesias and Ciara sang during the halftime, and that was fun to watch because we got to watch from the field. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Ciara, but Enrique was a cool guy. He’s tall though! I didn’t realize how tall he was. He’s 6 ft. 2 in. haha.

“The day before the Pro Bowl performance I sang at Ohana Day where people can watch the players practice. I sang ‘A Little Too Not Over You’, and it went well. Today we’re going to try and look around the island and be tourists haha. It’s so beautiful here, and I forgot how much I miss hot humid weather. It’s been a long time since I haven’t worn a scarf and jacket, because even last year during spring and summer we were always inside cold studios or arenas. Oh you know what’s funny is while I was in the LAX airport for my layover, I ran into Cook and his gang. We were in the same gate area. Only he was headed to Florida, and I was leaving Florida. So before we went to Hawaii, I was in Florida doing promo. What was shocking is how cold it was there! I didn’t think I’d have to wear a jacket and scarf there, but it felt like Utah weather at some points.

“It was really fun traveling around though, and I got to see my family when we were in Central Florida. I also got to visit a Children’s Hospital in Daytona Beach, that they called Speediatrics haha. It was really neat. But I’ll be heading back to Florida after Hawaii for the Disney thing this week, so I’m excited! I’ve been trying to not adjust to Hawaiian time, because I’m already in the Florida time zone mode lol. But I can’t wait for the Disney thing! This Saturday they showed the iCarly episode on Nickelodeon, so for those of you who watched it I hope you had fun! I had so much fun hanging with Miranda [Cosgrove]. Don’t forget to watch this weekend too! I’ll be performing ‘A Little Too Not Over You’ this Saturday on Nickelodeon, so fun stuff!”

Check out the behind-the-scenes making of “A Little Too Not Over You” on David‘s YouTube channel!

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  • Lindy

    Firstttttttt :D
    He was amazing when he sang the anthem at the pro bowl !
    I’m glad he is having fun at Hawaii.
    (L) love you archie,

  • nia

    L♥ve him.
    L♥ve his music.
    The vid was awesome.

    I wish i could go to Hawaii.

  • Soy

    David always makes me smile, no matter what.

  • gossipgirl

    david loves talking about miranda cosgrove, he never stop. someone has a crush!.

  • sarah

    How relevant it is, David in Hawaii !! Because David is SUNSHINE always !!

  • jj

    Someone has a crush on Miranda. Dude never stops speaking about her!

  • Pamela_ama_david

    the anthem at the pro bowl was amazing!!!
    I love you david!!!!

  • gossipgirl

    i think david really likes her!, i hope him and miranda go on a date, i think they will!!!.

  • jj

    Gossipgirl, I would love to see that! I think they would be adorable together!!

  • gossipgirl

    david is 18, miranda is 15 but is it ok for david to go out on a date with a 15 year old. when miranda was 14 she dated a 17 year old. i mean hello!. she must like older guys. miranda has said in a magazine that she would like to go on a date with david, will her wishes come true?.

  • jj

    Well, Miranda is turning 16 in May, so she is only about 2 and a half years younger than him. Its not illegal to date a person who is under 18, look at Miley and Justin! I really hope he decides to go out with her. I just don’t know when he’ll see her again.

  • gossipgirl

    i don’t think miley and justin will last. i think she will find someone her age. i think david will see miranda again when he has the time, i am pretty sure.

  • jj

    I agree. Right now I think Miley is just going through a stage because of the breakup with Nick. Hopefully David and Miranda will see each other again, probably at the Kids Choice Awards, even though he wasn’t nominated.

  • Evee

    what sweet heart <3 i love hawaiiii.

  • gloria

    i love love david so much!! he is so awesome, he is a sweet heart!

  • gossipgirl

    i am sure david and miranda talk all the time.

  • jj

    Well if she is constantly on his mind to the point where he is constantly mentioning her in blogs, than I think they do talk all the time.Miranda too, talks alot about David in her blogs.

  • melissa. *

    i love david. <3 he’s just so cute!
    lol. + his new song is ah-mazing.


    love thiss boyyy.

    so much<3

  • jasmine



  • jasmine


  • :)

    he’s so sweet! his blogs always make me smile :D

  • jasmine

    aw, i subscribed to his myspace blogs. :) thanks for posting though, jared! i love david archuleta. ♥

  • Hallie

    david is such a cutie. and does anyone else think his career will benefit from chris brown’s arrest? He is now Jive’s top new young male pop artist

  • karenkid

    I love how David keeps his fans ‘in the loop’ of his activities. It makes it more fun to hear what he’s been doing and even how he felt about things. I just love him for so many reasons!

  • jj

    Hallie, I’ve been wondering about that too. If Chris Brown is out to of the picture, it would give Jive more reason to focus on David.

  • gossipgirl

    i wonder if david and miranda have been on a date yet? maybe on david next blog will he talk about miranda again?.

  • Alexandra

    AHHH i’m going to florida when he’s going to be there-same place
    and everything!
    i hipe i will see hime :D

  • jj

    Ohh that would be so cool if he went on a date with Miranda. So true, if I heard that he went out on a date with her I would be soo ecstatic!!

  • gossipgirl

    not again, miranda just post a new blog today about david archuleta again!.


    i love you david but your cheating on me so weml I STILL LOVE YOU

  • Doug

    He probably has a crush on Josh and Drake.

  • http://www.gmail.com shaiza

    i love david archuleta
    4 just sooooooooooooooooooooooo many reasons
    he is just sooooo cool
    n it’s an angel that came in the world that every1 can love and actually meet

  • Louise M. Gibson

    I am just visiting this page so I am late with my comments. I am another of David’s dedicated Fans. This young man just keeps getting better and better. He is just a ray of sunshine. I love to hear him sing. I wish he would get another album out for us. I am really enjoying the songs he has done in Spanish. How beautiful.
    David I hope you know how your fans just love you. The young and the older generation – We all love to hear and see you sing. I live in Oregon, I hope you will come here again someday. God Bless.

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