Jesse McCartney: R&B Rules

Jesse McCartney: R&B Rules

Jesse McCartney is working on spicing up and re-releasing his third album, Departure, on April 7th (just two days before his birthday).

The 21-year-old musician took the time out to talk to on his new sound (including five new songs for the album), his tour and his film career. Check it:

On his re-release of Departure: “I kind of want to rejuvenate the album a little bit and make it fresh again for everyone and make sure if they haven’t checked it out yet that they will this time.”

On his next album: “I wanted something that was a step towards the next album but not too far from ‘Departure,’ some sort of middle ground. There’s definitely more R&B coming out of me, I feel, in the last couple months. I’m really thinking the next album will be swinging even further in that direction.”

On passing on The Last Airbender: “Unfortunately we just couldn’t do it. It was really biting into this tour we had planned for months. I’ve had so much momentum, I just didn’t want to stop it in its tracks. We really tried to make it work with Night [M. Night Shyamalan] and with everyone over at Paramount; they’ve been amazing throughout the whole thing.”

Jesse‘s Departure tour starts this Friday, February 13th.

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  • Michelle

    I love his music and I’m definitely looking forward to his next CD and the re-release of Departure.

  • all time low

    Re-releasing CDs seems to be the big trend right now.. we are in a recession so the artists recycle their CDs and come add a few songs instead of coming out with a whole new CD. Money grab.

    But thats not his fault. I do like him. He seems rad, his career hasnt really taken off yet, a few hits here and there but nothing huge so he is still pretty down to earth.. His skin got bad for a while there but he is still hot.

  • Romi

    I’m looking forward to his re-release!
    I do love his music!

  • kami

    i’m buy this record!!!

    no me lo perderia por nada!!

  • Danii

    can’t wait for thiss…
    it’s a shame he won’t do the last airbender.

  • duaa

    I cant wait!

    And I think it’s really sweet that he canceled the last airbender to do the tour dates, instead of just canceling.

    <33 him

  • Megan

    ah!i cant wait for his new album!im definently going on itunes April 7th!