Demi Lovato Talks 'Sonny' Stars

Demi Lovato Talks 'Sonny' Stars

Demi Lovato recently caught up with Popstar! magazine to dish on her Sonny With A Chance co-stars. Check out what the 16-year-old actress had to say:

On Sterling Knight (Mackenzie): “He plays the rival/heartthrob/jerk, but he’s not a jerk at all. He’s actually really funny.”

On Allisyn Arm (Zora): “She’s really, really cute. She has a really dark humor, and it’s just awesome. She’s crazy.”

On Doug Brochu (Grady): “He’s really really sweet and really funny. He’s the next Jack Black.”

On Brandon Smith (Nico): “He’s awesome. I love Brandon, he’s hilarious. One day we’re gonna come out with a clothing line together — just kidding!”

On Tiffany Thornton (Tawni): “She’s one of my best friends. She’s the sweetest girl and she deserves everything that she’s getting. Plus, she has an amazing voice. She’s going to go very, very far and is a beautiful and talented girl. I love her!”

Demi Lovato Talks “Sonny with a Chance” Cast
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  • Ruby

    GO DEMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Qwerty


  • ashlee

    really, really, really, really, really, really, really?????

  • Adrianne

    Makes me wonder what Tiffany Thornton’s voice sounds like….

  • plainxsimple

    wait, wtf,
    is her hair brown or black?

  • kristen


  • SOyer

    i guess we know who demi’s favorite is…

  • jess

    ehehe love her! shes so pretty! cant wait for the new album! <3

  • Wierd

    #8, she’s not pretty. she’s just decent looking. Selena is what you call pretty. Miley is actually pretty too. But Demi looks odd.

  • jesus101

    She is so hot. And has talent. u go girl

  • Cory

    Hell nooooo she’s hot. not hot at all. she’s lucky she has talent to make up for her lack of sexiness.

  • Creep Oats

    Duh she’s not hot! She looks like a fuckin man! 0.0

  • Sara






  • jewvill share

    Oh My Gosh look at demi’s hair it is pich black but she looks pretty

  • jewvill gines

    omg look at demi’s hair it is pich black but she still looks pretty

  • sarah :)

    #9 is a retard. demi is not odd looking…..shes beautiful :)
    i love demi she seems really really really really really cool…….hahaha
    love u demi!!

  • Tarrence

    #16, idc what #9 said, but you should never call somebody that r word. Shameless idiot. and Demi does look odd fyi.

  • http://foidsaf guillermo

    ers or L demi you are so beautiful and ermosa tiens a BOZ MY XAO LINDA I LOVE YOU

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