Jennette McCurdy to Guest Star on True Jackson!

Jennette McCurdy to Guest Star on True Jackson!

Jennette McCurdy popped in on her official website to update her weekly Monday blog.

Check out what the 15-year-old actress had to say: “You’ve all heard of the fantastic new Nickelodeon show, True Jackson VP, right? Right! Okay. So guess what? I guest starred on True Jackson VP this past week since we have a couple short weeks off of iCarly! WOOHOO!!!!! I had so so so so so (just pretend like the so’s keep going on and on because I can’t fit enough of them) much fun! Now I’m gonna tell you all about it!!!!!

“The script was great! I had an awesome time playing a very fun character. I’ve known that I was going to guest star on TJVP for a while now, and I was beyond excited and expected to have a wonderful time, but let me tell you, this past week exceeded my waaaaaaaaay high expectations! The crew was AMAZING. They were all so kind!!! Judging from the iCarly and TJVP crews, I’m guessing good crews run in the Nickelodeon family. Mr. Gordon and Mr. Kopelman were hilarious and extremely kind. They made me feel so welcome on their set! And the cast! OH THE CAST! I’d known just about every cast member from promos and events in the past. Ashley [Argota], Keke [Palmer], and Matt [Shively] were already GREAT friends of mine… but getting to spend so much time with everyone this past week was too cool!!! Let me tell you a little about everyone…”

Click inside for more of Jennette‘s Monday blog. Warning: It’s long…

“THE LIVE AUDIENCE WAS PHENOMENAL!!!! I had butterflies in my stomach before going out in front of the audience, but they evaporated as soon as I took my first stroke (note how I don’t use the word ‘step’. I will not say anything more. ha.) out onto the set. We did a speed-thru read-thru upstairs (as the audience was loading in to the stage) and everyone hugged me and comforted me because I tend to get very excited in situations like performing. haha. Go figure. Anyways, the audience was FIERCE! They brought such a great energy to the show! I felt like I was on a cloud during the whole night… actually I felt like I was on a cloud during the whole week, but the audience made it feel like it was a really GIGANTIC cloud.

Ashley Argota! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Double A! Lil Asherz! Everybody, make way… here comes the triple threat, Miss Ashley Argota! Actress, singer, dancer extraordinaire! Ashley is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She is so beautiful, so real, so warm, so helpful, so supportive, so . I ate lunch with Ashley almost every day on set, and we just talked and laughed and had a great time. I even went to the gym with Ash one day before rehearsals! We had a blast riding in a golf cart to and fro the gym. Oh the good times. haha. Ashley is such kind-hearted person, and literally every word that comes out of her mouth makes you love her even more! Ashley Argota is supreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keke Palmer! What a talented girl. Okay, Keke is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out, as good at comedy as she is at drama, as good at singing as she is at acting, as talented at dancing as she is at singing, and as amazing of a person as she is amazing at everything she does. Keke and I choreographed a little dance routine to ‘Single Ladies’ and performed a bit of it for the live audience. That was really fun. Every day, Keke would pick me up and swing me around and hug me. She is such a generous actor and a generous person to match. Her kindness – just like her talent – never ends! That’s what I call a star.

“And now for the perfect little cherry story to top my perfect little ice cream sundae story… Saturday morning, while at a Nick promo shoot, I got a phone call from none other than DAVID COOK!!! No, I am not kidding. DAVID COOK! I spoke over the phone with a good friend of his, a little girl who has leukemia. David was spending the day with her. Well, after I finished speaking with her, David himself got on the phone to personally thank me for talking to his friend. The wonderful person David Cook is has been really obvious, both from when I met him in person and from this phone call. To be spending the day with a little girl in need and then to thank me for talking to her… wow. That says miles about his character. Now there’s an American Idol.

“I spent yesterday with possibly the biggest star of them all, my friend Cody! I can’t thank you all enough for the kind messages you posted on my last blog. Your well-wishes, prayers, and nice words obviously came from the heart and I truly appreciate it. I’m giving your messages to Cody tomorrow and I know he’s going to love them and be so thankful to know that all of you are out there supporting him.”

Jennette McCurdy on the “True Jackson, VP” set
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Photos: Peter Stone/Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon
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  • francesca

    i love jeanette! shes sucha great actress!

  • Taylor
  • logan

    Can’t stand her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baby

    David Cook is really the best person I ever knew, he deserves all the good.

  • TheRealAlyssaCarson

    I read her blog a few hours ago. I’m super excited!

    i got to see the True jackson and icarly set (well outside of the icarly set. the film outside alot) and the ACTUAL TJVP set and it was awesome! The prop guy was way cool to!

    I cna’t wait to see Jennette on TJVP!

  • Meepzy

    The actress who is True Jackson is pretty, but who the hell cares about Jennette?

    She’s ugly and has no talent.

  • john

    I cannot wait to see this episode. jennette roxxxx

  • Lizzy

    Jennette’s extremely talented. Whether she’s in the spotlight or in the background, she stays in character in every scene, and the fact that she convincingly plays someone so different from herself speaks volumes about her acting ability.

    And commenting on a teenage girl’s looks says a lot more about your insecurities, Meepzy. I’m sorry you have low self-esteem and need to make yourself feel better by anonymously posting snarky comments about people you don’t know. I hope you find peace with yourself one day.



  • Jennette mccurdy fan

    Jennette is extremely talented and very well grounded. She is a triple threat: act, sing and dance, and she is making all the right moves.

    I think she’ll become a big star!

  • mareen

    what i just found out…
    Jennette is ticklish :D

    I love her ♥

  • gigigigig

    who cares..that efin show sucks!…they are all bad actors…all nick shows are so retarded!!!!!!

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  • aggy

    did jennette mcCurdy star in True Jackson VP????
    I’m confuseddddddd

  • bekbek

    WHAT episode is jennette going to be on?

  • Adam

    @mareen: How did you find out that Jennette is ticklish? Do you know where she is ticklish?

  • angeline
  • keN

    … If you seek out amazingly generous,
    and genuinely kind people who really
    care about others in need, JACKPOT…!
    …….you found Jennette McCurdy.

  • the observer

    hey Adam, watch the vid!

  • Dwade

    Nick shows with real people sucks period. Stick with cartoons, nobody wants to watch real kids with their bad acting skills.

  • Holly

    wow Jennette i didnt know you were dat ticklish but anyway. all you guys are perfect role models. ashley, keke, and jennette are really pretty. and matt is actually cute. luv ya all :]

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  • dany

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  • dany

    jenette is HOT like burning HOT

  • dany

    jenette is HOT like burning HOT

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  • asica1234

    Jennette McCurdy Miranda Cosgrove
    Uwielbiam was !
    iCarly to najlepszy serial komediowy jaki znałam !
    jeśli odwiedzacie tą stronę napizcie na mój e-mail !
    ♥♥♥ kocham !

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    ciao mi piace tanto il tuo film

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