Jonas Brothers Assistant: Back With Britney

Jonas Brothers Assistant: Back With Britney

Felicia Culotta, the assistant to the The Jonas Brothers for the past two years, has decided to leave the musical trio to return to work with Britney Spears.

Fe says, “Britney has always held a special place in my heart, and over the course of the last year I have seen her work harder than she ever has in her entire life. Sadly, I am really going to miss the Jonas boys, but I felt I had to be a part of this exciting time in Britney‘s career. I love Britney and missed her dearly.”

Fe was Britney‘s assistant from 1998-2007 and is a longtime friend of the Spears family.

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  • ALfie

    Yay! That’s awesome news, so good for Brit!

  • soap

    obviously shes just going back cause britneys rising again…


  • mae

    good for her….She probably love to be with britney again because she missed working with britney….I don’t know if it’s a good decision or not….Good luck to her

  • romivavi

    Great!.. I think Britney right now needs all her true friends..

  • me.

    #1, i kinda agree.

  • 13girl


  • hib

    i was just watching britney and kevin chaotic the other day and i was thinking how much i missed fe being with brit! and now shes back :P

  • NativeNYker

    That’s just plain crazy! LOL….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Carrie

    #1- I think it was Brit that actually fired her when she was going through all her craziness last year. So I dont think you can say she is just going back bc Brit is on the rise when she never would have left in the first place.

  • Lauren

    because britney’ll pay her more, obviously

  • anon

    Britney is definitely on her back way again!


  • listen To mayday parade

    No. #2 – Britney fired her, so the JoBros picked her up and now that Britney isnt insane anymore, she wants her back.. I think its pretty legit.

    But the JoBros are probably a little ticked… I mean, she was there for them as they were big and now huge and now she just bails… I dont know..

  • randa

    I would do the same thing..
    jb is you need a new assistant call me!!!!

  • http://youtubecom/priincessaiisha AishaMARIE=]

    That is a little horrible. I love Britney and the Jo.Bros, but It is obvious why she has gone back to her… for more $. With the economy collapse and Credit Crunch, she more-likely needs more cash to feed the kids.

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    oh god god sake, just because she is going back to britney just for more money.

    if she is gonig back to britney because she wants more money, then good for her, EVERYONE wants a job thats pays them alot of money, no one will take a job that pays them hardly anything.

  • Nicky Jonas

    Useally I would disagree w/ jimmy_choo_freak but she/he I’m not sure is making all the sense here. This dumb brod is in it for Britneys money when shes not even making half as much as the JBs. So this idiot will be sorry cause the JBs are just gonna keep making more and more money considering on how big their fan base is and when more JB products come out in stores…….. $ CHA CHING $. Haha


  • Adrianne

    I would go back to Brit if I were her, as well.

  • jasmine

    aww. congratulations to britney!
    glad things are starting to get better for her.

  • hmmm

    haha i can’t believe Britneys assisstent worked for JB what a downgrade lol

  • Grace

    amazing! i love Fe til death! Brit needs her!

  • youu

    i can believe someone said that Fe is backing to B. cause money… but i CAAANT believe someone said the JB make more money than Britney thats like.. SUPER STUPID… Britney got A LOOOOOOOT OF MONEY and with circus hahahah damn… dont be stupid please!
    and what ‘hmmm’ said… maked me had a ‘LMAO time’ yeaah hahahah when you worked for Britney, work fot the jonas is sooo downgrade!

  • Nicky Jonas

    Sorry #21 just my opinion chill buddy. :D