Miley, Selena & Taylor: Team Demi!

Miley, Selena & Taylor: Team Demi!

Following the Grammy Awards, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift caught up with Selena Gomez to support their BFF Demi Lovato.

The foursome hung out at the premiere party for Demi‘s new Disney Channel series Sonny With A Chance at The Improv comedy club. The girls had a great time watching the show, laughing and snacking on a big plate of French Fries.

Selena cheered with her hand in the air at all the commercial breaks. At the end of the show, the BFFs gave Demi a standing ovation.

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  • swe3t23

    the show is stupid.. bad acting…… isn’t even funny

  • amyy

    love them, they’re all awesome,
    good to hear they’re all actually friends.. (:

  • hib

    this is WRONG. on taylors twitter it said she was with

    selena, demi, and david. not miley.

  • romina

    that’s awesome!!!,, the show is GREAT, SOO funny and DEMI IS GOOD!!!

  • thais de micheli

    MILEY <3

  • http://deleted ilovezanessaxo

    they should really be friends…i mean since they are all in the business together..why not? wish them the best even though i’m not fan. :) good luck girls!

  • madison

    riiigthhhttt like selena and miley REALLY get along. ok then.

  • sarah

    Taylor and Miley are soo dumb, they acted like idiots at the Grammy’s. When they were interviewed by Ryan S. they acted so fake and dumb. I feel bad for the people around them.

  • laura

    i didn’t like sonny with a chance at ALL. neither did like 7 yr old sister.

  • mcftd8

    Awww thats awesomee! :D
    I lOvee them, Taylor, Miley, Demi & Selenaa :)
    & the fact that they are actually friendss is amazingg! :D

  • Jo

    whateva.. taylor is better

  • Nicky Jonas

    How cool they’re all bffs. See ya’ll no harm was done cause of the videos and the JB breakups its all good. Even though I’m not a Taylor or Selena fan I’m very happy they’re all friends. :D :D :D :D SO HAPPY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Melena :D
    Tiley :D
    Memi :D
    Telena :D
    Siley :D
    Temi :D
    Saylor :D
    Semi :D
    Maylor :D
    Diley :D
    Delena :D
    Daylor :D
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Nicky Jonas

    :D :D :D ^ all of their names together haha :D :D :D

  • melissa. *

    woah. it’s kind of like weird for me to know their all friends.
    considering i thought they were against eachother. :O
    lol. it’s good to know their all like bff’s now. (: no fued! <3

    + i love them all. :D wish them all the best of luck.

  • Billythekid

    Swe3t23 (#1) Lets be nice for a change.

    Hib (#3) you are dead wrong with a capital W. This has already been reported on access hollywood. Besides Taylor was in town with Miley at the Grammies and was hanging out with her before them as well as after. If it makes you feel better to think Miley wasn’t there, when she actually was, good for you.

    Sarah (#8) I hardly know how to respond to the nonsense you just got done writing. If anyone was making a fool of themselves that night on the red carpet, it was Ryan with the idiot questions he was asking the various people before and after Miley/Taylor.

    And to the girls to respond to this post in general: Some of you are mature and have decent responses, while the rest of you are so taken up with your idol worship over this or that particular celebrity, that you allow it to cloud your judgement and make idiotic statements. To Wit>>> Jo’s comment. Like who cares Jo. thats not what the post was about.

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    they were never against each other!! it was a rumor! miley said it herself

  • lala :)

    im soo glad that jb is ok with this. ;) their exs hanging out with their bestie. ha.

  • Annelisee loverss milezz

    yay!! i lovee all of them being friends! it’s soo cute :)

  • carolineee

    honestly ? i think its jsut crap… But maybe they really are BFFs… All know is that Selena and demi are close and Demi and miley are close…. And Taylor got out of nowhere… besides isn’t she like 20, and all of the girls are 16 ? But still, I love them all and I’m happy for them if that’s really true friendship ♥

  • randa

    that’s awesome!

  • nessa

    really cuute!
    but cmon you swear that miley and selena really like eachothers.. they probably faked it haha.

    but love that they got along :]

  • nessa

    yah i heard it was just taylor demi selena and david.
    no miley

  • cc27

    ‘o’ all 4 of my fav!! xD i love them all YAY!! :) Sonny with a chance was awsome but wizards of waverly place is still my favourite :) lol

  • heheh

    Miley and Demi are the awesomest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Love Miley Demi & Taylor.. hate selena
    Okay, i seriously think that Miley even bothered hanging out with Selena because nick broke up with her.
    Miley didn’t like Selena when they were dating.
    Taylor Miley & Selena have a lot in common.

  • nathalia

    i love them all (:

  • Andrea


  • Adrianne

    That’s cool that they’re trying to show people that they’re “friends”, even if they aren’t.

  • http://Justjared Fan

    I love to hear news about them being friends so much better than all the made up crap about them fighting. :)

  • Melissa

    I honestly don’t think any of them are really close friends, because they are each others biggest competition. Their labels probably told them to act BFF-ish for publicity, but it’s good to know that they don’t hate each other, either.
    They’re probably friendly to each other, but they all have so much going on in their lives. It would be hard to find time for real best friends.

  • sarah :)

    aww that’s cute! I love demi she did great :)

  • Miley

    I know that taylor and demi are friends with Miley but selena i’m a little iffy about!
    I mean it has to be awkward they both dated Nick Jonas and were both dumped by him in december.
    But whatev. Miley RULES!!

  • rii

    well the demi/selena friendship is real, theres been a lot of evidence of that. and the taylor/miley friendship is real. people keep assuming miley and taylor became friends after their jb breakups lol. the thing is, theyve known each other for a pretty long time, i think it was said since miley was 11 or 12. at the very least, they were friends since miley was 14 because taylor was at mileys 15th bday party. i can believe miley being friends more with demi than selena, she is probably just a lot closer to demi and selena is just on an ok level.

  • xoxofatima

    i think its awesome that they hang around together!!!! i didnt like that they hated each other so this is good!

  • lala :)

    i love that they’re friends. of couse miley&demi are gonna be closer than miley&selena. selena&demi saw eachother that whole night, and miley&taylor were together that whole night too. soooo miley&demi probably talked to eachother the most and taylor&selena probably talked to eachother more since they’re closer. lol

  • Nicky Jonas

    Frech fries sound good!

  • Witch

    It’s great,they all are friend,but it’s kinda funny because they are is the Jonas eks and the future Mrs.Jonas…I think ;)

  • Lalalalalala

    Wow you guys are just fckin pathetic .
    Omg im soooo glad they get along !
    Puh-lease ! Like some smart people say ,
    It was probably publicity for the cameras .
    I mean , that’s probably the best acting they’ve
    ever done in their lives because they’re really
    horrible in Disney channel . But Taylor’s pretty cool
    It just sucks that she’s friends with them .
    Gross .

  • ginx

    All of them are talented & it’s good that they hanged out together.
    I wish they have more pictures or video to show.

  • lala :)

    Witch: EXACTLY!!! LOL I LOVE YOU!!!

  • kpmd

    I love Taylor, Miley, and Demi! I don’t hate Selena, I like her, but Taylor, Miley, and Demi are some of my favorite singers!!

    Anyway, that’s great that all four of them are friends. I’m fans of all of them and it’s good that they are finally friends. I honestly don’t blame them for not being friends at first. With the whole “Selena and Miley were friends when Miley was dating Nick and then they broke up and then Selena started dating Nick” thing. So it must have been weird. But that’s good it’s all in the past now.

    Haha and I love the nicknames people are making up for them…TayMiDeLena? hahaha ;)

  • thalia

    Miley and Selena U girlz don’t hate eachother anymore right? Plez u girlz being a good friend.One of the video klip who the tittle is ”mIleY and sEleNa Are bestfriend” ohgod you girlz r rockz.Demi your songs r rockz n taylor your hair is so cool BYe!!!

  • andrea

    love them .(selena not included, sorry)

  • nicklovesemily:]

    this is weird and random that theyre friends..BUT I LOVE IT:)
    esp. selena and demi..their my faves:)

  • Melisa

    I love Demi and Miley!!!

    I know that taylor and demi are friends just like demi/selena demi/miley miley/taylor taylor/selena
    but miley/selena?
    that weird
    I’m team demi!!!
    I love miley and taylor
    and I like selena :P

  • jb fanaticc

    i know tthat for sure milez and taylor r besties…
    but selena and demi being bffs wif taylor…thats a bit impossible….demi and selena dont really work with taylor…
    anyway i hate selena but i love taylor and miley and demi
    i mean demi is sooo much more talented and her show is betta dan selenas…i dunno i just neva liked selena…

  • Chelsea

    totally agree with # 15 billythekid

  • Fo Serious.

    Kinda odd having the JB exes all best friends, along with their tour buddie.

    Its still awesome though. I love each of those girls.
    & to the one who believes they’re competition, and only pulling a publicity stunt, its not likely. I mean sure Demi, Selena, and Miley all have shows on Disney, but Demi and Selena have been best friends since age 7, and Miley is a superstar, So really? And Taylor is in Country music which I realize Miley seems to be leaning to, but I doubt theres anything to that. In the end, It seems as though they truly are friends. And yes, you CAN find time for friends with a busy schedule.. If they are real friends.

  • http://sonthebest paola

    este mensaje es para selena gomez ,demi,miley y taylor son lo maximo demi y sele son super cools las admiro mucho son las mejores estrellas juveniles ..
    paola gomez

  • Miranda Bisante

    I think Miley and Taylor make way better friends, because Miley looks up to Taylor like one of her big sisters.