Raven Symone: No Paparazzi!

Raven Symone: No Paparazzi!

Raven Symone shows off her No Paparazzi t-shirt as she attends the Bondi Blonde’s Style Mansion in Beverly Hills on Monday night (February 9).

The 23-year-old actress also made an appearance at the House of Hype Island Def Jam Grammy after-party on Sunday night.

Raven recently joined Dove for the Dove Self-Esteem Workshop Tour. She shared in a press release, “Dove has established this amazing campaign for real beauty. To widen the definition of beauty and that everyone can be encompassed in it and not just the ones that are size 0 with long hair and the hottest clothes. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

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Photos: Noel Vasquez/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Fayes Vision/WENN
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  • mandy

    hew what happened to her? she’s so ugly with that hair and fat now! goodness!! i know what to get her for her birthday now.

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas

    Oh wow. :o

  • mia


  • Olivia

    Ummm I highly doubt the paparazzi are following her around to the donut shops, so why is she wearing this shirt?!?!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nicky Jonas

    1 word EW!

  • melissa. *

    she looks very different now.
    i miss her on that’s so raven. <3
    she’s a very good actress though.
    but it’s just not working this time. sorry. :I

  • Adrianne


  • Rachel

    She is so pretty, yet she doesn’t know how to flatter her body. get a stylist

  • taylor

    Yes because the paparazzi follow her so often.

  • Shannon

    since when is she followed by paparazzi? lol

  • vanessajonas

    i dont thinks papz follow her.. they are busy with vanessa and britney jaaja

  • http://blablabla.com marie

    she’s so funny and cute!

  • b chick

    omg. she is so ugly and fat
    she looks like a freaking whale

    and that hair….gosh!!!!

  • [other] sam

    ”Ummm I highly doubt the paparazzi are following her around to the donut shops, so why is she wearing this shirt?!?!”


    good for her for not bein size zero, and having rubbish hair, but shes got a dreadful personality. so i wouldnt buy cosmetics off her. [theyre probably all tested on animals...]

  • samma

    You guys are real Bitc*`s !!! No wonder girls get eating disorters in Hollywood BECAUSE THEY READ YOUT BULL CRAP!!!!

  • kim

    vanessajonas are you series vanessa lol theres way more singers ect that have paparazzi way more than v and all the time
    gosh seriesly u crack me up

  • Máhhh!!!!

    Ravennnn is Beatifulllll!!!!!!
    lovee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!♥

  • pop86

    Raven is beautiful but she doesn’t know how to dress for her body type. I like Raven but I won’t pick her for a self-esteem spokeperson.

  • Jessica

    ugh. I really never liked her…like ever. And no its not because shes “fat” I just don’t like her personality. Like I’ve seen the cosby show and just the way she delivered her lines was SOO bratty, even in parts where she was supposed to be really sweet. I loved Rudy (sp?) on that show! You could each have them deliver the exact same line and I guarantee you Raven would have come off as more of a brat than the girl that played Rudy (can’t think of her name at the moment). And I’m not trying to be mean, that is just my personal opinion.

  • Meepzy

    Ugh. This girl, she’s so conceited. She dresses trashy, looks trashy, and she’s way too fat. Its okay not to be a stick, but this is ridiculous to the point it HAS to be bad for her damn health.

    Girl, get a stylish and lay off the damn cheeseburgers.

    Also, paps? LOL

  • lilix

    CONFIDENCE AND A SMILE IS THE BEST OUTFIT! this girl seems confident whatever she wears on! i mean u may wear the most fashionable dress in the world if u are not confident or at ease and u ain’t got the attitude with it then it’s of no use! GO RAVEN!

  • Red Aaronator 1984 GTX

    Cool T-Shirt Raven.

  • rude

    i don’t like raven, she seems very up herself.. but it bugs me that 99% of the comments on here are calling her fat. she knows her body better than we do, so we should just keep our rude comments to ourselves. i wouldn’t like it even if just 5 people were calling me fat. no girl likes to be called that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/trudrumusic Tru-Dru

    Haters Everywhere cause y’all ain’t got no Lives that is why y’all pop it off at the mouth tell it to Raven’s Face so she can Karate Chop y’all down–bet y’all didn’t know that she could Fight either spit ballers!

  • Jonas Lover

    OMG!! you guys are witches!!! everyone comes in different shapes and sizes!! who cares if Raven got fatter! Obviously she doesn’t!! For all i know you could be just as fat at her and your making fun of her to make yourself feel better!! so why don’t you all shut up and leave her alone!!!

  • samma

    Meepzy , “Why don`t you lay of the cheese burgers?” Seriously , wow , yeah everyone thinks ur tough stuff. Why don`t u stop eating ur 1 calorie Cherry LipGloss and eat some REAL food? Who are u to judge Her? Did she bully you as a kid? Doubt it. So lay off.

    God! some of u guys are the reasons girls get eating disorters. BECAUSE U ARE BULLIES!! B-U-L-L-I-E-S…BULLIES!!
    You guys are whats wrong in this world!

  • pup

    Well err…..She sure looks different.

  • gigigigig

    2 words…what happened?

  • KATIE IN boston ma

    i think raven is absolutely beautiful the way she is!
    somany kids have weight issues!
    she shows that not being a size 0 is cool!
    i am definetly not a size 0 and i never want to be!
    give me a big mac over a salad anyday!

    goooo raven!
    beleive in your self and don’t listen to those who give unneccessary critisism – it only hurts people!

    –katie in Boston MA

  • Kathleen

    poor raven…
    i love her so much!!!
    but why is she so fat now???
    is she eat too much???

  • Al

    When girls see some of the comments u r making about raven, they start starving themselves to death.Beauty is not about body size, it’s about how proud you are with your body and i see that Raven is.You might be skinny but she’s probably way prettier than you.

  • boo21

    @Jessica: gurl thee gurl that played rudy hux. wuz kiesha knight pulliam she stars in a show on tbs called house of payne she plays the part of miranda

  • Guillermo


    She’s amazingly beautifull. And I love her hair too.

  • http://GOOGLE KIM

    RAVEN IZ SO fat now and big

  • http://none Kase

    Not every actress/actor needs a good body!
    Not every actress needs a flat tummy…and long thin legs. As long as she’s a good actress and knows how to entertain..I love her!
    She’s beautiful just the way she is…. She has a great personality as well…there’s a lot of anorexic actresses and models dont have the personality she has…